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  1. We just bought new bikes (much needed) as we decided the Ferry fee was cheaper than the rentals. This way we'll know we'll be comfortable on the bikes. Our plans are to spend two days biking on the Island. Also debating Tahquamenon Falls, Pictured Rocks, and Bear Dunes. Poor Ms. Anne will think returning back to work is a holiday when I get through dragging her all over the state of Michigan.
  2. That explains the date I failed to mention. December 1970 - September 2006 or 2008 (I can't read the small print). Thank you!
  3. I found a geocoin with F-14 Tomcat on it. It's a fighter jet. It's not activated. Does anyone know the story behind this coin? It looks so interesting, there has to be a story. Thanks!
  4. Thank you all for your wonderful ideas. I'll add all of the recommendations to our list. I'm getting very excited. Friends of ours were telling us how much fun they had on Mackinac. They said they rented bikes. We were just planning to bring our own and pay the ferry fee. But our bikes aren't anything special so we may just rent them there. Depending on the price.
  5. Hi, FBS67, Ms. Anne and I are planning a summer trip to Michigan. We have a few goals but need some advice on accomplishing them as well as some good caches to find. Our main goal besides going to Mackinac Island is to do the Oldest cache in MI and hopefully the CAA MI. 1. Can anyone tell me where we can rent a canoe to go to Power Island? 2. Any special caches not to miss on Mackinac? 3. We'd like to go over to Canada, any favorites there to do? Thanks for your help. DaisyChain
  6. Hi All, We'll be out for a wedding next weekend. We've done the classics and Whedbey Island. What are the conditions like out there? Is it possible to go to Mt. Rainer or Washington? Should we stick closer to parks and such. Saw several caches on Vashon. Any other advice? Thanks!
  7. I didn't notice the first state organization: http://www.mdgps.org Celebrating our fifth anniversary this year!
  8. Exactly. I do maintenance on my CAA more often than my other caches. Depending on schedule, I too would try to meet anyone traveling a long distance for the cache. I even get a local to watch it when I'm out of town so that if there's a problem, it's up and running quickly. Thanks for the reminder Rockin Roddy.
  9. I would contact the hider directly. Some hiders don't monitor this forum.
  10. Count us in! I really like it. We'd buy several as awards for our cache....
  11. Or how crazy am I for asking? We tried to get to GC12 today in a rental. (Visiting from MD). Anyone have a 4 wheel drive and want to take us up there Saturday? There's snow. It's a 1/1. How hard can it be? While I'm living the fantasy, anyone know about GC8? Looks like it might be MIA. Also looks like the hider has lost interest. Anyone know the area well enough to lknow if it's worth trying for? Thanks. BTW, we've been having a blast out here. I wish I could stay longer......
  12. I can't begin to tell you how much fun we've been having. Had to ditch a few minor caches for the better good. We arrived at the conference in Seattle. You aren't kidding when you say sat lock is hard! We've found it impossible. Our DNF list is getting longer than our found list. We're not finding any of the urban caches. I have fallen in love with Seattle.
  13. Ahh, thanks. I couldn't find any reference to a one day pass. We were thinking about risking it. I'm not a law breaker and it was causing stress.
  14. We thoroughly enjoyed caching Whidby Island today. I found someone's bookmark that was extremely helpful.
  15. Anyone have the PASS needed to park for the ANNETTE LAKE Trail? I'd need to hook up early tomorrow morning, btw. I know, I'm dreaming. Maybe it's the jet lag I've been suffering. I stayed up 24 hours yesterday. It's hard to justify a $30.00 cache, I mean pass that we'll use only once.
  16. I did the APE cache in MD. And would love to do the one in WA too.
  17. Does anyone know how to select a hwy when creating a route in Google Earth for caches along a route? I want to go on Rt 101 and it keeps using Rt 5. Thanks.
  18. Well, I can agree that it would be nice to have the caches available (ie maintained). But how can the hider protect against natural elements? We don't want a bunch of light pole caches. Remember YOU choose what you hunt for. It's rare for snow in my part of MD, but if you go to western MD, it's almost a sure thing in the winter months.
  19. Actually, they were kind enough to respond to my email. They are going to replace it. Is it in a location that is too easily seen by muggles perhaps? I guess I'll know in two weeks time. I really haven't followed these since the initial placement (other than to uber-maintain mine) Now that I'm traveling some, I've been looking. Thanks Blue PR!
  20. Yes I wanted to do the ape cache, but it looks like it's out. I want to do gc8 but wonder if it's accessible? I'm hoping to go to the CAA for WA and OR. We have some time to do caches out of the city. Then in the evenings while the conference is going on we'll do some city cache. I like camera caches and will attempt doing one. Unfortunately the time difference might be a problem. While I'm out playing, my geobuddies will be at work. The bookmark is extremely helpful, thanks! My head is spinning.
  21. I don't run out for most of my caches immediately when I get a DNF. I do regular maintenance so I usually know the condition of my caches. But the CAA cache is different. I would go asap. I know what's it's like to travel a distance for a cache and would not want anyone to DNF it. I even got a sitter for when I'm out of town. And I agree, I would meet someone out at the site if they emailed me ahead of time. I am not obsessed.
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