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  1. Does anyone know where you would get the builder to create a Lab cache on the new app?
  2. Multi: I Have only placed one Multi, the issue of course is that each stage needs to be maintained, and checked periodically to make sure it is intact and usable. Generally if I want to do an in field multi I will just write a Wherigo which allows the use of many stages without taking up hiding spots that other players may want to use. I will drop a play anywhere Wherigo into a multi-stage hunt for the field portion if it is themed specific. Letterbox: My reviewer will not allow the publication of a letter box without the use of a GPS at some point in the process of the find. A letterbox gives you multiple ways to find the same hide. You can have a puzzle on the listing to find coordinates while at the same time give written instructions. This allows players to choose their poison. However as others have posted I think it is incredibly more rewarding when the Stamp, Container and hide are all themed the same. While I do not own my own stamp, nor do I stamp when I find a letter box, I enjoy the history and old fashioned instructions of a well done hide. When I hide one I do my best to make it themed in some way with my own twist to it. Both types of hides should have the same three rules that make every hide great, as others have posted. 1. Location 2. Location 3. LOCATION
  3. When appropriate, I add art and tracking numbers to my Wherigo's. I find a coin that has gone (lost and Missing) and if the coin makes sense I add it to the game as part of the game. Like for example I have a pendent coin that is part of the game when you find it you need to give it to it's owner in the cartridge. In another game I have a six Shooter shaped coin as the players six shooter in the game.
  4. 220,000 Steps (4)pieces of chewed gum on the bottom of your sneakers and (3) sticky spilled soda drinks and (1) Doggy gift in the parking lot
  5. I would be more than happy to release a couple in my Area.
  6. Not sure if this helps but I have a game with over twenty zones. However I am using Earwigo. I routinely have non published cartridges with well over twenty zones marking point along a river or points in game lands for deer sightings etc... that I reference at home, with the cartridge. (There are other uses for cartridges besides games).
  7. Nice Coin! Is the back flat without markings? or is there a design on the back also?
  8. Never mind searched and answered my own question.
  9. When you building a cartridge and you want it to be play Anywhere using zones how do you handle Zone location?
  10. There is no completion for this Cartridge it is open ended... At least I am pretty sure I put no coding in the cartridge to say it was complete and I did not check the box about logging...
  11. Hello All! Looking to adopt some lost/stole coins that have traveled and are no longer being used or forgotten in your inventory! I am currently working on WIG that I would like to use them in. If interested contact me through my profile. Thanks..
  12. Very nice Design I really like the seed, love seeing them float in the wind!
  13. Can anyone tell me where I need to go to get activation code for hog wild coins?
  14. PS Mystery Coin Giver I have had a minor set back, Mrs BrierPatch came in a read the post, she told me again I cannot put a Koi Pond in the living room at least until I have learned to dust the shelf before taking the picture. I think however that that may be a positive sign since she did not say "never". Sorry for the dust I want you all to know I have properly polished the shelf and am campaigning for the koi pond in the living room.
  15. I attended ASP-IV this weekend and had a great time I was wishing for a mystery coin. I received one in the most mysterious way! I looked and kept my eyes peeled on Saturday at the events to see if one would turn up on table corner, or by the coffee (Yes I am hyper). But no such luck, and I made my rounds too, I payed special attention at the coin event I know the Mysteries of life, and the universe, (well at least coins could be present) at the event. I even went so far as to leave my stuff unattended so that one could appear, Alas after the event I dumped my bag and stuff out on the mattress and searched.... Nothing but the trades I made. Well after some hard trading, and I mean there was some serious trading at the event, I figured I drown my sorrows in a nice hot shower, (Serious trading build serious sweat and I did not want to sleep smelling me!) I went to the bathhouse and selected an empty stall placed my towel on the hanger and my change of cloths on the bench, stripped and stepped over the shower lip into the shower. (Sorry no pics do not want to frighten anyone) I lathered up with "Wet Dog" Power wash. as I was rinsing off the power wash I noticed a glint through the crack of the poorly hung curtain, was it, could it, Not wasting anytime continuing the rinse... I tripped over the shower lip and landed stomach down Derriere in the air and slid across the bath house to the opposite stall. Fortunately that stall was empty! After about 30 seconds I managed to pick myself up and gather all my loose parts and headed back over to my stall. There it was right on the corner of the bench. Obviously the wishing coin mystery guy did not want to get any closer than they had too. Thank You so Much mystery Person You really braved the briers to deliver this coin! And you will be happy to know the Doctor has also given me two weeks off from work. I will see the dentist tomorrow about putting my front teeth back in. I am so thankful for the coin. Thank you so much for your bravery in delivery, and your kindness and generosity on my behalf! Here is a Pic of the coins current place of residence. When I returned home today I showed Mrs Brierpatch the coin and told her it is clearly a sign, She knows how bad I want to put in a Koi pond. But she just gave her usual answer "No you can not put a koi pond in our living room" Fear not mystery coin giver I am not discouraged I will wear her down after all She did not marry me for my good looks and boyish charm I wore down her defenses. Now with this coin I will keep wishing and woo her into submission and this will be the future home for this coin once the pond is properly installed. Thanks Again so much for giving me hope!
  16. Just back from ASP-IV. I thought those that could not attend would enjoy some pics from the coin trading on Saturday night. Seen a lot of collections and made a lot of trades, Just had a great time. WOW WHAT A LARGE COLLECTION! Trading Going on Here! Here Is Dr. Neal & The Boys. I must say that these dogs are the sweetest! they are warm and friendly and well behaved. Perhaps Dr. Neal can train my dog! Believe it or Not I actually won something! A lot of coins were given out as door prizes Caught trying to take my Picture, No NO! What I traded for at the event and some swag I picked up Caching while there at the park. Had A Great Time Thanks to all who helped make this event possible!
  17. I just delete the GPX file right off the garmen and you My visits.txt file to log and I copy on a new GPX file before the next caching trip.
  18. That is what I use I just download pocket Queries and copy them to the GPX Directory
  19. Name received-April 9th Sunshine sent- April 10th Sunshine received-
  20. Well I do not know about that but I enjoy biking rail to trails, My wife and I even do overnighters but alot of the time caching isn't involved, but if there are caches along the trail I will pick some up.
  21. 0 Nothin Nada But perhaps this thread will teach me!
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