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  1. update: rosthafari replied immediately to say GC will "work on some sort of a how to policy for this issue" PS thanks for the care notes guys - just mostly arthritis = still can't type a whole lot (have almost licked it)
  2. yup indeedy - have emailed link to this thread to rosthafari. personally I maintain a secure database of all website accounts and passwords, as well as a database of all my geocoins ( hmmm which initially included the purchase price but i got slack about that ) which is accessible on my demise. It would be best if disposing of a large collection if a knowledgeable coiner was nominated to provide advice/help I've been absent from these forums for some time - largely due to getting to grips with health issues and getting some of the 'bucket list attended to' (we are all 'terminally ill' if you want to look at it that way - the length of the 'illness' is what is indeterminate - bon chance all!)
  3. It can vary so much - I saw a nearly complete set of Aleghenny geotrail coins go for under $50 for the SET ow i hope it went to a good home
  4. I was just thinking the market had bottomed out then I saw this. http://cgi.ebay.com/AWESOME-JEEP-RACER-RED...c#ht_1417wt_881
  5. actually there is an earlier post on the same topic here http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=251064 - should they merge and get pinned? oh and a dedicated thread on the Allegeny geotrail is here with great pictures drool drool http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...p;#entry3215012
  6. Some photographs would be highly appreciated - the websites usually have only low res pictures. Pennsylvania Butler Freeport Historic GeoTrail http://www.butlerfreeporttrail.org/ "this is a 20 stage geotrail with a collectable, trackable geocoin available at the end for a donation of $10 to the BFCT." I'm not sure if this was only available at the event or if the trail exists as a continuing promotion
  7. yes the problem in the field is you should treat the gecoins you find as Tb's as a swag coin which is trackable is just so unusual so i find it acceptable. Many of my activated coins are 'hot swapable' so if the finder wants to keep it there is an invitation on the webpage to ask; then for another to be activated and adopted to me or some suitable swag placed into the next cache.
  8. Thanks for the cointest! I have a history lesson that was part of a cache i placed. Only part two is still active here: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...db-b90b38501393 Anyway on to the story. It is set in Tasmania, Australia where truth is always stranger than fiction. It was certainly a Red Letter Day for the new colony at Launceston when a Maharajah sailed in from Calcutta aboard his brig the Active.That was new years day 1812. This grand personage - Jonathon Burke Hugo, styled Count McHugo, the "lineal Descendant of Earl Bothwell and Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland, the Great Grand daughter of Henry the 7th of England and Consequently the rightful Heir to the Crown of England" began handing out the juicy cargo of tea, spirits and spices liberally upon easy terms of credit and became very popular. So popular that control of the fledgling settlement was happily handed over to him upon demand by the Commandant, Major George Gordon - a very an unfortunate decision as the Maharajah initiated a royal court of enquiry into the settlers' grievances and sentenced Commandant Gordon to be hanged! He was rescued by his Lieutenant who had to cut short his holiday and ride back to town upon hearing of the uproar. The Maharajah was of course a mere commoner; a merchant suffering from a delusional state who was sent under guard to a mental institution in Sydney and thence to the General Insane Hospital, Calcutta. The matter of the stray pretender to the throne of England (and Tasmania) appears to have been kept successfully from the genuine majestic ears until 2 1/2 years later. Upon returning to England Burke Hugo created another huge ruckus - over the loss of his Brig and his cargo ( which had been sold in Sydney by the authorities ) The buck travelled down the ranks of officialdom from Lord Bathurst across the oceans to Govenor Maquarie across the strait to stop on poor Major Gordon; now permanently losing his command (but keeping his life,) and causing the centre of government and all goodies to shift from Launceston, its logical geographic seat in the central north of the island, to Hobart in the sorry south where it is now so inconveniently placed for feralz geocaching pursuits.
  9. huh? that was what they were supposed to do and it's not supposed to be a guessing game! A help link should go directly to a help page - not the page you just came from.
  10. The traditional way of doing that still works - just adopt them the geocoin or travel bug. I can't imagine how seeing "The owner hasn't set their collectible preference." is going to help stop some someone keeping a jeep tb. but the link below it is even worse - a good idea on paper except once again they forgot to beta test it - "First time logging a trackable item? Click here." Ok click! the poor newb then goes in a loop - he gets sent straight back to the trackables home page where he puts the tracking number in ( again ) is sent to the trackables individual page .... sees that link (again) "First time logging a trackable item? Click here." .... here try it - http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=590651 what were they thinking? It should pop up a little javascript help box preferably playing a good video tutorial like this : il.youtube.com/watch?v=ttGepPtL58s&feature=relate
  11. yes in practice they can't but in theory it's marked "collect me"! It's still a weird situation and I don't suppose it clears up the issue of selling such a 'collectible' coin onto another 'collection' which is the unstated intention if I'm finally getting the drift.
  12. i'm sorry that link didn't clear anything up for me because in practice i find i don't need to mark my coins or bugs as 'collectible' first in order to move them into my 'collection' - the default setting let's me do it anyway. The way it stands marking things as 'collectible' is really coinfusing because I really don't want another cacher to collect the things in my 'collection'! So I think it would be simpler to do away with the marking feature and just leave the default option to move anything I own in and out of my 'collection'.
  13. As usual it appears GC forgot to beta test a major change. Don't you have a sandbox? having a collection inventory is a nice idea but that works fine without confusing the issue with the "collectible" checkbox. You don't need it - the mission or goal says everything. - this feature is just superfluous and so confusing even a seasoned moderator like eartha can't interpret it correctly. Please get rid of it - it has already spawned threads on various other forums asking Whattheheck eg.http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=252904
  14. totally awesome wilg! the GC list is best place to start as it is always up to date. we are all duplicating our efforts an awful lot. there's many many websites started with this intention see a list on the frontpage of my efforts which is a wiki style so any can help out - hinty hinty http://trackablegeocoins.wetpaint.com/ + i have started discussion with a dutch person to perhaps have a special geocoin category created on the catawiki.com website.
  15. oh derrrr using it all wrong - i was able moving somethings into my collection without checking this box first somehow but not others. Perhaps there was an early bug in the system? So I thought that checking that feature meant you could leave a coin in a cache for someone to collect rather than move! Thanks for the clarification. I allow most of my geocoins to be traded for if someone really wants it - if it's picked up by a real newb they can keep it if they put any sort of decent swag into the next cache. PS and off topic Droo that's a really good looking way of posting a "how to" - how did you make it? PPS ok I went back and read the help webpage then tried it all again. I was using correctly. In typical GC fashion it's all ambiguous and bound to confuse. 1. Selecting the "Collectible" status means ANYONE can collect your coin - even out of a cache. It simply means whoever picks it up does not have to move it to another geocache. 2. You do not have to set the preference to 'collectible' in order to move it to your collection - just grab it using the code and go to your inventory where there will by default be a link to move it to your collection as you are the owner. From the collection webpage you can click a link beside the coins name to move it back to your inventory whenever you want to drop it into a chace or an event again. 3. "Not Collectible" means the coin must be moved to a new cache if picked up. 4. If you don't choose either "collectible" or "not collectible" the default mandate is an activated coin is to be moved from cache to cache. Clear as mud now?
  16. hi guys, oh the ones i feel worst for are the ones released on behalf of others in the USA. I've had a couple placed for friends including the recent "big love little hearts" coin that have gone AWOL from their first cache! But others are going great guns even this one showed up again after 2 years today! http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?tracker=TBVCPR So i thought i'd share the good news since i haven't stopped by for ages but today 'forced' to leave the housework due to suffering from some kiddie snot germs. serendipity Touch wood the twin of it that we own is still travelling too and this one has even passed through a fire! http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=798078 I get enough emails from the coins i have released even though they sit for months at a time that i haven't felt the need to drop anymore. They beat our travel bugs hands down for miles and interest - I've only marked four MIA out of the dozen or so travellers in past four years which is a reasonable attrition rate. oh yeah i use a passport thingy - i think it helps more than the drilling business - link below. pps value for money imho i just love reading their logs as I haven't been able to cache much for aaages.
  17. HI just to let you know the little coin arrived safely all the way down under before Valentine's day - we took it for a great hike but I'll drop it somewhere closer to civilization to start it's travels.
  18. well lots of excuses - i got a book related one half done and then forgot to hit save! busy time- kids going back to school and the house seems to want to fall apart just now
  19. not quite applicable to coins unless they are somehow not pure - the silver has to ionise first ie. have moisture and something to react with that will ionise it ( like the acid off the PVC flips! ) It's responsible for it's antibacterial properties too - so i could dunk my silver geocoins into the drinking water when out on the trail to sterilise ? The silver ion clothes washer is a scary thing.
  20. did we mention that newbs should be told ebay is not the place to buy coins unless they have contacted the mint to check if it is a limited edition - ie is being sold by a scalper? In some cases ebay vendor may also be the mint or designer but this is the exception. The way to find out is to ask the forum, or use wikis or commercial coin trading websites to track the mint down.
  21. wow tip - what brand? My guess is if it works on .999 silver or mint copper it will be fine. Do you place them back in the flip? or just display them en plein air?
  22. hi everyone - thanks haysonics yes this was not 'toning' this was ( is?!) eating my coins - i mean in 2000 years time a collector might not care but right now it was not a good look. In fact at first i thought it was fungus * and apparently the toning is actually protective layer of stable oxidised metal so it won't eat more of the coin but if you clean it off more oxide and eventually you clean away your coin. SO after reading all the info here i decided against any other corrosives. they cleaned up better than expected with the sunglass cleaner. Then two have been popped in big mylar pinched from the spinning topcoin and sealed into thee aluminium foil packet and into an aritight acrylic chocolate box - I had to eat a whole box of ferro rocher to get this for a defunct cache and it is housing my untrackables now. Happy to report I checked in last night and they looked bright and fine. Keeping the oxygen out is crucial from what i gather to stop corrosion The tea chest is not so tight a lid. i'm not sure it does anything about the flip giving off the acid gas "PVC, it breaks down chemically and hydrochloric acid is released. I think that step is avoided by avoiding heat and moisture like the inside of car+windows. hence the glass cleaner butditching the pvc plastic looks safer. The tarnishable coins still need sealing off from moisture and oxygen. I didin't find what i have read about coincleaning applicable in more than a general way to new geocoins. to salvage a geocoin it sounds like an ultrasonic cleaner might be better. I might take themi nto a jeweller and aask. http://www.brent-krueger.com/howtopvc.html this has lots of little experiments ot keep me and bling boy entertained for a few minutes. PS check this out "With an extremely high resistance to corrosion, rhodium is used to plate steel and brass in order to prevent corrosion from sea water and other elements. Such coatings must be extremely thin and used only when the cost is justified (rhodium sells for about five to six times that of palladium)." I think the tranquility came in a 'light rhodium' ANyone verify that?. * the weather has been humid and warm and worse we had another OMG! episode when water leaked into the wall cavity behind geobling boy's cupboard and there was an inch thicklayer of black mildew along the inside ewwww...... he's been evactuated to the sofa for nearly amonth as it happened before xmas and no builders etc. around to fix it although the plumber fixed it immediately ( who designed a perishable washer to go in a pipe behind the waterproofing?) we had more than the usual number of spores I'm sure everywhere ewwww
  23. They look "interesting". On a solid bronze coin though the patina is actually very charming imho - battle scars! sets them apart from their wimpy stay at home friends. i've polished some travellers up when the tarnish was yuk but just lightly. I have completely burnt coin - all the fancy layers stripped away by a bushfire which is still doing the rounds. It was in an airtite btw I'm not sure about the chipping - depends on if they are harder than the usual base metal blanks of the plated ones. those will chip all right! You can see dents in the base metal some of them from handling when they were blanks as the plating goes over the top. Particularly the rim of the gold coins is susceptible to nicks in the mail if you just use those thin plastic liners - mints please note! use the proper envelopes. The nickel plating is harder. So my guess is they are not hardened stainless steel and they will still chip unintentionallly. eg. if dropped on concrete mystery coin+plastic flip+event + kid = ding Guess who also found this out the hardway? But don't let that put anyone off sending me the stuff =========================================== "I can vouch for Ketchup for pennies but I'm a bit skeptical about flour, salt and vinegar mix - flour as a thickener- check, vinegar as a degreaser - fine, and salt ....... - for taste? " haha -we tested the aussie coins which came in a new satin finish before sending them off for saliva resistance because my kid said they looked like a lolly - happy to report they are stable and also to big to choke a 14 yo.
  24. thx POLL: "would you rather see your coins packed in mylar?" y/n/don't mind
  25. thx does that work ok on plated coins or would it take the copper plating off?
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