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  1. Thanks for the interest. All coins are gone. Will ship on Monday!
  2. Waiting for confirmation, but I believe only 1 Black Nickle and 1 Silver are left. Will update quantities when I'm sure. Quantities updated.
  3. Found in a drawer when rearranging the office. $10 shipped. Unactivated. Trackable. Activation code included.
  4. I rearranged my home office and found a few old, unactivated coins. These are the Geocoins Through The Ages version 1 - Egyptian Cartouche by GeoCoins.net. All individually trackable. NOT activated but activations codes included. $10 each, shipped inside the US. Outside the US will be actual shipping. I have the following number of each finish available. none - all sold Image is a representative. I am sure I have a pic of each somewhere, but I'm too lazy to dig them up.
  5. All sold, thanks for looking.
  6. All the coins I'm selling are sold. Thank you all for your interest!
  7. Bump..still a few coins available if anyone is interested.
  8. Again, thanks to all. The other insurance company has accepted full liability. Now it's a matter of covering expenses until all is said and done. I still have coins available. Please email me if you are interested in seeing what I have left. You can email me directly at "geocaching allallens com". You should be able to figure out what to do there. Also, as a note to all that bought some of my coins. To the best of my knowledge, none of the coins are activated. I did however retrieve the activation codes for most of them. If I had retrieved the code, I included it in the PVC sleeve with the coin. If there was no slip, that means I most likely did not retrieve the code, but I may have just missed putting it in the sleeve. Let me know if you received a trackable coin with no activation code and I'll check to see if I have retrieved the code for that coin. Thank you.
  9. Again, thank you all. I was hurt, but nothing broken according to the X-Rays. Bumps, bruises and sore joints. Got hit on the side, so did a bit of a spin. We all know what that does to a body. As a note (not sure if I've said this before or not). *IF* I have one of your coins and you don't want it sold, I would be happy to send it back to you in exchange for another coin that can be sold. Last thing I want to do is upset any of you by selling one of your coins that you don't want sold. Thank you all again for your well wishes. I will be fine, but until the insurance companies start paying out, I need to cover the bills out of my own pocket. Just got my truck out of the storage lot yesterday. Cost me $225 to have it towed out. And it begins....
  10. Thank you all so far for your concerns and well wishes. I am sure all will turn out well, and though this is not my preferred way to raise funds quick, it is my quickest option. Thank you for your understanding. Also, if you know I have one of your coins and do NOT want it sold, please let me know. I will honor all requests of this type. Brian Allen aka Haughton
  11. It looks like I'm going to get a list together of my coins soon for sale. However, I want to make clear to everyone that if you traded a coin with me, and you see it on the list, PLEASE let me know as I may not recall all the coins I've traded with the agreement of Do Not Sell. And because I know it does bother some people when another sells their coins, I hope you see this as a valid reason. On Thursday, March 6 I was in an automobile accident. My truck will most likely be considered a total loss. I was the only person in truck, and the other truck was a single occupant also. Because I' have retained an attorney, I am not going to go into detail about what happened. Lets just say that I will need to pay stuff out of pocket for now until the insurance companies start paying back. So, I plan on selling most likely all my coins except a very select few that I know for a fact should not be sold (i.e. The GeoCoin Fairy, Secret Agent Coin, B.U.G.). When I have the list together, possibly not until next weekend, I will post here that it is ready. You can email or PM me and I'll send you the list. If you want to contact me early, I'll add you to a list of people to send the list to when it's ready. I also have NO clue as to what I'll be asking for the coins. I'm *THINKING* $8.00 each shipped.
  12. Thanks Rattlebars. I'm running on an '07 Honda VTX 1300R. Just finished the Clayton Root mod, waiting for the clock to show up so I can put it in the speedometer housing. Highway bars are supposed to be here on Tuesday. I don't have the ability to create a bracket for myself, so it looks as though the Ram system is probably the best bet. Of course, I'm looking at over $60 because I don't want just one, I am headed to GeoWoodstock on it as well and want to mount a camera for when I go through Yosimite and possibly other places. Thanks much. I checked out your site as well, lots of good info there!
  13. Thanks for the info. As for the fixing it, I have called and they told me it was a main board problem and the base charge was like $120 or something. I figure for that price I can get one off of ebay <SIGH>.
  14. Thanks TCS. Have you used anything other than the Ram system? I'm wondering just how much vibration is reduced (or not).
  15. I've been caching for some time now, and often use my Meridian Gold on my motorcycle in a bicycle handlebar mount. This has worked great for several years except for one small thing. On occasion, the GPS (plugged into a power port) says "Critical power loss, shutting down" or something similar. It then shuts down. Well, this is fine unless I'm wanting to keep the mileage I've traveled or keep my track. It doesn't seem to be happening at any specific RPM/Speed, it's almost like it's just random vibrations can turn it off. I've even had success (if you want to call it that) at smacking into my palm and having it turn off. Again, not always, but it will happen. So the question is two fold. Has anyone else had this problem, and will the $100 (or whatever they charge) repair bill to send it to Magellan fix it? Secondly, has anyone been in the same situation, switched to the Ram-Mount system, and had the problem go away? According to Ram-Mount's site, because of the rubber balls that are used, the vibration is reduced significantly. But before I spend any more money than I have to, I'd like to hear from others. I'd hate to go one way just to find out it didn't do any good. I have been told that the problem is the contacts from the battery terminal to the circuit board is to blame because the leads are not soldered on, but held there by tension. So I opened up my case and bent the contacts back so they are forced onto the board more. This has made no discernible difference. I plan on taking the bike from Phoenix to GeoWoodstock VI in May and don't want to have to keep turning my GPS on every few miles. And no, purchasing a new GPS isn't the solution as I don't have the cash for that at this time. TIA for any help or insights you may have!
  16. No problem at all. Our product is a token with a common back, where the customer can pick a design of their liking from our inventory. All designs have been approved by Groundspeak, so there is no question there. What Eartha is objecting to is the ability to pick a different design. Thus making our one product, actually about 30 products. Other coins are minted and you can't choose to change the design on either side. Linking to a product is just that. It links to one single item for sale. Linking to a store front is the home page of the store, from which point you can choose any of the products from the store by following links. In either case, you can always get back to the home page of the store or other products via links on the sides or top or bottom of the page. Thanks for the questions, and I hope I've explained it sufficiently.
  17. OK, I'm having a heated debate with Eartha and would appreciate a civilized discussion here. According to Eartha, I can not link to our trackable token because the design can be customized. So it is not one product I want to link to and need to be approved by Groundspeak. So be it. However, and I having nothing against the coin...actually I like the coin, in this thread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=179362 There is a link. The link goes to the storefront of their site. Personally, I don't care, but I do feel I have been unfairly censored (and I'm sure this post won't last long either). Eartha says that this link: http://www.northboundtradingcompany.com/shop/ Is to one product. I disagree. Now, I will be the first to admit that I took it personally when my post was hidden. I don't know why it was hidden and not just edited like most other posts here. Why was my post completely removed while other posts just have the link removed? Seems unfair to me, but then again, that's me. So, I reported the above post as an inappropriate link. And I have been told MANY times now by Eartha that this link is perfectly fine. That it is a link to one product that goes to other versions of the product in different finishes, so it's OK. But take a look yourself and let me know, am I wrong here? Honestly. The link to the northboundtradingcompany.com page is to the home page of the store. It is NOT a link to the product. The product's link is this: http://northboundtradingcompany.com/shop/i...31799ca9bf2f50f THAT is the link to the product. All I'm asking for is honest fairness. And this link being allowed is completely unfair to other vendors that have store fronts. Not just me, but Hog Wild, Coins and Pins, and every other commercial site out there. Again, just equal enforcement of the rules. And for some reason, whether it really is happening or not, I feel I am being treated with a heavy hand. Thank you for your time. And again, please keep it civil.
  18. Thanks for the info. Quite a story too! I wouldn't mind getting away like that myself, but with "life" these days, it sure is tough.
  19. Nice looking coin. I didn't catch the reason this guy fooled everyone though, couldn't he have just preached his message as a "white" guy? Or did he feel his message would be more listened to if he was seen as a Native American Indian? Also, I noticed the wording on the coin and found it surprising that Groundspeak allowed the "Geocaching.com Trackable". Everywhere I've seen they state it must say "Trackable on Geocaching.com" or "Track on Geocaching.com". Maybe the coin will be considered more "valued" because of this. Who's to say.
  20. You mean stressed out geocoin collectors? I usually relieve stress while geocaching Nice coin, I think I may need a dozen or two...<sigh>
  21. Haven't had a chance to get in here in a few days, so congrats to all the latest finders and believers out there!
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