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  1. Your cache, "Wrong side of the tracks," is properly awaiting review. Thank you for your note Keystone. I finally heard back from my local volunteer reviewer today - the reason they were unable to tend to the backlog of caches needing review was because of a family emergency (everyone took ill). I was assured that the review of my cache will continue later today. Happy belated "Thank a Community Volunteer Day".. THANK YOU KEYSTONE FOR ALL YOU AND WHAT ALL THE GC.com VOLUNTEERS DO! PS: Where do I go to provide my feedback about the new Drafts process (previously known as Field Notes). I've been a faithful user of Field Notes, but I found the new Drafts method severely lacking in functionality compared to the normal way of composing a log entry. There's no preview of what you are writing. There's no reference for how to format text or what key combinations are for which emojis, etc.
  2. Triforce informed me of this message thread.. letting me know that in certain cases a cache could be removed from the queue if there are questions or concerns about it. And when this occurs it is futile to post reviewers notes on the page because the reviewer will not see them. Just in case that is the reason why my new cache is still awaiting review - and since there's been no word from the reviewer since I submitted it last week on Tuesday - I'm writing here to see if someone could take a peek and see if something similar is fouling my submission. The GC code for my cache is GC75R4V. Thanks in advance!
  3. I had no problem uploading a cartridge earlier today.. however whenever I try making changes to my listing I get a page that says, "An Error Has Occurred Your request has resulted in an error. Please return to this site's home page to continue". Same error happens when I try this using a computer or my smartphone.
  4. I was curious about how to create a table on my logs too.. and now I see how this person did it. From what I can tell there isn't any code for a table here.. it's just using a monospaced font and the table is created by lining things up so they all fall into the correct character positions.
  5. I thought there was a glitch that resulted in my selfie being removed from my profile page; it was disappointing to learn that it had been done intentionally.. and for no good reason it seems. And the suggestion of coding it into your bio, using HTML, seems like something I could handle.. but not most of the other cachers I know. In my book an avatar is not the same as a profile photo - they're two different thing all together; trying to merge them this way seems strange. I also agree that removal of the "Newest In [Location]" link was a bad idea. I thought I was losing it when I couldn't find it - then at a recent event I overheard people discussing how it had been removed. Now.. if I want to see a quick run down of the upcoming events and most recently posted caches in my state I need to navigate through search pages & menus to get to that page again. Seems like a step backwards for no apparent reason. Notification email formatting, time zone settings, display settings for recently viewed caches, and a bunch of other things also seem to be working to many people's dissatisfaction, or simply no longer working. Begging the question.. why? In most cases I can hardly wait to test drive the site's enhancements.. but this time I'm wishing, like many others, that the changes be rolled back and scrapped. How about it GC.com?.. couldn't we just put things back to the way they were???
  6. I just uploaded a new cartridge to the Wherigo.com site - but the listing is inactive.. and when I try to edit the listing to activate it, I get the "An Error Has Occurred" screen. As I recall, the same error message comes up when trying to enter a log. Is this to be fixed soon?
  7. It would be cool if you could mention the name of the builder software which you used, on the cartridge or cache page. I use a Google search ("site:geocaching.com earwigo" or "site:Wherigo.com earwigo") to keep track of how many caches/carts people have made with Earwigo. (It's a lot fewer than Urwigo, I'm betting.) The listings on Wherigo.com & Geocaching.com have both been updated. Thanks again!
  8. Thank you Ranger Fox. I'm happy to report that I completed my cartridge, uploaded it to Wherigo.com & GC.com, and have already had an FTF. The script for my concept was very simple.. the tour leads the player from place to place - challenging them to locate a bit of info from each place & enter it into the GPS to continue on. Nothing too fancy.. but it was what I wanted in the first place. Check it out: "East Jersey Olde Towne (a Wherigo™ cache)": http://coord.info/GC1NJAV I learned a lot creating this cache & cartridge. I'm looking forward to creating more - now that I (sorta) know what I'm doing. Thanks for the offer to help.. don't be surprised if you hear from me one on these days.
  9. Thanks sTeamTraen. Yes.. I did get the invitation - but it wouldn't work. Something about it being expired. So I just requested access again.. hopefully I'll get in soon. I've stepped through the tutorials for Groundspeak's builder and WWB's "Tiny Adventure". I was so bummed when it suddenly ends - just as it's getting good.
  10. Ranger Fox & MickEMT - Its great that you're willing to assist others with coding their Wherigo adventures! You guys are exactly what I've been looking for. Would one or both of you be so kind as to lend me a hand also?, to help me bring my concept to life?? Since I'm on a Mac, I've been using sTeamTraen's "Earwigo" web-based tool to define zones, upload media files, etc. - but I'm getting stuck on some fairly basic things.. which I could really use some help with. Additionally, I think the aforementioned "script writer seeking coder" idea is great - especially if there are experienced people out there who are willing to assist newbies like myself. Happy New Year everyone! Cheers - avgraphics
  11. Haha! I made the same suggestion last year: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...t&p=4009324
  12. Big CONGRATS to trowel32 for making her 5000th Geocache find on 4th of July!
  13. He made his 12,000th find today (not 1200 as stated in the topic title). BRAVO to IMSpider for accomplishing an impressive feat today - on his 1200th consecutive day of Geocaching - i.e. not a day of Geocaching missed since March 17, 2007. Read all about it in his log: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...77-1923450a2c1f CONGRATS!!!
  14. Yes Packanack.. I noticed it too - you beat me to commenting about it! So in a nutshell JohnWayne360.. the answer to your questions about "what time?" is dictated by your desire to hit only one.. or both.. of the event caches being held in the Watchung Reservation tomorrow. If you make it by 10am to the tree climbing event, then you'll have a chance at bagging a true level-5 cache "Tickle the Sky" - where you will be provided with equipment (ropes, etc) & instructions to make it up into the massive tree's upper branches. If you're not feeling so adventurous - then make it there by 1pm for the Flash Mob event (but don't be late.. because the event lasts only 15 minutes!!). I hope to check in on both events - and maybe bag a couple caches in the meantime.
  15. 20,000 Dave w/o id makes his twenty thousandth cache find on March 20th, 2010 at "Burbank Cemetery" (GC1C3F4). CONGRATS DAVE - it's truly an amazing accomplishment!!!
  16. Puzzle Master's Challenge !!! ~~ here's an excerpt of what's included in the description of each original PMC cache ~~ PMC: PUZZLE MASTER'S CHALLENGE This puzzle is part of a series of puzzles created by the greatest Puzzle Masters of the Mid Atlantic Region. There are a number Puzzle Masters contributing to this series. Solve all of the Puzzle Masters' creations, follow the storylines, gather the clues and find the final. Will you accept the challenge? Each puzzle is a unique work of art created and owned by each Puzzle Master/Puzzle Team. In each cache there will be a clue that you must gather and record. These clues will lead you to a final mystery cache located somewhere in the mid-Atlantic region. This series is designed to lead you on an epic adventure that will require Master puzzle-solving skills and extensive travel to unique locations. You must travel and log in at each cache in order to claim a find on the final. Due to the extensive time and effort put into this challenge, the cache can be done as a group but each member of the group must go to each cache site and sign each log. Dividing into sub groups and pooling your efforts will not be allowed. PMC: THE PUZZLE MASTERS Listed below are the owners and creators of each cache in the series. As each cache gets released, the link to the cache will be added to the roster. • cinderbankers PMC - The Box • CondorTrax PMC - I Dislike Numbers • Dirty Bird and Big Nasty Brain PMC - Creative Confusion • East Village Family PMC - Urban Renewal • Ekitt10 PMC - The Message • Frodo_Underhill PMC - Quick Brown Fox +-25 • GALAP PMC - Uncle Buck's Cards • GerIRL PMC - Hibernia • Grunriese PMC - Flatlander • Hostanut PMC - The Order • M_and_W PMC - The Sun, Moon and Stars • mblatch and ericles PMC - S.E.T.I. • ODragon PMC - A Tribute To Caching • Resolution PMC - Professor Stone • Vinny & Sue Team and MMammel PMC - Song of the Master Sun • we3girlsnaguy PMC - The Meeting House
  17. PS: Oh yeah.. I nearly forgot.. even before the next Fudds gathering, on Saturday, March 13th - also in the New Brunswick area - is another Geocaching event sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America troop #352 & members of the Central Jersey Geocachers club. Its called "", and the link to that one is: http://coord.info/GC2440Y From the sound of it.. the event should be a great "101" intro on all the basics. I might try to make it to one or both of these events.. if I do, then perhaps I'll get to meet you there!
  18. Welcome Rob! Your GC.com profile shows no cache finds logged yet. Have you ever found a Geocache yet?, or are you still planning your first searching adventure? Also, where-abouts in Central Jersey are you located? If you're free in the evening on March 16th.. and if you're near the New Brunswick area.. then you may want to consider attending the monthly Geocaching event known as the "Third Tuesday Beer and Burgers - 2010 Edition", held at the Fuddruckers on Rt. 1. The event is coordinated by the Central Jersey Geocachers club members.. and is frequented by some of NJ's most notorious puzzle cache creators & solvers. Its always a blast - and perhaps a perfect opportunity for you to meet & greet some fellow cachers. Here's the link to that listing: http://coord.info/GC22F16 Cheers - Andy (avgraphics)
  19. I just found a listing of all the colors that are supposed to be recognized by the "color" BBCode command -- but when I try using them in a cache log only some of them work. When I tried using them here - in this forum post - they worked only when the color command was expressed in the color's hex code value. ~~ aqua #00FFFF blue #0000FF <-- this color can be called, by name, in cache logs brown #A52A2A <-- this color can be called, by name, in cache logs darkblue #00008B darkgray #A9A9A9 darkgreen #006400 darkorange #FF8C00 darkred #8B0000 fuchsia #FF00FF gold #FFD700 <-- this color can be called, by name, in cache logs goldenrod #DAA520 gray #808080 green #008000 <-- this color can be called, by name, in cache logs grey #808080 lime #00FF00 maroon #800000 <-- this color can be called, by name, in cache logs navy #000080 <-- this color can be called, by name, in cache logs olive #808000 orange #FFA500 <-- this color can be called, by name, in cache logs pink #FFC0CB <-- this color can be called, by name, in cache logs purple #800080 <-- this color can be called, by name, in cache logs red #FF0000 <-- this color can be called, by name, in cache logs silver #C0C0C0 teal #008080 <-- this color can be called, by name, in cache logs violet #EE82EE <-- this color can be called, by name, in cache logs white #FFFFFF <-- this color can be called, by name, in cache logs yellow #FFFF00 <-- this color can be called, by name, in cache logs
  20. I'd be totally thrilled at having my images included in the project! My collection of caching photos, consisting mostly of adventures in NJ, is vast. If any of my photos are of interest, then I'd be happy to provide a higher resolution version to include in the video. I'll look thru the collection to see if I can find any good candidates..
  21. I just noticed that some of the people on my friends list have recently reached milestone finds. If I missed any, then jump in and let everyone know! 1700 ~~ GerIRL 1600 ~~ moya crew 1300 ~~ Old Navy 1000 ~~ Bro Man 750 ~~ Sue&Barry 700 ~~ Blue Orce 500 ~~ vegan freaks 500 ~~ jrsyjane 350 ~~ mike380
  22. Really?! It's still there? I've had this one on my to-do list forever! How is it that you just happened upon it? Did you go for the cache without knowing the listing had been archived? Curious..
  23. As described by Nylimb, the mouse-over doesn't identify the geocoin type as it used to.. however, there is alternate text assigned to the graphic (single coin & multiple coins). Some cache types, such as events tend to line up the Travel-Bug icon, as well as multiple Jeep Travel-Bug icons & geocoin icons to indicate what's in the inventory. The number of items dictated the width of the column in which the icons were displayed; now it appears that the icons are given a fixed width and they now wrap to a second or third line. I liked the old way.. in general, anything that results in the need for more scrolling is - to me - as move in the wrong direction. Thanks for all your hard work.. the polishing that's occured over the past couple days now is great. Keep it up!
  24. Problem was noted earlier. Problem with HTMLtidy. Oh OK.. sorry. How about this??.. Caches seem to have no break between the short and long description. The long description simply begins at the end of the short.
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