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  1. I got an extra dose of Christmas joy this year! I found one of those special letters where the return address is my address. I got Warrior # 70. It inspired me to do a couple of caches on Christmas Day. Thank you Vader!!!!
  2. Nice job on the design! Count me in for a set.
  3. These look amazing! Put me down for a set. Thanks!
  4. I also missed the sale. Please count me in for reservations if you decide to take them.
  5. I love this design! I still have my fingers crossed that I might find one in my mailbox.
  6. Another great design! Put me on the reservation list for a set!
  7. It looks like they haven't worked out all the bugs yet. I can log in and see my account information, but I can't add anything to my cart. If I try to change any of my account settings, I keep getting booted back out to the log in screen.
  8. Wow, nice design! I hope I am lucky enough to get one someday!
  9. The salt is probably added as a gentle abrasive.
  10. #2 is the preyimenant design for sure! It shows perfect yimmetry. The darts highlight the strong yimenetism you feel from a coin like this. It evokes the yimeotions of a true yimeance. #2 gets my unyimited yimendation!
  11. Great job on the design! I love it. Put my name down on the sales list!
  12. I like this design. I placed my order!
  13. I would like to buy or trade for either version the 2009 Poffertjes Event coin. Both versions would be even better!
  14. I got mine today. They are awesome! Thank you River Cacher!
  15. Wow, they look great. I like the matt nickel the best.
  16. Email sent! Fingers crossed!
  17. Add me to the list for one each each once the sale or trading begins!
  18. WOW!! I love coins that look like REAL treasure. This definitely qualifies!
  19. Another cool mystery coin! Congratulations to the lucky finders.
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