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YYYYAAAAHHHOOOOOO! I have been bit by the bug......


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After getting home from a long day, I check the mail and see a envelope... I open it and was very surprised.. I then called Mr. Maddog and and asked, "did you make a trade with someone?" I then realized we did not ... Thank you very much to whomever sent it.. wait a minute how did they get my address???? hmm I have a couple of ideas :anicute:






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Solan, I'll be in the "big city" on the 18th if you wanna SEE my bug.... If you're nice to me I'll even let you hold it and look into it's lovely glowing eyes!


PM me if you want to meet, we're picking up the wicked witch of the east, ie my mother, at Arlanda some time that day!




That´s so kind of you, but I prefer to get my own LOL :anicute:

But who knows I might turn up at your event next year or maybe already on the 18th :D

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Oh my gosh!!! As I go to get my mail guess what I find? A surprise package sent to myself? No way? Could it be? Then I thought no it is probably just a trade, but then to my surprise as I open the package I find another smaller duck taped package! Making it even more suspensful as I open it I see the card! Then out falls the coin!! Thank you so much this really put a huge smile on my face!! I will do just as I said and make it into a necklace! It is such a great gift! I will post some pictures later! Now to go find some of buggys to go along with it! This will make a terrific present but it may just have to spend some time with me in my collection until I get all me supplies. :D Thank you geocoin bug! I hope that someday you get something as great as this to put a smile as big as mine on your faced!!

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Has the bug made it into Canada yet? I'm new on the block and don't expect to be on anyones Christmas list (just yet anyway) but was just curious as to the migration patterns and if Canada was a destination? It's fun to read about all the various mystery coins around and it seems we need to get something going up in the great white north too..


Anyway, congrats to everyone that's been bitten and good luck to the hopefuls out there.

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We havent been bitten by the bug yet. Seen a picture of the coin once and it is very cute. Wonder if the bug ever plans on traveling to NorthEastern Wisconsin? We probably couldnt be so lucky to ever be bitten by the bug. Camping and vacation comming up soon for us and we are sure we will be bitten by other bugs while out geocaching and sight seeing. Congrads to al who been bitten by the bug so far.



Barry and Val




Mountain, WI.

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Got a package in the mail today. At first I thought someone I traded with was having a brain-fart day, because the return address on the envelope was my address. Opened it casually during dinner and first pulled out a business card from G. O'Coin B.U.G. Esquire (Waster of Resources). Huh?


And here's the coin I found inside:



WOW! I love it. And those pink eyes glow yellow in the dark.


Thank you G. O'Coin B.U.G. Esquire, whoever you are!


EDIT: Danoshimano was totally oblivious to all of this! When I received my bug package today, I had no idea what was going on.

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Ode to a Bug (G. O'Coin B.U.G. Esquire, that is)

Bugs that bite,

Bugs that crawl.

Some hold on tight,

Some not at all.


Many we have held you can see:

Up north in Victoria's Bug Zoo,

Where they grow as big as can be.

When picked up, watch out for doo!


Bugs that fly,

Bugs that burrow.

Some are easy to spy,

Others make brows furrow.


At the zoo our story does not end;

Down south caterpillars they do race,

Up a string the competitors ascend,

Sometimes they stick to your face!


Bugs that swim,

Bugs that sting.

We'd crawl on a shaky limb

To get ahold of this bling!


Bugs of all kinds we do adore,

Whether crawling, flying or hopping.

Won't you come knock on our door?

We can't afford more coin shopping!




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Dear Buggy,


I know we invited you to come join us in Texas, but I fear, it will have to be soon, or not for a while.


You see, we are hosting a geo event in November, and, bad people that we are, we told everybody they needed to wear bug spray to avoid being bitten.


Now, you see bug, around here, the bugs aren't normal-sized, they are TEXAS-SIZED, and they get swatted at with bats, slapped at with beachball paddles, and sprayed with anything one can get their hands on, because if not, they've been known to carry away small children!! And if they DO bite you, they don't leave bumps, they leave MOLE HILLS!


I just couldn't bear for this to happen to you, so please, Dear Buggy, don't come to Texas anywhere NEAR November 17th!!!!


Love You Dearly (and looking forward to seeing you sometime!!)


The Amigos

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