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YYYYAAAAHHHOOOOOO! I have been bit by the bug......


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this one pop in my head while mowing few hour ago ......


Who that in air ? ... who that in air ....




Me ran to my car and chase all way till geooooooobug stop !!!!!


WHen my car stoppppppp ... i Took off the car and try get him but GEooooobug trick me and flew way .......


Me ran to my car and chase all way till GEooooobug Stopppppp!!!! (song keep going till i cauget and make him bit me )

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This weekend my family and I were busy competing in another hobby/sport of ours and after 4 long but fun days returned home to relax....as we were pulling in the driveway I asked my husband to stop at the mailbox so I could get out and get the mail. He did and I grabbed it and got back in the truck. On the way back to the house, he asked what's this and what's that? In with some bills I had 3 coin envelopes. One was for our ICE coin club members and two were trades that came in. I was so tired I didn't really look at the names. Almost to the house I scanned those two again to see who they were from....and it hit me....one was addressed TO me and FROM me...and I'm telling you what....my heart started pounding and I screamed I GOT ONE!!! I GOT ONE!! I KNOW I GOT ONE!!! And I immediately started ripping into it LOL My husband said..."got what?" and I said "I got a mystery coin!! I don't know which one but I know I got one!!" then I showed him what tipped me off with the addresses. So I tore and pried and boy did I have to pry but I finally got it opened and oh my gosh....I got bit by the geocoin bug too!!! oh happy happy day!! This was the end of a fantastic weekend and getting this coin just made my weekend all that much better.


I took a picture with the too cute geocoin bug coin with the trophies my family earned this weekend. In my eyes....they are all special....I am just as proud of this coin as I am the trophies with it and I am very honored too. Thank you G.O'Coin B.U.G. Esquire :D I am just plain HAPPY :D I also want to thank another new geocoin friend who was very thoughtful in her bribing!! oooohhhhh I am soooooooo HAPPY!!!!! B)B)B)



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Congrats, LoriDarlin!


You do so many kind things for others, you deserve it! You truly do!


It's good to have friends!


And those are some sharp looking trophies, I gotta say!!! Congrats again!


Now, I've got a little something to share, seems as good a place as any to do it since it's such a happy thread...



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Ya know, Buggie, one of these awesome coins COULD find it's way to Texas!


But I have to warn you, the West Texas Mosquitos around here can carry off a horse, so you need to be careful and also carry a LARGE swatter to shew them away (I wouldn't squash them, don't know if they might be long-distance relatives of yours, you know, like in MIB!!)


This is such a cute coin!! A mystery coin in Abilene, TX would be such an awesome thing.


Come on buggy, come home to Mommy Amigo! lol :P:D

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I just have to laugh everytime I see a picture of this coin as it looks so much like a relative! Red is even my favorite color and it would look SO good next to my personal coin.


Congratulations to all those who have been bitten and to all those about to be bitten! (I hope to be int the latter group! LOL)


Special congrats though to mousekakat!!!



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Went to get my mail tonight and the box was shaking on the post, I listened and heard buzzing in there! I was almost afraid to open it as I have been having problems with bees lately but took the chance as I didn't think a whole hive could be built in a day. Much to my surprise, there was no bees at all but a GEOBUG COIN!

And they are quick! Bit kinda hard but it was not painful at all!


Thank you G.O'Coin B.U.G. Esquire! He will take his place right next to the other great mystery coins!


I will try to get pictures as soon as I find my camera!

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What's this.... did the trek to the mailbox in the rain pay off??




OMG OMG OMG!! linedancing.gif


as you can see, I did not open the package gingerly! banana.gif




IT IS IT IS IT IS!!! love.gif




And a closeup of our handsome lil' devil! woohoo.gif




So... in closing, thank you, Mr O'Coin! I was having a less than stellar day with a sick, clingy baby and morning sickness and a bored because it's raining 7 year old and you just turned it all around in one fell swoop! I think I loves you, Mr O'Coin!




Or, as we say here in Sweden, tack så jätte mycket!

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