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  1. I'm glad to see that these are still traveling.
  2. Sorry I missed this post originally. You've been given solid information.
  3. Not all of these are activated/owned by Signal. Some are owned by others
  4. I think I have very few that are still moving, sadly. Aside from the nefarious reasons, they do get lost, forgotten about, people stop caching, etc. It sucks, but it's the reality of leaving shiny things in boxes in the woods
  5. Hi poptabteam, When you log a cache you should see a section under the box where you log the cache where you can choose an activity for each coin in your inventory: No action (default, highlighted), DROP or VISIT.
  6. Over the years there have been a few California geocoins minted. I'm not aware of anybody currently selling a version commercially, but hopefully somebody can jump in if they have some on-hand to offer up. I'll check at home later and see if I have any - but it would only be a couple if I have any, not the 25-50 you are looking for.
  7. Both of those are active TBs. You can enter the number here to get to the page: https://www.geocaching.com/track (You should remove the tracking numbers from the initial post to avoid online logging.)
  8. I don't believe that process works for The Caching Place. I am working with one user now to ensure that (s)he can activate the coin (s)he bought from them. I've talked to somebody @ Groundspeak that confirmed that they are working on a solution and I will post either here (or in a new thread) when that solution is ready - stay tuned.
  9. WHAT? My coin isn't on this list?!?!?! J/K - It's interesting to see what is still desirable and what coins people put in their Top5. It sure is different than it was 5 years ago!
  10. Wow, a voice from the past! I hope you are doing well, sir. I also thinned out my collection, about 3 years ago now and only have about 75 or so left but they are the ones that mean a lot to me. You can bet yours are in that group! I understand the need to reduce clutter and put these into the hands of those that will now appreciate them. If you still have any of my personal coins, do with them as you wish. Maybe they will make you a few bucks. As for the Moun10bike coins...They are all activated under his account and he may lock it if it is sold - I would recommend checking with him. I haven't seen/ heard from CavScout in years....Since the old days, so I can't/won't speak to that one. The rules for selling here are pretty much the same - just no advertising the non-trackables. I ended up selling most of mine by looking up and joining a few Facebook groups using "Geocoins" as the search term. I ended up maximizing what I got for some of the harder to find coins but it took a fair amount of work, too. My advice is to start a spreadsheet or document you can share and update like via Google Docs for managing things. I got a few offers for my lot of coins for around $5 or maybe $6 each because the people were going to resell them and they'd be investing the time...which is fair. Best of luck in whichever path you choose.
  11. That's a game changer. That makes it a token and not a geocoin. Geocoins are trackable on Groundspeak. Now there's another can of worms to open (whether trackability makes something a geocoin or not). I recall some very heated debates about that very topic in the past. Thanks to everybody for keeping what could be a very sensitive topic on-track gang.
  12. Forgive me if I am out of the loop....are these trackable geocoins?
  13. As mentioned, yes - eBay links are fine as long as the coins are trackable. If you want to link to a page that has all of your auctions that's fine as long as everything is trackable.
  14. I'm very sorry to hear about this. My condolences to all who are feeling this loss.
  15. Thank you for bringing this discussion to our attention. I am reaching out to the folks at Groundspeak for a response here as I don't want there to be any confusion on who the answer is coming from. We will share the response (or a Groundspeak Lackey may choose to answer directly) as soon as possible.
  16. That is correct. There is no way to deactivate a geocoin once it has been activated.
  17. All of the information that you should need is in the pinned threads at the top of this forum. Please read through those and then let us know if you still have questions.
  18. For the record: Matt does not work at/with "Geocaching" or Groundspeak. As a vendor he used to buy coin codes for production but that is the only connection. I will move this thread shortly to the pinned thread for visibility. Sorry to hear about your issues.
  19. Merged two threads together. Good luck with your sale.
  20. Since there is nothing that says this baby is trackable at GC.com, I'm afraid that this post violates the forum guidelines. As such, I have no choice but to close this thread, sorry.
  21. Nice! It's always great to hear about another coin resurfacing.
  22. Instead of dropping them in the dumpster, have you thought about dropping them in caches?
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