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  1. I didn't notice, but were ANY of the NH logs on Premium Caches? All but 1 of mine were logged, and I deleted them as soon as I noticed the pattern. I dont have any Premium hides so I was wondering if ANY were logged?
  2. The Maine Geocaching Association can be found @ http://www.geocachingmaine.org/ The New Hampshire (or Granite State) Geocachers can be found @ http://www.granitestategeocachers.org We Proudly serve Massachusetts, Maine as well as Vermont.
  3. THANK YOU so VERY Much for ALL of your hard work and dedication! I know what it's like!!
  4. I liked the GE KML and used it alot to determine the best route for a bunch of finds. Without it, Im thinking Ill no longer subscribe to the "service" Its been a BIG assist when placing a cache! Load it up and you can/cannot hide one there... Fast and effective! I have found MANY in my area and I cant remember them ALL..... When I want to place a new one I have to ask my reviewer is that spot is ok.. NO? How about THAT spot? No, well then forget it, I wont hide one!!! WHY???? Why allow this to happen?? Let US help YOU!!!
  5. NOW I know where my Lost Travel Bug went to! Great Cake and Happy Birthday!
  6. Well. it IS a relief that when YOUR lights go out, your neighbors is also out! Or in this case, no updating my Profile tonight.. Ill just hand edit the thing...(and add a BUNCH More caches and FTF's!!)
  7. Thanks! Misery loves company! Thanks....
  8. Its been more than 7 days since my last use of the "My Finds" PQ and tonight, when I click on "Add to Queue", it just cycles the page and shows the LAST Date and Time it was run. (8/17/08 at 8:19 am) Im on the East US of A so it SHOULD run but does not.. I have tried for the past hour.
  9. Not able to log in here also. But that does not mean that I can go caching! Just have to wait to log my finds.. Darn.... I know the feeling when the database has a problem!
  10. Granite State Geocachers Find them HERE!
  11. I looked all over but couldnt find this "rule" Could you point me in that direction..?
  12. My newest Travel Bug, is currently LOCKED... I cant find any information as to why this is.. Any help please.. Thanks in Advance...
  13. Team.TFTC

    TB Ideas

    Heres Mine.... Wanna Discover it? Let me know.... http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=663790
  14. On Sunday the 4th of February, 2007, I was informed , by email, that a log on my recently published geocache, "Deliverys Out Back" had a request to Archive. After reading the post and checking the other logs on the caches web page, I was infromed that the Portsmouth Police department had confiscated the cache. Being the type of person I am, I quicky responed by making a STUPID post in the forums, and sounding like a ranting child. I was not aware, at that time, how serious my mistake was. I was wrong for that post and wrong in assuming that the Police department had blown everything out of proportion. I was wrong in assuming that I could place a cache where I did. Rules are rules and, as with EVERY GAME, there are rules. If you break the rules, you get penalized. I broke the rules, I got penalized. With experience comes knowledge. Live and learn. I have done several interviews and in each one I have expressed my regret for making the mistake I made. I simply didnt follow the rules! I archived/disabeled all of my caches so that I could review them or archive them for good. The ones that I felt didnt follow the rules were then archived and I went to retrive them. My very first cache that I placed, "Bass Chaz #1 Cache" was missing. I went to the forums and found a thread that had pictures of where the cache was, and I assume that someone took it upon themselves to remove the container on their own. This is theft. This is also a game.. I would like to have the log of this cache as a momento and reminder.. Thank you to those who have sent me emails in support and thank you to all the others for a lesson I would have learned sooner or later. PS: I have been a Security Guard and That story was good. Some good , hopefully, will come from this story as well. From lemons I hope I can make lemon aide..
  15. Cops with nothing better to do decided that a cache I placed was causing "too much" suspious activity. ??? WTF? Too much? It was an ALTOIDS TIN! They confiscated it and I was told I couldnt have it back.. This is what we get when we have a POLICE STATE! Legal gangs of uniformed people with badges that allow the POWER to got their heads... What CRAP... Ill watch for the terror alert on the 11 pm news...
  16. It doesn't look like it, they seems to be sequentially numbered though. According to GeoCoins.net it is trackable.
  17. You'll eventually learn which times to avoid the site..... Love these people that know all about everything and they have been a member for two months. Maybe if they just shut up and went and found some caches they could figure out how things worked. I NEVER said that I know everything about everything. Never will. BUT I know that GC.com needs to be more redundent.. more so than it is. NOTHING is perfect and Im sure they are doing SOMETHING, but if we want this activity to continue to advance, it will need to be more reliable. Would you buy a car that you KNEW wasnt relaible? Id hope not.. I wouldnt. So what does being a member for 2 months have to do with it? Nothing. Ive been around sine before the "internet" was so popular..1986 to be exact... Ive run on a 300"baud" modem... on QLink..(showing my age now...) THATS SLOW!! As far as finding caches.. why dont you come up here in -10 degree weather, wind gusts to 20 mph and drifting snow, and find some.. It not easy in the winter months. Not at all like Texas.. or Florida or California..
  18. ....................................................................
  19. Okay, I give up. RTA? Rapid Transit Authority? Remember the Alamo? Real Time Analyzer? Retired Teachers Association? Receiver Transmitter Assembly? Request To Archive
  20. I have run into several caches in my area that have been "temporarly disabled" since October 2006. How long should anyone wait to ask that it be archived?
  21. Mine have only taken hours.. Have you checked the GC number to see if there was any postings from the Reviewer?
  22. You CANT! (change your username..) If your not a Premium member, just make a new one, go and log those caches again and there ya go... If your a Premium Member, make the new name but wait until your subscription runs out and do the same..
  23. So why is there another subdirectory called "Backround Maps"?
  24. I always try to trade up as far as I can at that moment.... Ive left CDs and took nothing... I ALWAYS leave (when I remember to bring them) a SIG item (right now just a wooden nickle but soon a new wrapped smal fishing worm and a Business card size image of what you see as my Avatar. (along with my wooden nickle). My FIRST encounter with an actual geocache, (which was in November) I had forgotten to bring anything with me because I wasnt sure what I would find. I actually took the keys off of my keychain and left that (the keychain, not the keys)and took nothing.. Trade UP as I always say..
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