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  1. I don't want my message stuck in the other thread where it can be ignored! I want it to keep popping up where it might have something done about it! Oh, wait. Groundspeak doesn't care about what its paying members want!
  2. I agree 100% !!! Groundspeak is always changing things that have no reason to be changed, but leave important things unfixed for months or years. I have/had a full filtering system that forwarded DNF & NM/NA to my phone while leaving Found and Note on my desktop computer to read later. I could then easily read the subject line and pick what logs to read. now the subject line looks like this: Owner Notification: Attilio Valati Nature Park (GCXXXX) has a... The subject line doesn't contain the log type on the main email list, and my filters don't seem to be working.
  3. Please return to the old subject line! This new one is too long and full of useless info! OLD: [LOG] Owner: lonewolf_45 found Attilio Valati Nature Park (T... NEW: Owner Notification: Attilio Valati Nature Park (GCXXXX) has a... And it gets worse once you open the email! I want the important info, not useless images and other unneeded crap! WHY CHANGE SOMETHING THAT HAS WORKED FINE FOR 10+ YEARS!?!? I DON'T SEE ANYTHING HELPFUL ADDED!!!!!! This is yet ANOTHER example of Groundspeak making "Bigger Mistakes Tomorrow"
  4. BU7 \/\/|-|@ 4B0U7 (00L L337 $P34|<? $0/\/\3 p30PL3 L0\/3 70 /\/\4|<3 7|-|3 (4(|-|3 L00|< L1|<3 4 pUZZL3!
  5. I'd place it in the Strange Grave Locations (or whatever it's called) I'm sure they missed a few bones! :ph34r:
  6. I fully agree Groundspeak has lost it's way. I just hope either they turn around or some other group is able to take over.
  7. I haven't used the app for awhile and in that time it updated. How do I send logs as field notes now?
  8. You may have missed the end of my Post #2: I thought most of the problems were making the GPX file and all the programs understand another option, along with the stats page and PQ's, etc. I don't see how making it part of the dropdown list any harder. There's 10(?) other ones that you can copy 99% of the code from!
  9. This proves you can add new icons without a problem. Why haven't Challenges gotten their own icon yet?
  10. http://coord.info/GC4B19 Just under 5 mile hike with great views, was an ammo can 10+ years ago when I found it. Also has several other caches around.
  11. Have your friends place caches and sign your name for you when they hide it. Or, if you don't want to cheat (too much), a monthly payment to your local reviewer will get coords emailed to you a few hours before caches are published. :laughing:
  12. I'm not one to freak out, but even I think this would be a bad idea. This is a time when a LnL would be better then an ammo can. What size airport is this? It sounds like a very cool idea for a cache!
  13. What was the location? The major letterboxing website is Atlasquest.com and that has a map search.
  14. It's an easy fix. Step #1. Buy a real GPS. Setp #2. Use your phone to make phone calls.
  15. I have always used my phone for the photos. The problems were way back when phones had .3MP-1MP cameras. Now they are at 6MP or better. I know there are other things besides size, but there have been improvements there too.
  16. So what? You want proof of permission for every cache? Every one of the 2 million+ geocaches? And who's going pay for someone to organize all of that? And who is the person that will organize it? This could be done very simply if GS wanted to... all they have to do is add a place where you upload a copy of the written proof of permission during the cache submission process. No need to pay someone to organize all of that. And reviewers simply do not publish a cache without that uploaded copy of permission. It is that simple. Then the number of new caches will drop by 95% and the FTF Hounds/Number Whores will have no reason to spend the $30/year. Groundspeak will never do something that will hurt their pocketbook!
  17. The popular Letterboxing website has a feature for paying members that allows them to add finds for boxes not listed on their site. I think this would be a great feature to add for paying members! It can be used for temporary event caches or the few not listed on this site. It can also be abused by the armchair finders and maybe will keep them from spamming "real" caches to add to their numbers. This would be a win-win if "Unlisted Logs" were sold as an add-on -- Cachers can inflate the silly find count and Groundspeak gets extra funding from something that costs them nothing. Maybe 10 or so with a membership, and additional 10-log packs for $1?
  18. I've seen, for micros, bison tubes and the soda preforms. Mostly in shallow water where you can reach them from a kayak. The larger swimming key/wallet holders do not stay dry. The largest fully underwater cache I found was a 6" PVC pipe with a screw end fitting and a tool attached to open it. The tool also acted as a weight to hold it down. It was also tied to underwater roots or something with a rope (thin chain?) that reached the surface.
  19. Because after the FTF, all others will be given the final coords and then it won't be a water cache.
  20. The cache owner has this written on the cache page. I know, as I own popular virtuals, that MANY people try to armchair log them. I can see how the owner wants every person to send the answers to limit the number of German "I was there with that guy" logs. You can always email another finder and ask for the answers. I found it back in 05, so I might have them around here somewhere...
  21. <img src="http://imgcdn.geocaching.com/cache/large/80861f48-4d34-4b00-a334-582c07164a4b.jpg">'>http://imgcdn.geocaching.com/cache/large/80861f48-4d34-4b00-a334-582c07164a4b.jpg"> Does not work. <img src="http://imgcdn.geocaching.com/cache/large/80861f48-4d34-4b00-a334-582c07164a4b.jpg" /> Does work. I'm using Chrome and an older version of Firefox. That might be part of the problem. Either way, it's working.
  22. Why can't I pay with my old printed cache pages? It's proof that I saw the ads on the page, I should get credit for viewing the ads! (At least my way they got some usable money for it!)
  23. I'm trying to insert a photo into a puzzle cache. I'm doing the same way I've done it for over 10 years and it's not working. The The IMG tag is being stripped out!! 1. I uploaded the photo to the cache page. 2. Copied the URL of the image 3. Added <IMG src="..."> to the long description. 4. Saved, checked page, Image missing! 5. Re-edited to find the IMG changed to <IMG /> EDIT: The same photo hosted on Facebook works fine!
  24. Yes. About 200' from the parking lot right in the middle of the trail. Guy saw me and waved, she never looked up. Also came across not one, but three(!!) photo shoots one summer!
  25. My best solo -without using a car between the caches- is 60 (by mountain bike) and 20 (kayak) Driving on a powertrail I got 25 before getting sick of it.
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