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  1. That e-mail does tend to be quite cluttered. Unless you want to sit down for a few minutes and read it, its easy to miss things. Very true.
  2. For a second I thought you were refering to the Magellan in the previous post.
  3. And I have to laugh about the OP not seeing any events listed on her weekly notification email.There was one on there that had to be listed for like two months I believe.
  4. AH HA! I knew there was a top secret northern VT organization!You've slipped it out and now I know!Wait till the southern VT Cachers find out! Seriously though,do tell about that park?Which one is it?
  5. In my opinion this one is the best front yard cache I've seen yet.The other blantantly obvious one by SEWdaugh in this thread is a close second. That to me is the key with a front yard cache.Blantly obvious so there's NO confusion/shotguns out windows and so forth.
  6. Dude seriously...I need to come down to Jersey to Bear hunt.I spend time in Green Mountain NF and in Northern Maine and have as of yet to see a bear other than poop or tracks.And here you are clacking trekking poles to get rid of them. As for the OP,everyone pretty much covered it already.I have heard that the nose is the weak point on most mammals,so if I was attacked by a bear or a canine if I had my wits straight I'd probably try to knock it in the nose.They say it works for sharks,so why not bears or coydogs?
  7. On topic-Here in Vermont we need to sumbit a form to place one.The cache must be archived after three years. Off topic-I get so freakin' annoyed when people refer to placing a cache as 'litter'.Really now,the difference is blantantly obvious.
  8. Nail head and hit spring to mind.
  9. I'll give the extremely short version, and others may be able to elaborate, provide links, etc.. . The "wow factor" started in the summer of 2003. Virtuals were still technically allowed, but were rarely approved. I believe virtuals went bye-bye forever on the same day the locationless and webcam caches did, if I'm not mistaken. This was Jan. 3rd, 2006. Exactly why were they discontinued? I'd have to say to keep them from taking over the game, and some of them were becoming quite lame in some people's eyes. Ultimately, virts, webcams and locationless went away because TPTB determined that a geocache consists of a container and a logbook. I still have never figured out if that was just a convenient excuse though. I'm amazed no one (In two pages)posted the link for the infamous sneaker virtual.
  10. I wonder why some foresaw where this was going.It's not like anyone actually thought a religous themed thread would stay on topic.Or am I wrong?
  11. The biggest benefit of a camera that uses AA batteries... vs a rechargeable. No worries on running out of power unless you forget to pack extra batteries. (Although I would like a smaller camera!) michelle I agree.I have a digital cam with a rechargable internal battery.It's small and handy until everytime we're out hunting/fishing/wheeling/snowmobiling and I want to take pics....and my battery is dead as a door nail.That's why my next cam will be a replacable battery unit.This line of thinking also steered me away from trying a new Magellan gps,instead going with a 60cx.I believe the XL I wanted was a rechargeable unit.Not a piece of gear I want to die out on me while 10 miles in the Maine backcountry on a track.
  12. This is true.This past winter I found one crawling on my wrist.I think it was mid december or January.I suspect it came of my buddy's dog or out of the firewood,but still.We've found them on us in the woods too during that time.
  13. It's worth it just for access to OT.(You'll know what that is when you upgrade)
  14. Sent an email about slate slide and clarendon cache.These are very local for me.
  15. It's strict because Geocaching would probably last about a year without them.Think about it.YOU'RE not going to be stupid aboutdoing things.That doesn't mean the next guy won't.
  16. I'm sure there's some disapointed LPC haters somewhere. That's cool of the workers to do that. You'd think by today's standards that they would have contacted the owner to give him a fine or jail time for "Tampering with private property."
  17. Somebody's getting moved to the southeast/south forum.
  18. The stuff is MADE to be in the weather.Best outdoor adhesive you can get.Use the cheap clear stuff.
  19. Oh, there are tons of caches in the Ocotillo Wells ORV area and the Palm Springs area and in between. Just none in the spectacular ABDSP. However, I am doing my part to bring people back to that State Park by placing a "Virtual" Multi the Park Management is not happy about . . . No I mean Palm Spring.It was a spring with like two palm trees near it right out in the middle of the desert...the spring is about the size of a kiddie pool.Really cool historical marker next to it stating it's use as a stop on the great overland stage route.Man I wish I could go back out there. But try to get that cache back out there.I mean really,if they let guys tear up the desert with a pickup on 33's or racing 4 wheelers(In the ORV park obviously,although some were not as considerate as I was and went in other areas),they can let people geocache for pete's sake.
  20. Good luck. Anza Borrego Desert State Park, a huge 600,000 acre desert park, had caches for many years. Suddenly, without warning, during the Holiday Season last December, they changed their policy and proceeded to remove the caches and discard them. A few of the caches that were thrown away had been in place for more than seven years and those log books had a lot of history in them. The containers were removed, ostensibly because of adverse impact by Geocachers. However, some of these had fewer than six visitors in an entire year. The management at ABDSP is dead set against Geocaching . . . I hope you have better luck in your area than we have had here . . . I used to spend almost every weekend around Occotillo Wells,Palm Spring and that area.I wish I was caching when I was stationed out there...That would have been so fun to do out there.No chance of a return caching trip I see.
  21. Well, hero, here's your chance to shine! The Online Geocacher will be whatever you make out of it! Get to submittin'! i think you misunderstand me. i am not interested in posting my own geocaching adventures to a free-for-all sandbox, nor am i interested in reading such a thing. i want a good, professional quality publication. that means good editorial oversight in addition to competent writing. TOG will be whatever i make of it? i don't think so. if i got to "submittin'", it still wouldn't have professional quality writing nor would it have editorial oversight. if i want to see my own thoughts online, i'll post to a blog. and i am sick to death of people who confuse my desire to see some attention to the standards of basic literacy with a desire for inaccessible, obfuscated mock erudition. my college thesis? i beg your pardon. there's so much wrong with that, i don't even know where to start. y'all keep asking what people want in a geocaching magazine. i want a stylish, literate, professional-grade magazine that combines thoughtful content with snappy delivery. Nevermind.Just trying to bring others' points of view to the issue.
  22. Perhaphs not everyone is on the same intellectual level as you,or myself.(Not to say we're on the same level,just two different folks/levels).I mean after breathing slate dust all day and killing my back,do I really want to try to read a geocaching magazine that's comparible to your college thesis?I can,but do I want to?I mean just from these forums (or any other online posting ranging from a forum post to a classified ad) some are hard pressed to know when to use their and there.
  23. here's what i meant... you know how there's a part of the menu where it says "Accuracy" ? his etrex was always far more accurate than mine.. mine mostly fluttered from 50-80 while his was pretty consistantly in the 20-30 range. occasionally we both had about 28 or so at the same time but his was usually much lower than mine. Consult your owner's manual on the map datum.It should be in there. What you just described however sounds like low batteries or just one of those days where they're just off.
  24. Here's a mission for someone who actually subcribed to the magazine in question here.Your mission is simple....Post a picture of the actual rag in your hand.Then we'll know it's not a scam.
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