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  1. I particularly like their use of the terms "weilding" and "armed". Very subtle. Nice effect. Well, it looks like the backpackers and hikers have someone to fight for them. And we have.... And I don't like those backpacker's increasing use of compact gas stoves. Sounds dangerous. Can we do anything about it?
  2. <sarcasm>Not to worry. This is obviously a new initiative from the NPS to increase park attendance.</sarcasm>
  3. Quick and simple... if I let my premium membership lapse, what happens to bookmark lists I created? Do the lists disappear, or do I just lose the ability to edit them? If I'm getting email notifications when items on lists are logged, will I still get them sans Premium membership? If the emails do keep coming, will I only be able to change that in the future by upgrading again? Thanks.
  4. If anyone is still interested, I've put all this up for auction on eBay. You can see it here. Thanks.
  5. I find myself in the position of having to teporarily part with my beloved Garmin 60C and all its companion accessories, so I'm offering it up to fellow cachers first before resorting to eBay. The entire setup includes: 1 Garmin 60C (note: not the CS or CSX, so, no expansion card slot) 1 vehicle cigarette lighter power cord 1 suction cup dashboard mount and bracket 1 bicycle handlebar mount and bracket. 1 official Garmin neoprene protective cover 1 lanyard 1 belt clip I am asking $200 for everything, and I can mail it all to you at my cost. You can contact me at pat dot delaney at gmail dot com if you're interested. Thanks.
  6. Southern New England Geocachers (SNEG) made it's debut as a community website in September 2006. It continues to grow, slow but steady, as a gathering place and resource for cachers primarily from Masachusetts, Rhode Island and parts of Connecticut. It's not the borders that matter though, it's the people. Everyone is welcome.
  7. CD, if you need help with adopting this cache let me know. It's a neat cache, kids love it because you get to walk among the sheep. It is in a very muggle-prone spot, so I'm surprised it has lasted as long as it has. hp is a semi-active cacher. I'm hoping they'll take care of replacing the cache but if you think it isn't going to be saved let me know. GO$Rs Thanks! About a month ago, babyjogger contacted me with an interest to adopting this one as a last resort. I talked with him yesterday and he's still game, but admits that he's not as close to it as he'd like to be, and finds with less time than we'd all prefer to have to spend geocaching. In a nutshell, we're looking for the one cacher for whom adopting and maintaining this cache will be the most convenient, or, least inconvenient. With recent developments though, that cacher may just end up being the owner! That would be ideal.
  8. Things are moving right along. I've heard from halhal and should hear from hp soon.
  9. I agree it does seem like a bit of a mire, and adopting a cache out from under an active cacher just feels wrong. We shall see. There's still time.
  10. I admit, that is... a puzzling situation. Perhaps they've just given up on it? It happens. A cacher need not leave the game entirely to lose their caches to archiving. They need only to give up on maintaining them and fail to respond to emails from their reveiwer. It has been a month since MadMin posted the last reviewer note, though. I've contacted halhal, the cacher whose cache he adopted, to see if hp is still reachable. Who knows, it could just be an email quirk. edit: spelling
  11. Sheep Pasture (GCBE2) is about to be archived. The owner is unreachable and the clock is now ticking down. This was the 75th cache placed in Massachusetts, with 135 visits since it was placed... well worth saving. I'm looking for any volunteer who's willing to adopt this cache in order to save it from extinction. Preferably, it should be someone who has found the cache, since it should be replaced as close to the original hide as possible, but this isn't 100% necessary. If anyone is interested, you would need to visit the cache soon and perform the needed maintenance, then post a note to the cache page stating that you wish to adopt it. Also, if you could contact me as well, I'd greatly appreciate it. Reply to this topic, my GC profile... it will all end up in my email inbox. I'd hate to see this old cache and small piece of Mass Geo-history disappear. I'd adopt it myself, but it's a bit too far outside of my sphere of influence and I had to come to grips awhile ago that I can't personally save them all. As an incentive, and if you wish, whoever does adopt this cache has the opportunity to log my MadMin Volunteer geocoin. (I only take it out on occasions like this.) Thanks in advance.
  12. The Guidelines for Listing a Cache Well, sure that. I found what I was looking for though. A pair of articles on the SoCal Geocachers site: What would you think? Ready to hide your first geocache?
  13. This reminds me of am article I read, posted on a community geocaching website and linked to somewhere in these forums, about how important it is that we take the time to try and interpret our geocaching actions through the eyes of non-cachers. Basically, what would a non-cacher tend to think if they found this cache? Or, what would a non-cacher tend to think if they saw someone searching for / finding this cache? Does it ring any bells? I'd give it a Markwell if I could find it.
  14. The campsite reservations map has been updated! Right now we have an estimated 110 campers! Last year, total attendees just reached 200 and already we have half that number planning to camp! Out of 66 available campsites in the park, 45 have already been reserved and 42 of those are by known geocachers. Only 20 sites left for the taking and we're trying to seal it out this year! I'm using way too many exclamation points! It's a great weekend, and it's looking more and more like you'll be able to walk into any campsite and meet another cacher. Even if you can just come up for the big cookout, it's well worth it. Planet will even let you take a turn on the grill.
  15. Just reminds me why I get so nervous when hunting caches without the protection of think timber... My first LEO encounter went well, also.
  16. Well the answer is pretty simple. Nextel phones are capable of working (GPS) out of coverage but without data there is no way to search for caches. Sprint phones, when started in coverage, MAY (that is a big may) work for up to 30 minutes or so out of coverage. For now the current cell phones have their tradoffs. I suspect in the future that the next generation of cell phones will more likely to all be able to work (GPS) out of network. Then, it becomes a matter of downloading all your information first and doing your seek. Something we may contemplate for the future. --Larry (Trimble Outdoors) Thanks!
  17. What did they say about climbing Everest? "Because it's there". The whole thing about knowing that you're part of a very small group of people who know that that container is hidden there... I've always loved that. I never got to join a secret society when I was a kid. This is the next best thing!
  18. This looks so cool I'm actually thinking about getting a cell phone! All the questions and answers posted here have been extremely helpful.. for example, knowing that using this service doesn't use up minutes. Good things to know. The one question I have that I haven't seen asked yet... Many great caches have a tendancy to be miles away from everything, including cell towers. What happens if you step outside of the designated coverage area, or lose your signal? Are you now in the middle of nowhere with no way to navigate out?
  19. Yes. Still can't log, or access my account. Glad that someone's looking into it, though. My subscriber $$ at work!
  20. It was fine for me this morning, but now I get this when I try to log a cache: Server Error in '/' Application. Compilation Error Description: An error occurred during the compilation of a resource required to service this request. Please review the following specific error details and modify your source code appropriately. Compiler Error Message: BC30456: 'GPX' is not a member of 'Web'. Source Error: Line 23: </span> Line 24: <br> Line 25: <uc1:LogBookPanel id="LogBookPanel1" runat="server" WptDataSource="1"></uc1:LogBookPanel></P> Line 26: <P> </P> Line 27: </form> Source File: E:\Inetpub\20060815.geocaching.com\seek\log.aspx Line: 25 Show Detailed Compiler Output: Show Complete Compilation Source: Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:1.1.4322.2300; ASP.NET Version:1.1.4322.2300
  21. Those were some great articles. Thanks for linking! Never Lost In Him, don't get too put off. The forums can sometimes seem brash when you don't spend much time here. That being said, a frank response is a frank response. As for putting an end to this topic... I was going to point out that as the topic starter you have the power to close the topic. Buuuut, now that I'm looking for that option on topics I've started, I don't see it anymore. It should be a dropdown box at the bottom of this page... I guess it's my turn to get a frank response. Hmm.
  22. It exists already! It was created by Lil Devil. Find it here! Excellent! Thanks for the link.
  23. Are you using the GC.com network KML for GE? That "plugin" that allows you to search for caches from within GE? FWIW, caches returned using that feature never appear where they actually are, though I've never known them to be off by 60 miles.
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