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State and Local Geocaching Organizations


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This topic is to let you know about the regional geocaching organizations near you. These groups sponsor event caches and online forums where geocachers in the same area can get to know each other and share information. Geocaching organizations play a pivotal role in maintaining good relations with the land managers for the parks and forests where we play our game. Getting involved in your local group is a great way to make new friends and find answers to questions about the local caching scene.


It is up to representatives of the organizations to maintain this thread as a list of links to the Geocaching Groups in the Northeast States (Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut). Please feel free to write a brief post about your geocaching group, giving its name, the area where most of its members live, and a link to the group's website, forums or mailing list. If your information changes later on, post a follow-up post.


Please do not use this pinned topic to promote individual events or initiatives that your group is undertaking, or to ask how to find or start a group. You can start separate topics for those subjects. The moderating team may split out off topic posts into their own threads.


Finally, please note that this thread is not an endorsement by Groundspeak of any organization. It's just a convenient list of links.

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Pittsburgh Area Geocaching Association


~A group of individuals fostering the open-minded growth and development of Geocaching in Western Pennsylvania. ~


Our goal is to be supportive of people who enjoy all styles of geocaching, from the simple micros to advanced mountain hikes. Our forum is here to provide a free exchange of ideas in a positive and constructive manner.


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We've been quiet lately, but have around for a while. We're the Pocono Geocachers. Not a fancy name, but more than two years ago we adopted a portion of 191 in the Adopt-a-Highway program and are STILL waiting for the highway department to put up our sign. They've had the sign for nearly two years... ahhh progress. We post pictures of past events at: http://groups.msn.com/PoconoGeoCachers

We'll be posting pictures of the Third Annual Easter Egg Hunt just as soon as we have it on Saturday, April 14. Also, we have adopted a maple tree at the Meesing Center which has a very difficult geocache nearby. JennyCaz created a logo a while back and one of these days I'm going to get it up on the site. That's about it!

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Sure you could join one of those "other" geocaching groups, but if you want to be part of something special...


Just kidding to all you geocachers out there.


York County Geocaching Society


This is the link to our website. We are a fun-loving dedicate group that meets once a month (very informal). We plan 2 or 3 geocaching events a year on top of our monthly meetings. Additionaly we have adopted a highway in York County and do CITO events on it roughly every other month. We organize a "Beginners Event" every year and are always willing to help out a struggling geocacher. We also have formed a Waymarking team and have at this time one Waymarking category (Retired Prisons).


In the past we have organized a geocaching activity for sick children and we have created our own trackable geocaching coin (I think we still have some) and a travel bug race. If you have any questions please feel free to post on our website or contact me via geocaching.com


Good caching to all of you.

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South Jersey Geocaching


From the website: "The South Jersey Geocaching Organization exists to promote the sport of geocaching within Southern New Jersey. We are a group of active geocachers who use the resources of the South Jersey Geocaching Organization to socialize with other members, work cooperatively with land managers and to promote responsible geocaching in our area. We invite all interested geocachers living, actively caching or interested in caching in Southern New Jersey to join us!"


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Geochums is a group without borders. Although its membership is heavily tilted towards Northeast Ohio, many Chums hail from Western PA, New York and West Virginia. Anyone can join, and the focus of the group is on helping each other with questions and having FUN.


Geochums has its own weekly chat, and also hosts chats for other organizations such as the NWPA Geocachers.

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TRIGO is a (dis)organization of geocaching enthusiasts in southwestern Pennsylvania. We’re not sure what TRIGO stands for but we think that it could be an acronym for Three Rivers Informal Geocaching Organization or something like that. The purpose of this group is to coordinate events and promote geocaching in our area. There are no dues or anything like that because we want to keep this club free and fun. [attack against other organizations removed by mod] TRIGO does not exclude anybody or their opinions from our forum. Anyone interested in geocaching in SWPA can join us in our disorganization.


- Phil Trigo, Virtual President.

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Vermont Geocaching Association (VGA) was formed to provide a resource for Vermont geocachers to organize activities and events that will improve the credibility of the sport, network with other area geocaching groups and clubs, and protect our natural resources. Additionally we strive to educate the public, land owners and mangers and act as an advocacy group for Vermont Geocachers. We are committed to promoting safe, responsible, and environmentally friendly geocaching in the Vermont area.
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:( Granite State Geocachers


Find them HERE! :D


Bass Chaz, Too Tall John, SquamLoon and I have been discussing the need and possible formation of a New Hampshire caching association and website. TTJ started off strong with the googlepages groups and discussions have continued on Bass Chaz's Granite State Radio Podcast forums. The NH Podcasts are availabe and Chaz has kindly modified the forums for generic geocaching communication, website discussions as well as podcast discussions.


The forums can be found HERE. Check 'em out.



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The New York City Metropolitan Area has a new up and coming organization--


METRO NY GEOCACHING SOCIETY. We started in February 2008 and have an active forum, a logo (which I haven't a clue how to post here) and about 80 members from the five boroughs of New York City and Westchester County and Long Island.


In the short time that we have been around, we have held 3 gatherings, 1 CITO, Geocaching 101 events and one WWFM and will have another in the fall. We areworking on a banner and a coin that we hope to unveil shortly.


We have started a series of caches in the NYC with movie location themes, expanded on the SPARE US another Urban Micro series and many of our members are actively involved in puzzle caching and are working on the new Mid-Atlantic Puzzle Challenge.


Stop by our forum website at METROGC.org.

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Anything in Massachusetts?


So what I can see is there is no organization serving eastern Massachusetts? :blink:



Western Massachusetts Geocachers (WMG) is currently the only one truly dedicated to Mass.

Even though most of the members of the Southern New England Geocachers (SNEG) are Mass residents they cover other states equally.

Eventually I do believe there will be one group dedicated to Mass. I think it needs to be a collaboration of cachers that want to see it happen. Looking at the amount of cachers that use the W.M.G., I do not see a Mass. Geo. Org. getting a lot of use at this time.

Creating one is a very simple process yet can be a pain. Things needed for a State Wide Group:

Getting the 501(3)© tax status for Not For Profits,

TM's for the Group,


Lots of Users.


The 501 Tax Status is a very important deal. I am looking into getting one for the WMG because donations for our annual picnic are down this year because we do not have it. Colman will give any organization with one a discount on there products if you have the 501. The problem in getting one is that you need about $500.00 just to get it.


The Trade Mark is about $100.00


Adventure Girls:

Just because its called Western Mass Geocachers (W.M.G.) does not mean we don't think about whats happening to our east. I am currently pursuing something that is going to affect the entire geocaching community in the state. I need to wait on a e-mail or two before I can post what I know.

I think that it would be great to see a Eastern Mass Geocachers site. I think it could lead up to some very interesting and friendly competition between the east and west.


Gene G.

Admin W.M.G.

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Central CT Cachers’ Nite Out



The Central CT Cacher's Nite Out is an evening gathering of caching enthusiasts usually held the first Tuesday of every month; in a new and exciting place every time. Mark you calendars now! Everyone is welcome to attend…you don't have to reside in CT, and you certainly don't have to be an experienced cacher… new folks are most welcome!


Each event features a new or rotating hosts every month. Locations are kid friendly, have no admission fee and within the Central Connecticut/Greater Hartford area.

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MaGo is forming! We need all sorts of help. And would like to invite anyone who geocaches in the state to sign up at the forums and get involved. MaGo is Massgeocachers.org a brand new website aimed at bringing education, awareness, and a central community hub to all geocachers in mass.


There are a handful of us putting this together, the website is brandy new. So be gentle!



We hope to get people involved who are organizing events, and activities, people who like to blog about their experiences, photographers anything you have to offer is welcome. Once we have built up a membership, perhaps writing a proper charter and bylaws for the organization. But baby steps first!


So without further a do : MassGeocachers.org (MaGo)



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The number of Geocaching organizations scattered throughout the Mid-Atlantic (previously known as the "Northeast") region continues to grow & grow!! I thought that it would be helpful to see how they are distributed geographically.. so I created a new My Maps on Google depicting all those listed in this forum topic and I'm placing the link to it here for all to enjoy!


Mid-Atlantic Geocaching Region - State and local Geocaching Organizations





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The Tri-State Geocachers is our area's geocaching society centered at the Tri-State point of PA, NY, and NJ and including geocachers from all three states. Our monthly Tri-State Meet, Greet and Eat is in its third year of gatherings and is held on Friday nights in Matamoras, PA, and we have many other events, including our annual Tri-State Treasures picnic in mid- to late-June and Geo Tech U, our annual conference with sessions on geocaching technology. Cachers from any area are always welcome at our events.


As of the time of this post, our second annual Geo Tech U is just a week away and has sessions for beginners and experienced cachers. Come and join us!

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