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YYYYAAAAHHHOOOOOO! I have been bit by the bug......


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Well, I read this thread when it first started, found it kind of cool, but had no way of receiving one of these coins. So I've never read it again. Then today there was in my mailbox an envelope to me, from me. Hmmm..I showed my daughter who was standing next to me and she got this puzzled look on her face.

I told her I think someone sent me a coin. Her thoughts..."That's wierd" Hehe..go figure!

So I open it up and low and behold, it's a G. O'Coin B.U.G. Esquire coin and card.

I have NO idea where you got my address, but thank you so much! It went straight into my collection!

Thank you thank you thank you!

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How cute is this?!


I got home yesterday to find I had mailed myself a package :laughing: My girlfriend keeps telling me I am forgetful, but I do think I would have remembered this. I opened it up and out popped a Geo Bug coin and card. I had to check the forums to figure out what it was. So thank you very much Mr/Ms. Bug you really made my whole week. Great coin and it looks very happy sitting in my coin collection.


Chris-Team Shydog

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YAY! Another "victim" on this side of the pond, and JUST in time, too! We've got snow flurries here today, not real welcome weather for a travelling bug! I'm gonna go check on mine and make sure he's all cozy and snug and warm, as a matter of fact!


Congrats to the recent vic's, hehe, and welcome to the group!

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hee hee bugging humans...fun, fun, fun...oh me....I don't know how to read human....how to get addresses...??...ohhhh think, think



KGJJTO;khlekrjl ersgjsegl esgleg alerglslrkf/'



shkh;dkmbkhm;d bl;kblf. blm lkmg; :laughing:

s.blsg slkbm. blmb. sgb



:santa: translated that means:


Frozen Buns

1851 hwy 2861

Comanche, TX, 76442


Just wanted all the "Bugs" to know I am thawing out in Texas this winter. Here buggy buggy, I have an Iceberg to cool you off during all your flying around. :(

Edited by Frozen Buns
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CONGRATULATIONS to beckerbuns, Nurse Dave, Haughton's Hunters, Team Shy dog, and Solan 109~ Welcome to the "Bitten Bug Club". . . it looks like it's getting to be quite a big club!


That G.O' Coin Bug Esquire is certainly a mighty busy insect and oh so clever! ;)

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I guess now I can add my name to the list of those that have been bitten! :D


After another long day at work, I picked up my son from school and headed home.

Like many others, Mondays seem to be the day I get the most mailers and today was

no different. I grabbed them and headed inside to look through them.


I quickly spotted one that didnt look right, it had the tell-tell signs of being a

mystery coin - could it be? Carefully I opened it and was thrilled to find that

cute little bug inside!!!


Thank you G. O'Coin B.U.G.!!! You truly made my day.


My son was wondering why his dad was so excited, and after seeing the

coin and hearing about the mystery sender, he too got excited...





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ouch ! yes in spite of not having an airmail sticker the self addressed mailer made it and out popped a cute little bug coin. Thank you G. O'Coin B.U.G.!


pappa feral observed the writing is reminiscent of someone with drafting skills - two sizes of that type of pen is pretty careful ?architect or artist? we have a nice little mystery here - i wonder if the customs tracking slip..... nah...

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