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  1. Maybe I'm totally missing something here ... and I did it recently ... but I can't seem to find where the link is for the submission for an event cache. I can find the regular caches, but I can't find the events. It's driving me mad. Am I just being blind? Scratch this. I was blind. Found it.
  2. Wanted to jump back in here to give one more shout to see if anybody is up for some caching Aug. 7? I was actually thinking about doing that big bunch of caches not too far from where the boats all dock. If anyone is interested...
  3. I'm on a cruise during the first full week in August as part of a wedding. The problem is, I only know a few people, so many of the ports and all, I'll be flying solo. So, I was wondering if anybody would be up for a mid-week meetup for some caching? I'm always, obviously, willing to throw in some gas money and I've always found when going to places solo, it's fun to meet up with a local or two and get out and find some tupperware. We port on Weds. Aug 7, early in the morning and stay for much of the day. If anyone is interested, please let me know!
  4. Thanks! Hopefully, I can get things figured out as I'd love to create a few of these cartridges!
  5. This is good to know. I have something I'm working on to create my first Wherigo cartridge, but it seems whenever I start, I keep getting error messages. It's frustrating to me and I'm almost to the point where I'm ready to give up. The one I am working on isn't the most in-depth and crazy one, but rather a way to have a Wherigo cache in our area so people can have a little fun and such. Alas, nothing I have done seems to work and I'm trying to find something out. I might have to make a post here to try and push further as it's driving me up a wall!
  6. All this talk seems irrelevant. It's his property. He wants to use it for something else, be it a cache or something else. It's fully in his right to say "get this off of my property," whether permission was granted or not. That he helped maintain it as a nice thing isn't permission. It's that he tolerated it. Now he wants something else for the property and no longer wants this there. Get it archived. "Dear Administrator. This cache is on my property and I'd like to request it be archived. I've tolerated it for a few years, but the cache owner doesn't take care of it nor does the owner respond to e-mails. Though the owner has been online, he or she has not logged any finds since 2009. I have other plans for this area and I'd like to request this cache be archived so I can do what I'd like on my property. Thank you." Simple, cordial and to the point. And if some cachers think you are a jerk because you had a cache that isn't taken care of on your property (without permission) to put in a well-thought out series, well, who cares? Their loss if they don't find it. Get it archived and have no second thoughts about it.
  7. The dedicated forum for Wherigo might be a place to look for help: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showforum=59 A forum moderator will probably move this thread to that forum. B. I honestly have no clue how I missed this forum last night. I looked up and down, figuring there had to be one dedicated to Wherigo. Thanks for linking me, though I now feel like a massive dolt!
  8. I've searched the forum for "Wherigo" and many of the things that come up seem to be older. I don't expect someone to write up a full thing here, but I'm trying to work on placing my first one or two Wherigo caches. I downloaded the program to create the cartridge, but it's filled with errors. Every time I try and do something, an error pops up. I downloaded a second program and errors as well. I've searched all over for a detailed item to creating one and I only get the tutorial on the Wherigo site -- and when I try and follow it on the program... you guessed it ... errors. I'm really interested in doing a couple of these, but I'm ready to throw in the towel because after many hours of searching the web and everything -- and trying to figure the program -- it keeps beating me? Anyone know of a place I can find some detailed stuff or have some tips etc. for me? Thanks!
  9. Hi FloridaFour! I saw you over on the other forums as well. I'm starting to come up with a Hybrid as well as a regular letterbox. I have a couple of ideas, but this area is tough in placing because there is so many geocaches around and not many letterboxers. So if I want it found, I almost have to make it a hybrid, unless I put it elsewhere! For now, I'm going to keep carving some stamps and decide how and where I want to place some of these!
  10. Leon -- I wonder, too. It seems like it would be an easy transition to do both. For me, it's nice because it's something new that I can do in my area. I picked up a hitchhiker the other day and need to figure where to drop it next! Both are great games, that's for sure. I've actually blogged about the letterboxing aspect a couple times in the past week, including talking about my first carve in my entry today. (I've opted to make said carve a personal traveler, too!) I look forward to continuing to read your insights on the letterboxing world!
  11. Leon -- Thanks so much for the info. I've seen a lot of your posts over on Atlas Quest, too, and have enjoyed reading your thoughts and such on both games! I am looking forward to setting out a few letterboxes and likely will make one or two of them hybrids as we don't have any in our area!
  12. Thanks much. I hadn't been able to find it. Seems so vague though. "This cache type pays homage to an older form of scavenger hunt. Letterbox hybrids must contain a signature stamp that stays with the box. A letterbox hybrid may have a mystery or puzzle element, but cannot be designed to be found by only using clues. To seek a letterbox hybrid, you will not need your own personal stamp and letterboxing logbook." So it can have a mystery or puzzle element, but not designed to find only with clues. Interesting. I will read that thread and do some more research. Thanks. I'd like to place one or two, but don't want to if the coordinates have to take people directly to the cache. Then it defeats the purpose of the letterbox idea. Thanks again!
  13. I had a question about letterbox hybrids and couldn't seem to find the answer. When doing a letterbox hybrid, I know people sometimes list on both sites (as it says on geocaching's description of caches). However, when you do one up, can you do it on geocaching.com like an actual letterbox? By that I mean having the coordinates for say parking or the beginning and then have the "letterbox" description with all the clues and such? That seems more like a "puzzle" to me, but it seems like it would be what a letterbox actually is and would make sense. I am hoping I can set out a letterbox hybrid that works like a traditional letterbox. Thanks for anyone who can help or point me in a direction where I can find out!
  14. Sweet. I have 14 of them and a couple of others ones are closer than I would have thought... might have to look into adding a few more of them!
  15. I've read through most of this thread and though there is arguing and speculating about Facebook, updating apps, APIs, drinking kool aid and others... there's really one thing I can't wrap my noodle around. People use iPad's to geocache? Really? For park and grabs? Maybe. But for like a 4-mile hike in the woods? Are you going to read while you hike? Maybe work on some documents? I have the caching app on my Droid but only use it when needed. I still believe in the old fashioned GPS. I can't imagine paying so much for an iPad and worrying I could slip on some mossy rocks and watch the screen shatter over a few more rocks.
  16. I basically looked in the area I was in (I did this several months in advance) and found a prolific cacher and e-mailed them. Everything worked out and he and another had one of the days I was there free and we met up to cache. It was a blast. Being you're closer to going, I'd look to see the more prolific cachers in that area and e-mail them and ask them if they or anyone they might know might be interested in caching with an out-of-towner. Look for events, too. Might be able to find someone through an event. Good luck!
  17. When I went to Ireland it took about 45 minutes for my GPS to catch up. So that's some great advice. My only tip would be to cache with a local, if you can hook up with one. I did that in Ireland and it made my experience caching over there so much better.
  18. Excellent post. My thoughts exactly. I still plan to come out that way some day. Heck, for Groundspeak and the original plaque is good enough. The old ones will be just as good, especially if I can go through the tunnel.
  19. got yours in the mail today! thanks great looking nickle and pencil. Yeah -- it got returned to me the other day and I had to add postage. I believe the other I sent that same day went through, though who knows if it will come back or not!
  20. I sent out a few e-mails/PMs about some trades. I don't have a ton of nickels left (switched to a new sig item -- golf pencils) but I'd be willing to trade and add a few new nickels to the collection. If you want to trade and we haven't done so in the past, let me know. Also let me know if you'd like the pencil as a trade of sig items.
  21. I kept seeing these notices show up in my inbox and thought... wow, someone has brought the thread back! I still have a few of my wooden nickles. I keep them for the best caches I find or for trades. I needed something a little more cost-worthy for my signature items, so I invested about 65 bucks in golf pencils (three lines; pencils have erasers). The best part is I keep them in my pocket, sign a log and leave the sig item! If people are interested in swapping signature items, I'd be more than willing to trade the pencils for nickles or whatever else. And speaking about how many sig items/nickels etc. I'm not sure. I know I have a large ammo can full of sig items and plan on photographing them, my pathtags and my geocoins and putting them into a coffee table book for myself.
  22. Same happening with me. I wasn't sure if it was because I was using the "visit" option instead of dropping and grabbing. Hope this is fixed soon.
  23. I have had the 60CSX since I started caching and wouldn't trade it for the world. I love mine.
  24. If you're sitting near a window on the flight over, and get the OK from the flight crew, you can power up your receiver on the flight over, which would eliminate the long aquisition time at your destination. [edit = typos] Of course, don't expect the captain the land the plane if you see a quick cache n' dash on some island in the middle of the atlantic on the way over! Even for an ammo can???
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