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  1. on4bam, arisoft, cerberus1, NYPaddleCacher, CJ, and JohnCNA-I really appreciate all of your answers, but to be honest with you, I am a very LOW TECH person and I don't mean to sound indignant, but I really don't understand a lot of what is being said. I would just like to reiterate that I did start geocaching with a very lo tech GPSr, which didn't have maps and I did find geocaches, but they were all in the US. It is so much easier now to find caches with maps and when you are in a foreign country where you don't know the area and you don't have a lot of time, you want to be able to find caches rather easily. So, if I understand all of you, you are saying if I use that lo tech GPSr (Magellan Sport) I can use it in a foreign country without doing anything to it. It is the type of device that you have to load in the coordinates, so if I load the coordinates of some caches, it should be able to take me to these caches in any foreign county?
  2. NYPaddleCacher-Are you telling me that I can use a handheld GPSr without maps and find a geocache? And yes, you are right, I do need to know how to do pocket queries-I have never understood them, nor have I understood how to "download" maps on my phone from the Geocaching website. Thanks for your information; truly appreciated; I just need to find some local help.
  3. Viajero Perdido, IceColdUK, and on4Bam- Many thanks to all of you, however, you guys are way smarter and much more knowledgable and advanced than I am or will ever be! You may as well be speaking a foreign language to me.
  4. I did get a SIM card for my phone when I was in France and Italy, but I haven't been reading anything encouraging about SIM cards in Estonia. Thanks for the info.
  5. Hello Viajero Perdido and thank you again. I am not sure I know about pocket queries and if I load a map, how do I cache offline. Thank you for that information. I will see if I can find someone locally who can explain it to me.
  6. Hello Viajero Perdido and thank you for your answer, however, could you give me a little more detail about how I can do that and what caching app are you talking about?
  7. Is there anyone out there who can help me find a good GPSr unit that would work in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Russia? I know they make GPSr units that you can get European maps, but would these maps work for Baltic and Nordic countries (even if they are part of Europe)? What about Russia? I am trying to find a good unit for Geocaching and to use for maps getting around in these countries. I am trying not to use my phone because of costs. I will be in this area for almost a month and it is really expensive when using my phone, besides, it really didn't work that great the last time I was in Europe.
  8. Congratulations drneal and imoutnabout. What wonderful news! I am so excited for both of you and think a wedding and Geocaching event would be so cool. (drneal, what a wonderful proposal and one very fitting for you!) I don't have any suggestions, but I wanted to "chime in" and wish both of you a most wonderful and happy life together! I hope you will be at GW in MD and I will get to meet imoutnabout. I forgot to add-what an awesome Geocoin! I wasn't even sure that's what it was. Very fitting!
  9. Degai

    my collection

    I'm not in the forums that often anymore (not that I don't want to be, but too many obligations and not enough time these days), but when I saw Dr.Neal posted his collection, I had to take a peak. I know that can't be your whole collection! Besides, isn't your collection also know as, "I have any Geocoin made by mankind"? Miss you Dr.Neal!
  10. Since I haven’t been in the forums very much, I was very surprised to find a mystery coin from HH in my mailbox last week. (Sorry, it has taken me so long to post, but I’ve been sick and then we had a big snow storm) I was expecting some pathtags and wondered why it would be sent in the big bubbler. After struggling with the tape, (Wow! Where do you find such strong tape?) I finally got the little envelope inside open and it’s a coin! AWESOME!!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Mystery Coiner, you have no idea how much meaning this coin has brought to me. A couple of years ago, I was sent a message from the Geocaching website by someone in Israel, who thought we may be related. Apparently, one of her (she is a bank manager) customers (who is a Geocacher) saw my “Hoppin’ Thru Time” Geocoin that I had sent out on a mission to reflect on their Grandparents. I dedicated the coin to my Grandfather, who was from Istanbul, Turkey. She has the same last name as mine (which is my Grandfather’s) and her customer knew that her Grandmother was from Istanbul, Turkey. I asked her to post some pictures of her family on Facebook so I could see if I recognized any of them. I couldn't believe my eyes! She had some of the identical pictures that I had of my Grandfather. I found out that her Grandmother and my Grandfather are sister and brother! What makes this even more amazing is that my Grandfather was living in the Philippines and visited Israel back in the 40’s. He was trying to decide whether to move his family there. Since there was so much turmoil in Israel, he decided to stay in the Philippines. My Israeli cousins knew about some relatives in the Philippines and we knew about some relatives in Israel, but we didn't know who they were. Now, we know! Because of Geocaching, we found each other! We finally met in June of this year. I will be forever grateful to the Geocaching website for connecting us across the world! So you see, having a menorah on the Geocoin is like a special commemorative coin for me, celebrating my Jewish cousins from Israel. Thank you so much for your wonderful, beautiful, and GENEROUS gift. I am so thankful to be included in your list to receive this coin. Wishing you many blessing during this holiday.
  11. Wow! That was awesome that you saw that and contacted the TB owner, who had the auction stopped! For some reason, it wouldn't have dawned on me that these might be stolen. As naive as I am, I am always amazed that these things happen.
  12. Hello there! I am not very technically savvy, could you explain what "clearing your browser cache" means and how to do it? I would really appreciate it and hope this would help my problem. I can't say how all the different browsers work it, but in IE 8 go to Tools=>Internet Options, on the General tab under Browsing History is delete button. There you can delete various related items. The Temporary Internet Files is the one you want. I was able to clear out my browser and it sort of worked. I was able to click on the caches on some of them, but at other times, it was the same problem-just zooming in on the map. Thank you so much for your help!
  13. Hi Snow Rules-I just tried zooming in all the way and then clicking on a cache, but no joy. I'm still having the same issue. DRATS!
  14. LOL-I do, especially when I am trying to locate caches near a certain place. I need all the help I can get these days! Thanks for the tip, though. I will give it a try.
  15. Hello there! I am not very technically savvy, could you explain what "clearing your browser cache" means and how to do it? I would really appreciate it and hope this would help my problem.
  16. I met a few of the members of the DGS when I went to GeocoinFest in SC. They were certainly noticeable by the way they dressed (very avant garde-but really cool)-I would never have guessed they were military. I spoke with several of the members and they were absolutely wonderful. They had a booth displaying some VERY creative and inventive Geocaches. In fact, they were some of the most awesome caches I had ever seen. I enjoy seeing unusual caches, and it isn't often that I come across caches that are that unusual. The caches they had were not only creative, but there was a lot of technical know-how involved in making them. Not too many Geocachers could have made them. I cannot say enough about how wonderful I thought this group was.
  17. I don't know what has happened, but I can no longer click on a cache to get the short description of it when I go to the larger view of the maps. When I click on the cache, it just zooms in more-it doesn't give me any information. I have also had some difficulty when I click on hide and seek a cache and put in an address. These addresses have been around since the 70's, and yet, it will return with-cannot find this address. I have used the addresses for years and never had a problem until very recently. Is there some setting that I am missing? Is there anyone out there having any problems, besides me? Any suggestions? I have been caching since July 2006 and have never had this problem until now. HELP!
  18. I am an "old timer", both in age and in Geocaching and I am going for all 31 souvenirs-mainly because I enjoy a challenge. Besides, I like to look at the souvenirs and reflect back at all of the places I have been. Isn't that what a souvenir is, anyway? When I saw this, I decided to challenge myself to do this. I have a hard time going Geocaching because I mainly cache by myself. This August, I happened to be in several different states, so the area was totally unfamiliar to me-not to mention, there has been so much rain in August. It was so hard caching in pouring rain and trying to follow a GPSr on roads that you were unfamiliar with. So far, I am 21 for 21 days and I hope I will be able to continue for all 31 days. This is saying a lot because I find myself getting more terrible at being able to find a cache, or perhaps it is that the Geocacher that hid the cache is getting much more clever.
  19. I must admit I like the souvenirs because it reminds me of the places I have Geocached-afterall, isn't that what a souvenir is? I must also admit that I like a challenge. I don't do a lot of Geocaching, mainly because I have so little time to do it, but when I saw this, I decided to challenge myself-add another thing to the "to do" list. So far, I have found a cache each day in August and it hasn't been easy for me, since most of the time I cache alone. I was in several different states and in areas I wasn't familiar with at all! Plus, this has been the rainiest August I can remember. Caching in the pouring rain wasn't that much fun. So, I guess in answer to your question-NOPE-I plan on caching the whole month of August.
  20. I know a lot of people have problems with proxies, but I certainly don't! I, too, have had too many coins go missing and eventually, they all go missing. When I first started Geocaching, I had no idea that people would steal anything in a cache; how naive of me. I have certainly learned over the course of years that isn't true. In fact, because so many of my coins/TBs went missing, I decided not to put anything out to travel. Instead, I trade or just leave coins and pathtags in a cache as gifts; it's a lot less angst that way. I have had people pick up one of my personal coins and said they traded for a pencil. Really? Like they would think a beautiful coin cost the same amount as a pencil? Even things like that creates angst on my behalf. I think it is wonderful of you to offer this service-and all for free-how generous of you. I do have one special coin that I would like a proxy made, if I can find its code. I will contact you if/when I find it. And thanks for offering your services to make these proxies. I also wanted to add that your proxies look amazing and I wish I were in Hawaii!
  21. Will any of these be at Geowoodstock? This is a beautiful coin.
  22. I'm on vacation and I'm getting ready to go to Geowoodstock on Friday. I almost never have time to go on the forums anymore, but when I saw this, I had to reply. YES, I remember the "old" days and the excitement of trading coins. I don't do a lot of it anymore, but when I go to events, I will trade. I LOVE personal coins and that is really what I like to trade with. I got a personal coin made (Hoppin' Thru Time) because I wanted to trade with personals. It was difficult to trade before then because many Geocachers wanted to trade personals with personals. I was also advised to make sure it was trackable (it is) because that's what everyone wants and if it weren't trackable, many cachers wouldn't trade. I like personals and it doesn't matter if it is trackable or not. I just like the thought that someone took the time and expense to make a coin that reflected themself and that's what interests me most.
  23. i was surprised for the same reason but i have to say i am enjoying being back and hope that other forum regulars — like you — stop back in. it is great to know one is not forgotten! lara I know what you mean. It is always nice to see some familiar names in the forums.
  24. I received this Kwanzaa Geocoin last week and I am sorry for my late reply, but you know how busy the holiday season can get. . .too many parties, too much company, but oh, so much fun! To the mystery giver: Thank you so much for sending this mystery coin to me. It was very kind and thoughtful for you to do this, especially since I am not in the forums as often as I would like to be. I am always amazed that anyone can do things like this in these troubled economic times. May you be rewarded a thousand-fold for your generosity in this new year. THANK YOU!!! BTW-I don't know what kind of tape was used inside the little coin envelope, but it is definitely the strongest tape I have ever seen. Also, I loved your silver envelope. :)
  25. drneal-love, love , love kathy's Coin Too! Good things come to those who wait. . .
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