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  1. A Awesome design Chris look like it was worth the wait
  2. Great coin it turned out really nice love the face on the koala in the tree Maybe we can arrange a trade
  3. Sorry Woogiekids i ran out of those a while ago. The black and gold pictured was a family and friends addition only 10 were made . there is a regular one on ebay this week . I made almost a 1000 of them so someone might have one for trade. Thanks by the way for the nice comments
  4. Can be very addictive Here are my babies
  5. Wow there are some awesome earlier coins on those pages
  6. Well i arrived home to day to see a plain brown wrapper on the counter.and since i was not expecting any trades or purchases I was was very curious . I was shocked to see one of these beautiful coins in the package. i am very honored to receive one of these coins, I love the message the design and pure feel of this coin. I will keep in on my desk display where i can see it admire it and hold it for luck often. Thank you Geocachingdragon P.S. it is coin number 90
  7. Check with plus 3 im sure pretty shiny things might have some attraction. Or at least its a guess.
  8. Cool! I hope to have a new personal by GCF, it won't be anything people haven't seen before, but they will all go into caches or be gifts. Going with a throw-back coin! The throw back coin sounds cool, I have been thinking of doing a simple round no color no 3d coin for my next personal. Something with just a cool simple image, Is that the sorta thing you are thinking.
  9. This is a were beautiful coin i will have to have one for my collection for sure All the best with your continued recovery.
  10. Only three days left for the presale thanks to everyone that may have purchased one Or even taken the the time to look, hope you liked it .
  11. this is the description i wrote for my coin:: "This is my third personal coin and is probably my most personal coin. I grew up on the west coast of Canada and always loved and admired Haida Art. Now, there is no Dragon in Haida Mythology so I tried to remain true to the this style and still produce something new and interesting. The moons and crescents on the outside of the dragon is a doodle that I have done since I was in school and is more my personal style than it is true to the style of art, but liked the effect. The back picture is my artwork of a Raven in a black canoe. The Raven is a very powerful and wonderful spirit from Haida Mythology. I hope this coin will inspire people to look at this style of art as well as read the mythology of the Haida people. It is full of interesting and fun stories of working with animals and the environment, such as we do with Geocaching and CITO." There is a saying by Chief Seattle said more than 150 years ago, but is still incredibly poignant today: "Teach your children what we have taught ours, that the earth is our mother. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth. The earth does not belong to man; man belongs to the earth. Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children."
  12. art work looks great sounds like a fun road as well
  13. There are a few people on the trade list I will deal with that when i know how many coins i will have to play with . I always lose a few when they show up on the kitchen table. This design was over two years in the making. I cant wait to actually have one myself.
  14. The coins are now available for presale From www.coinsandpins.com
  15. Great job on these Pete always been a great coin
  16. Another great and meaningful coin Congrats
  17. great Personal Chuck Congrats on such a great design
  18. Add Me to the list of Sucking up for a members only coin. I grew up in BC So I really Love Bc Coins. I will have some personal traders for my new personal coin which is coming out in June So maybe someone might be interested in one off these .
  19. This is a very sweet new coin , classic simple look with very cool 3D. Congrats to the lucky ones that have received one.
  20. I admit to liking antique copper as well i am going to make it my personal maybe with the black dragon. Hopefully i will have a few to trade after the family get there share .
  21. These are the two finishes that will be offered for sale Should be in the June Presale at coinsandpins When i have more details i will post again .
  22. Well done a really awesome coin ..
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