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  1. Mid-Winter GeoCaching Get-Together 2015 http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC5H035_mid-winter-geocaching-get-together-2015 Come visit us in the Central Adirondacks of Upstate New York!
  2. Waymarking is pathetic! I have been geocaching for some time now. I have found lots of great places to add to Waymarking. However, It look a long time to get one written up and submitted (unlike geocahing), and even longer to get it approved. Very pathetic. I tried a second one. After a nice lengthy write up, two weeks later it got denied (YES, TWO WEEKS). Sent back to me to tell me wrong category. Instead of New Yourk Historical Markers, it should be in the National Registry. But they told me, "Nice write up!" . Instead of just changing the category and approving it, they denied it. So, I changed the correct category, but then lost all the info I added. I had no plans of reentering all the data again. I deleted it, then went and archived the first one. I give up on Waymarking and going back to what I enjoy most (geocaching) and will keep all my Adirondack Gems to myself GeoLobo
  3. Wow! Thanks all for the info So, i guess its safe to say that according to Groundspeak: "On Monday March 8, 2010, the number of active geocaches listed on Geocaching.com exceeded the million-cache mark" sometime early March 7, 2010. Is it possible to figure out the actual cache?
  4. Either I somehow missed the announcement, or Groundspeak never made a fuss over it. Was there a 1 millionth active geocache notice put out? If so, what was the it (GC#) and when did it go live? Thanx GeoLobo
  5. Looking for others who have created Geocaching Trading Cards or who collect and trade.
  6. I can call it a "treasure" if I like....... You can call it Smurgraffing as well. If you like. The point they were making is that you are creating an expectation and caches don't always live up to the treasure expectation. But you know your kid and no doubt manage expectations well. Finding something nice is a pleasant surprise. It's not the norm. That said (and everyone else said it better and first...) it's not that hard to leave treasure without breaking the bank and kids love that too. I leave foreign coins and normally take nothing. I even have a stack of ancient mew cards that used to be my signature item that I need to start leaving again. Good luck. I leave trading cards (check them out on my facebook page in my signature)
  7. I didn't even know there were trading cards made for Geowoodstock 2012. I would love to get my hands on a copy of them myself, or at least the images to post on the Geocaching Trading Cards facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GeoTradingCard
  8. You can see all the cards displayed in the Gallery of this TB: http://coord.info/TB9E Here too including misprints: Yrium Cards Thank You! Is this still continuing????? Was there only one card in the "Pals 2nd Series" ? - Pals 2nd Series #1 FlagSon Andrew Flagman knows best about the Pals 2 set. I do believe that FlagSon was the only card in that set; at least, that is true about the set of cards I own. Hasn't been a new card in a while even though an active uDesignit card was found a few months back. At last report The Fat Cats manage the Yrium Cards. By the way, thanks for filling in some of the historic details of the Yrium Cards. Nice to know more about how they began. I have created a series of geocaching cards related to the history of geocaching. I plan to do a card realted to the beginnings of trading cards in the near future. .....as i have learned alot of new history about them since i started.
  9. You can see all the cards displayed in the Gallery of this TB: http://coord.info/TB9E Here too including misprints: Yrium Cards Thank You! Is this still continuing????? Was there only one card in the "Pals 2nd Series" ? - Pals 2nd Series #1 FlagSon Andrew
  10. Geocaching Trading Cards have come along way since the day Jeremy Irish first proposed them on a forum thread on June 5, 2002. On July 15, 2002, geocacher "yrium" ran with the idea and created his own cards and started placing them in geocaches in the Escondido, California area. I am not quite sure how many "yrium" cards exist today, but I am interested in finding out. If anyone has any of yrium's cards and can scan the fronts and backs, I would highly appreciate it. See my links in my profile. I would also be interested in obtaining copies for my collection of early cards. I am willing to trade cards from my History Series, Terminology series, or personal trading card series (as well as any duplicates of cards i have in other series such as FTF geocacher, Going Coastal, Going Caching, and the Louisiana Geocaching Legends). Please email me or contact me through the links in my profile.
  11. Care to tell us why? I am using them in a project I am creating. Thanx
  12. Uh, Cache? While this might be a fun exercise to identify terms that we use as geocachers that also appear in a general dictionary, it shouldn't lead to using the dictionary definitions of those terms as evidence for that those terms mean in the game of geocaching. I've frequently seen posters resort to using definitions in a dictionary as a means of supporting their argument, but like any other definition of a term, context matters. The most common example is the use of the term "cache". Although it can be defined in a dictionary, every geocacher might have their own personal opinion of what constitutes a "cache", the only definition that really matters is the one used by Groundspeak. While, some might say that a virtual cache isn't a geocache because it doesn't have a container, the fact that Groundspeak still includes virtuals as a valid cache type, trumps personal or dictionary definitions. YES, Cache is one! Thanks everyone else for replying. Remember, I am looking for geocaching terms that are not only used in geocaching, but also in general everyday terminology.
  13. I am looking for geocaching terms that are not only used in geocaching, but also in general everyday terminology Examples: Muggle, Swag, Nano, Bushwack, ROT13, FlashMob, Hitchhiker, and Virtual Can you think of others? Acronymns are OK, but as long as they are used in and out of geocaching.
  14. I am looking for the Going Coastal 2011 MAP Trading Cards. The 12 card set. If anyone has any of these cards from this set, please contact me. I would like to offer a trade. if you dont have a spare, but you have the entire collection or part of it in your own personal collection, I am interested in getting a scan of the cards for my public website an facebook page thanks geolobo
  15. Here are some facts! 1.) The original can of beans from the original stash was really a can of black eye peas. 2.) No one can really prove that this is an item from the original stash! Isn't it funny that no other item from the original stash was found in that hole? You can probably throw a rock in any direction out there and dig an old can up, if you did deep enough. I dont buy it--the story behind the can, or the chance to view it.
  16. ah, the "best"... One person's idea of a great cache hide may not always be another person's idea of a great cache hide. This falls along the same lines as who is the best geocacher. Some claim those with the most finds (50,000 +) are the top cachers, while others feel those with 1000+ finds and a statistical difficulty/terrian average of 3.0 or greater are more of a top cacher. The beauty of geocaching, is you can play it any way you like and interpret the other players anyway you like.
  17. if you dislike peoples questions, then don't answer them. If it were not for the bulk of questions, there wouldn't be much use to have this forum. yes, you will see repetiveness, and most of this is due to the naiveness of the nubees. I hardly doubt that criticisim will help in any way, which brings me to #7 #7 - GC.com forum bullies. How many people have experience this? No, I am not referring that you "Pup Patrol" are a bully, but, the geocacher here who made this post may misconstrue your post as such. There has been plenty of forum bullying going on, and I lknow people who refuse to come to this forum solely on that reason alone.
  18. There are a number of reasons. I personally know a considerable number of geocachers who have quit entirely due one or more of these following reasons (two of which have had me wanting to quit many times (see *): * 1.) Caches being stolen (> 1 years consistently) - this wiped out all of the geocachers in my area at one time. They all quit after a 4 year stretch of all caches being stolen. Finally the cache theif was caught and arrested. He got merely a slap on the hand. It wasn;t enough to revigorize geocaching in my area again. * 2.) Disagreement with either GC.com policies or cache Reviewer inconsistencies with approvals. Cachers have either quit altogether or stopped their premium account and have reduced the amount of caching. Here in NY, there seems to be a very solid inconsistency on how caches or events are approved. * 3.) Price of gasoline! All though this hasn't stopped me altogether, it has slowed me down. And I now cache selectively as many do (see #4) * 4.) They have exhausted the caches in their area and now have to drive 50 + miles each way to get one or more caches. These people now only cache when they are heading to do something else (work, vacation, etc) 5.) There are more and more geocaching web sites surfacing, and some have moved over to those that are free (e.g. OpenCaching) - yes, i know, they do not compare. Dont tell me, tell them. 6.) Cache placement is more and more becoming restricted. City and towns, Stte parks and Historical associations, ect are creating ordinances against geocaching. The bad 10% have ruined for others. As time goes on this will get even worse (as it has for the metal detecting community). GC.com has had a good run (and its still going strong), but it will not last forever. You should plan for that.
  19. My goal for 2012 was to get my Difficult and Terrain stats in the 2.0 > range. I am doing this by staying away from the 1.5 < caches, except for events. 2013 will be to increase it to 2.5! You see, its no longer about the numbers, but about the stats! <smile>
  20. SWAG, what about Logs Pencils Pens sharpeners (cleaning out a wet cache) I have many times cleaned out soaked and messy caches bagged up the old log and replaced it with a fresh one also left pens pencil sharpeners (fresh SWAG) If a cache container takes on water and the cache log and cache swag are getting wet, your wasting your time replacing items in the cache. It should be reported as needs maintenance and that the container is not water resistant. I use only ammo cans and lock-n-locks as my cache containers (large, medium, and small). They both have descent silcone/rubber seals to keep the water out. Any micro or nano container I use also has a water tight rubber seal. Anything else is unsatisfactory, and dont be afraid to let the cache owner know it.
  21. All my cards I leave in the cache as swag https://dl.dropbox.com/u/73677254/personalcard_links.txt
  22. Actually, if your cache is getting wet, your not using an appropriate container and/or not doing a good maintenance job. If a calling card can get wet, then the cache log can get wet as well. I place Personal Trading Cards in caches all the time. If placed properly, they turn out to be great trading items. The cards should be laminated or placed in water resistent sleeves. Hard plastic top loading sleeves work the best, and thats what i use. The cards should also only be placed in dry containers. I usually place a card (with a sleeve) inside the log book where I sign, and then make sure the container also includes a ziplock back for the log book. Never had any complaints and my cards have been well received.
  23. Geocaching Trading cards are cheap to make and are fast becoming the next fad of signature items used to place in caches and trade at events. You can see all the cards people are creating here on my personal FB page set up for those interesting in trading. *NOTE* this is not a commercial site! Geocaching Trading Cards Those of you not on facebook, i have uploaded some of my personal cards to my dropbox account Personal cards https://dl.dropbox.com/u/73677254/personalcard_links.txt History Series https://dl.dropbox.com/u/73677254/History_Series.txt
  24. Here are my cards #1 - FTF Geocacher (GeoLobo) https://dl.dropbox.com/u/73677254/ftf_geocacher_geolobo_1.jpg #1 - FTF Geocacher (Bluegirl) - 2012 https://dl.dropbox.com/u/73677254/bluegirl.png GeoLobo & Bluegirl get Married 2011 https://dl.dropbox.com/u/73677254/geolobo_bluegirl_get_married_2011.jpg Blueline Geocachers 2010 https://dl.dropbox.com/u/73677254/blueline_geocachers_2010.jpg Blueline Geocachers 2009 https://dl.dropbox.com/u/73677254/blueline_geocachers_2009.jpg GeoLobo's 1000th Geocache 2009 https://dl.dropbox.com/u/73677254/geolobo_1000_2009.jpg Bluegirl's 1000th Geocache 2009 https://dl.dropbox.com/u/73677254/bluegirl_1000_2009.jpg GeoLobo 2008 https://dl.dropbox.com/u/73677254/geolobo_2008.jpg Bluegirl 2008 https://dl.dropbox.com/u/73677254/bluegirl_2008.jpg And 20 unique Geocaching History Series Cards https://dl.dropbox.com/u/73677254/ISS.png you can see them all here https://www.facebook.com/GeoTradingCards
  25. There is a CITO sub-forum here in the forums. Have you found that, opened it up, and looked at the last page? It appears the fourm was created on April 1, 2003, and the 2nd thread was created by Groundspeak's CEO on April 2, 2003, and he appears to be announcing the creation of the CITO cache type, and said all the events on the 26th (of April, I assume) were being "converted". No definitive answer to your question, I suppose, but it's a start. I'd post links and stuff, but it's pretty easy to find. Yes, I did see that. Thanks! I believe there were a few caches in 2003 that were related to cleaning up the environment: "Clean Up!" 02/12/2003 http://coord.info/GCD419 Clean Up! #2 02/16/2003 http://coord.info/GCD611 and i know there were more than one CITO published on April 26, 2003, but i believe that The 1st CITO event (GCE2F1) was held on April 26, 2003 at Raccoon Creek State Park in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, was the first to be published.
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