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  1. I moved this thread from the "How do I...?" forum.
  2. The OP does not describe a virtual cache, because OP proposes to place stamps in the environment that must be collected by the seeker and sent to the cache owner. Even if the OP described a valid virtual cache design, this cache type is not available except as part of the Virtual Rewards program.
  3. I moved this thread because I am not seeing the same issue on the Website version of the Message Center, or on the official App for iPhone.
  4. I moved this thread from the Geocaching Topics forum.
  5. "Is Enabled" only distinguishes between caches that are or are not Temporarily Disabled. Archived caches never show up in pocket queries, except for your "My Finds" pocket query. Is it possible that you are retaining old caches on your GPS or elsewhere, like a GSAK database? Please describe your workflow, including the device you use for finding caches.
  6. Bookmark lists are now called just "Lists" and you can access your Lists page from the Play menu or from your dashboard page. Click on the "more" circle at the far right for the list where you'd like to edit the settings for notifications.
  7. I moved this thread from the "How do I...?" forum.
  8. Your temporarily disabled cache is very near your home coordinates, so I can't tell how far away you moved. You should update your home coordinates on your profile page. If you moved very close nearby, like a better condo/apartment in the same complex, or that big house down the street that you always admired, then you can use an "Update Coordinates" log to move your cache for a short distance, up to 528 feet. If you moved to a new city or to a different area of the same city, you should archive your existing cache page and hide a brand new cache at your new residence.
  9. There was no "Needs Maintenance" log. The CO reacted to a "Write Note" log. (It's possible that the log owner edited the log type.) The CO's reaction was both swift and accurate. I wish everyone reacted so well in situations like this! It would make Reviewers' jobs much easier.
  10. Taking into account the mathematical Cache Health Score algorithm, the automated emails sent for caches with a low Cache Health Score, the automatic appearance of caches in the Reviewer Sweeper Tool if not actioned after the automated notification, and the standards Reviewers are asked by Geocaching HQ to follow when actioning caches in the Reviewer Sweeper Tool, please explain to me where exactly I can take action based on a "whim." I'd sure like to know. There are some caches magneted to garbage dumpsters that I'd sure like to disable on a "whim."
  11. Are you using a third party application for geocaching on your smartphone? If so, which one?
  12. Please see the current Release Notes thread, where this question is already being discussed. I am closing this duplicate thread.
  13. If the Oregon Trail cache uses an existing visitor's register, that cache would not be published today. If the cache owner installed the box with the visitor's log, then the Reviewer would ask about the permission obtained to do this.
  14. All physical geocaches must have a physical logbook/logsheet to sign with a pen or pencil. Your multi cache must end in a physical container with a logbook. You can use QR codes for the intermediate stages of the multi-cache only. As this idea is discussed, let's all avoid discussions of and references to other geolocational gaming activities, and concentrate on this geocaching idea.
  15. The release occurred mid-day Thursday, Seattle time. Anyways, that was not the question asked.
  16. Did you read onepooja's post to this thread from Friday? It's been the weekend since then. If work did not continue over the weekend, I am sure it will resume on Monday morning.
  17. How long ago did you make the changes? You may not see those changes pass through the API to the official Geocaching App for iPhone immediately. If some time goes by, try closing and restarting the app, and then powering down and restarting your iPhone.
  18. I moved this thread from the Website Bug Reporting and Feature Suggestion forum.
  19. What happens when you click on the circle to the right of the list you want to delete, and select the "Delete List" option at the top of the menu? It worked fine for me just now.
  20. Here are some existing available resources: Help Center article, "List of Souvenirs" The A-Team's Unofficial Guide to Souvenirs Souvenir List and Statistics at Project-GC.com Many new souvenirs are announced in the official Geocaching Blog. The articles often explain the requirements for earning the souvenir, including the timeframe where applicable. Please review the linked information and then refine/clarify the nature of your Feature Request.
  21. This update was made about one month ago. Challenge caches are required to be based on "geocaching achievements." Spelling something is not a geocaching achievement. For that reason, spelling words by using the first letter of a cache name has been against the challenge cache guidelines since the moratorium ended several years ago. The concept has now been extended to other spelling exercises.
  22. There are so many unavailable red zones when there ARE caches. A Reviewer will do a coordinate check for proximity of a specified location to any hidden waypoints associated with Mystery Caches, Multi-caches, Wherigo Caches and Letterbox Hybrid Caches. It is up to you to check for proximity to Traditional caches.
  23. 1. You are a Basic Member, so you do not see Advanced Caches on your map in the official Geocaching App. You can see Advanced Caches on the website. Looking at this area, I see quite a few caches with a Difficulty or Terrain rating greater than 2 stars. 2. No, archived caches are not shown on the cache planning map. 3. No, unpublished caches are not shown on the cache planning map. 4. No, virtual waypoints with no physical element do not count towards the Cache Saturation test. 5. Hidden waypoints of multi-caches, mystery caches, etc. are not shown on the cache planning map.
  24. I moved this thread from the "Getting Started" forum section.
  25. No, there are no experience requirements in order to hide a geocache - just a recommendation to gain some experience before hiding. Otherwise, how would the first geocaches in a new area ever get placed? Of course, a "newbie" must meet all the Geocache Hiding Guidelines, and their cache submissions must go through the review process. As a Reviewer, I help new geocachers every day by spotting things like inaccurate coordinates. Today I had a cache submission that wasn't even in the correct county! If you're frustrated, consider a healthy and positive outlet for that frustration. You could reach out politely to the new cache owner and offer to help them with things like coordinate accuracy, D/T ratings, quality containers, etc.
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