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  1. I too received this lovely coin-What a surprise, thank you so much!!!!! :)
  2. I received mine as well-thank you so much, it is gorgeous!
  3. I'm glad everyone seems to be enjoying the coins--Thanks again to all that purchased!
  4. Cool, thank you so much! Email sent..............
  5. I'm so glad everyone seems to be happy with their coins; I think we are just waiting for the international coins to land. At this time the bags are all sold but I may continue to cull out my collection a bit in the future. Thank you all!!!!
  6. Hi! I just wanted to say THANK YOU to those who have purchased a bag or two; I got them mailed out this morning Editing to add that there are two left if anyone is interested!
  7. Nice! I am keeping an eye on a couple of those
  8. Three left When I posted this I didn't realize Monday was a holiday But I am going to get them all ready to go and drop them off at the post office first thing Tuesday morning!
  9. Thank you to those of you who have bought one; there are only four left now! I guarantee that wives and husbands don't find out
  10. Thank you Droo for pointing that out; I have modified the post (I can't believe I forgot to post that).
  11. Hi all! Just doing a little coin closet cleaning and decided to offer up some grab bag coins for sale. There are 6 coins to a bag and all are unactivated, trackable and regular size; the only micros will be bonus coins (and there will be bonus coins). They are $45.00 each bag which INCLUDES domestic shipping. International folks, we will have to work out the shipping and insurance cost on an individual basis based on the weight of your grab bag, at the most it would be the international flat rate. I have 11 of them available and I have taken a picture of some of the coins that will be in the bags. There will be no duplicate coins in a bag. Please email me and let me know it you would like to purchase one
  12. Contrats to the winners! Thanks for the fun race
  13. #203 mysteriously made it's way first into an archived cache of ours and then into my hands Wow, what a coin-I love the way it shimmers in the light! Thank you so much Darth Vador and Merry Christmas to you over on the dark side
  14. I would like to thank him for adopting a Warrior coin to me and mysteriously having it appear in my hands !!! I guess even the dark side is experiencing the holiday spirit THANK YOU so much for your generousity Darth Vador, it is a gorgeous coin and I feel so proud to be the lucky owner of #203
  15. I received one of these darling coins as well Thank you so so much to the generous giver of these coins; you are making many peoples day a lot brighter (mine included)! Merry Christmas to you, whoever you are
  16. I received mine as well; they are fantastic! Nice work!
  17. One of your favorite geocoins: Oregon Thunderegg Geocaching nick of the person organising the Great Cow Tag Race: Jackalgirl
  18. I got mine yesterday as well; great coins for a great cause!
  19. Mine was stalled for a little bit, but is back on the move now!
  20. This round I will go with: Apple Cranberry (dried) Cheerio Congrats to MoonCat & KDT!!!!
  21. Thanks for the cointest! Hmmmm, lets see.............We don't have a bunny, but our gerbil Pepper says to go with: Dried Cranberry Cheerio Raisin Gerbil and Rabbits aren't that different, are they?
  22. Congrats to the winners and to Brady for getting to dive into that yummy cake!!!!!! Thanks for the cointest!
  23. I think they turned out awesome! I would love to purchase two complete sets if possible
  24. Happy Birthday Brady-you are a real cutie!!!!!
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