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  1. I agree here is a short term fix, open up an email type up your log, copy, open GC and paste it. Lots of steps but if you are going to write a big old log the extra steps would be worth it.
  2. Just curious if people are still getting any refunds, I saw for a bit there they were issuing some just curious if it has stopped all together.
  3. Personally 57.00 was the most I ever paid. I saw a Moun10bike V1 go for over 2K on ebay a few years back.
  4. I have a few Foggy Gold with Clear Stone Pirates of the Geocache geocoin Artist edtion for trade. Only 30 made. Looking for other artist editions or limited editions.
  5. No, your best bet is to keep the amount under 6.00, that way they pay little to nothing.
  6. Yea its Sara art vision or something similar along those lines. I cant remember the name for sure but its something close to that. Found it; sarahsartvision
  7. 1 Box of macaroni 5 Cups of water 1 Tsp. of butter 1/2 Cup of milk 1 Can of chunk white tuna 2 Slices of bread 1 Dill pickle 2 Tsp. of mayo Mac and Cheese with tuna sandwich
  8. Mark it as a gift and put down 5.50. Don't go over 6.00.
  9. Winners are below. If you are quoted, you have mail. Thanks to all who took the time to post and most of all THANKS T0 ALL THE MODS AND ALL YOU DO. Jake
  10. Woohoo got two of them. If anybody has an Ant. Silver I would love to trade for a Ant. Copper
  11. Forgot to mention the prize coins..... Artist Edition Pirates of the Geocache, Spring into Caching, Hang loose
  12. i couldn't find the coins on ebay, do you have a link? i did a search "geocoin dragonfly" maybe they are trying to sell them to help with refunding money. there is always small claims court. liens can be levied against losing defendants. lara I was just saying he should sell them not that he was. Jake
  13. He should sell the 6 sample coins that he has on eBay I bet they would go for a pretty penny. Then take the profit and use it to pay back those he took from. I have seen the coin first hand and its actually pretty cool to bad it was never produced.
  14. Looking for Do you Dare Earn Your Stripes geocoin Trade: Pirates of the Geocache Glass Traveler Spring into Caching Hang Loose
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