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YYYYAAAAHHHOOOOOO! I have been bit by the bug......


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CONGRATULATIONS. A while ago while out caching, I was stung 76 times by yellowjackets and my son was stung 26 times but we did get FTF on the cache. Shortly after that we received this adorable coin in the mail. I keep mine in my purse right along with my epipen which I now carry all the time. LOVE THE COIN.

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Cricky! The Geocoin Bug is still out there!! Wow - I remember years ago hoping that one day I'd be bitten by the Geocoin Bug! (I caught the seld-inflicted Geocoin Bug instead :laughing: )


Congratulations Shadow's Friend

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Congrats on the coin Dennis, now if you want me to wear that around my neck we will have another deal. :laughing:


Well, we will have to see how much weight I can add to this coin first :laughing: . Maybe 3.5' of 1" chain :lol: ?


Will need to talk BooBoo out of the Easter coin, that would look nice wire wrapped. No I do not mean to keep it either it is hers, but I am sure she would be happy to display it with the others :rolleyes: .




B) I would be happy to do this for you...






Wow that's cool. I'd love to have one of those for my geonut coin. That's awesome.

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I would like to show everyone my Bitten Bug Mystery Geocoin, It will never leave my possession until the day that I die and Meet My Maker or Otherwise known as The Man Upstairs. Keep On Caching! ~Valarie of sweetlife


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