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YYYYAAAAHHHOOOOOO! I have been bit by the bug......


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Who will be next!....mwahahahahah B)


Well I know what your thinkin...But I didnt get a Bug bite in this package, Im just usin Damenace's technique and showin ya'll what my package may look like when it does get here :) ...except I doubt the mailer will look this pretty :D ...It will be torn to shreds before I ever leave the PO! ;)

Im not worried about Anthrax...I look forward to suspicious packages!!! :huh:




Congrats to all who have recieved the Bug bite...well except those who have broke the bank in the process!!!...Trust me I know how ya feel!!!! :ninja::):D

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But, it probably holds true for Big John P. He's an all around good guy and kind-hearted person. I'm sure anyone who does these mystery coins has a high opinion of him. I know I do :(


Yes BigJohn is a SUPER nice guy!! B)B) So are many others too!!


Congrats to all the recent finders!!


We have hidden all our bug spray, fly swatters, ant traps, etc. We are now a 'bug friendly' home. B)B)


I totally agree with Pengo.... BigJohn is an extremely nice guy.... loveable and huggable .... :ph34r: ok you have to ask for a hug first....


I'm going to hide all the bug spray from my hubby.... the bugs like him best.... he seems to be a magnet.





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Hmm. I would love to be bitten by the bug... If one does show up in my mail box.... it would go to a little six year old girl who wants to be an entomologist. I had no idea what that was until she told me. For christmas I am going to get her a geocoin and make it into a necklace along with those amber bugs!!

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Congrats to all those who has been biten by the bug B)

I guess it's easy to escape it here in Norway :ph34r:


Edit: btw - I'm staying up late (It's 1.05 AM here now) hoping I will meet some of you in the geocoin chat, but noone appears... :(

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Congrats indeed!!!...Boy all ya gotta do is check the desk and see that youve been bit!!! :(:P:P ...Looks like my desk sometimes! :unsure:


I see you are in Missouri!!! :P Cant say that you havent had a bite or 2!!!...Trust me I know!!! They just love us Cali folks...."AHHHH some fresh meat that doesnt know any better than trompin through the weeds" But at last my chiggers and ticks have had the're fair share...No more itchy and scratchy show for me!!! :P


Now if this coin bug I contracted about 10 months ago would just leave me alone!!!!...Nah~He can stay!

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Congratulations to you Crowesfeat30. Nice little bug, is'nt it? :P

Oh, yes, Big John! It's SWEEEEEEEEET!! :P


Congrats indeed!!!...Boy all ya gotta do is check the desk and see that youve been bit!!! :(:P:P ...Looks like my desk sometimes! :P

Yep. I was almost too embarrassed to post that pic but then I figured, what the heck. I bet I'm not the only one out there with a messy desk! :unsure:



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OUCH!!!! We head off to MWGB and while we are gone our house becomes infested with a Geocoin Bug!!! So when we opened the door to come home we were bitten!


But I suppose it fits since we did a lot of coin buyin' and swappin' while up there and we did host a After Party coin frenzy that had hundreds and hundreds of people!! (Maybe a MEGA event!)


So yes we are bitten and have been infected by the Geocoin Bug....and there is no known cure!! Oh well who says I want to be cured. :(




Thank you so much G. O'Coin B.U.G. Esquire! :o:laughing:


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