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  1. Scratch New Braintree/Rutland/Hubbardston off that list. Thanks Scout98! And thanks to Scout98 and Falalamingo for offering to pull or maintain any caches not adopted before we leave. We have very much enjoyed being cache owners and getting to know everyone from our little slice of Massachusetts. A great group of cachers, and friends.
  2. Thanks to fosdog for taking the New Winter trail we had just established in Brookfield! 10 down 25 to go. Here is a link to the rest of the caches we own in the area. Most are in the Brookfield area, but there are a couple in other towns New Braintree, Rutland, Rutland/Hubbardston East Brookfield Spencer Sturbridge Give me a private message if you would like help! A local fisherman may be interested in maintaining and adding to the Central Mass. Fishing Holes Series we started. We will be keeping the one cache that needs no maintenance our Earth Cache at RockHouse Reservation. I will begin archiving a few of these next week as we don't want to leave any geo-litter in the woods. If your in the area and could archive or just do maintenance once in awhile for us that would help too, then we could leave them with a chance someone may adopt them. Thanks TeamBarefeat
  3. We have very recently been given an opportunity which means we have to move very far from New England. We have a nice variety of 35 or so caches. Anyone who would like to help keep any of these active please feel free to pm me, or post here. Thanks!
  4. Very strange, we pulled up the google cache map this morning to find our town in complete disarray! They seem to have added some "historic district" markings and have added other things that have never been there. For instance a large area marked "mall common" that doesn't even exist. Obviously this has nothing to do w/ the geocaching website. Just curious if this is something in our own town only or if anyone else notices some weirdness in their areas. We have reported the problem to them, It sure would be nice to have all that extra area they claim is greenspace! sorry for slightly OTP
  5. Ive been marking trails using everytrail.com they have an easy to use interface for windows mobile devices. (for marking) But you can also upload a straight kml or gpx file. All the trails I've marked do indeed have geocaches on them, and they even have a spot when your done uploading to pick the activity, horseback riding, geocaching, hiking etc. Lots of people use the site i would be surprised if you find nothing near you. And if you do, do what I have done and start marking as you hike. good luck (search for my username there to see my trails)
  6. A friendly reminder: MassGeo and volunteers will be cleaning up the USACOE trails and fishing areas at Long Pond in Sturbridge Massachusetts this Saturday October 10th. Get there a bit early and have a coffee and discover/drop TB's. Long Pond is a popular family recreation area that can use a little TLC. We are planning this cleanup to thank the USACOE for all the properties and time that they put into them for us the geocachers, as well as campers, hikers, disc golfers, fisherman... the list goes on. Donate as much time as you can and then explore for the new Winter Friendly Geocaches in the area, which will be released the day after the event. (Coordinates to be distributed during event) See you there!
  7. Last night, authorities from the Colorado Springs Police Department were called to the Rampart Campus of Pikes Peak Community College on the report of a suspicious package. After several hours of examination, the package was removed and detonated Full Story Doh! MIssed this topic already posted sorry!
  8. Seeing everyone else's pretty banner made me realize I should update MassGeo's mention in this thread. The formly mentioned MaGo is now MassGeo, stop by and see if there's something for you.
  9. Of course if you were one of the people that knew all you had to do was JERK really hard on any newspaper box and it will open.... you wouldn't have to pay for the cache at all. Not that I would do something like that... but i've seen it done. Some of the newer ones won't work this way. LOL
  10. The note i sent was enough, they changed it to a "note" from a "find". NO of course this was not intentionally placed in ivy! And this was more conversation and me being curious how everyone else would handle this then something I was worried about. To me geocaching is opening the logbook and signing if its a traditional cache. Im not overly concerned with it certainly, and this is the first time i've come upon anyone who has claimed a find that didn't sign the cache log first. (and we have over 20 caches hidden) thanks for all the feedback, as stated we are going to include a question on this one from now on, and possibly relocate the cache to "safer" grounds. Hopefully I didn't upset them with my request. I just stated that you should of course sign the logbook at the cache, and that their "find" should have been a note. But I also stated that it was their choice on if they changed it or not. (I had no intentions of deleting the log) Happy caching all-
  11. So true webscouter, as a kid some of my worst cases were during winter. I was the person who's hands would swell up so bad i couldnt use them for anything, eating, writing... nothin'. As I mentioned earlier, now I kind of have to roll in the stuff or ingest it to get it. Thanks to everyone for the responses. I am not going to delete anyone's log. But I did send a note saying we consider it a requirement for our caches that they sign the log. And left it at that. I'm going to find a safer place for this one, and make them figure out something from the marker for credit.
  12. This is at one of our towns most historic locations, So i wont be archiving the cache. Not an option. Thanks for the thought though! I will consider my options for a slight "relocation" however, Or possibly turn it into some sort of puzzle cache and then move the container elsewhere.
  13. Well that is just it. This cache sits at a historical marker. You can see the entire marker standing in front of it. The poison ivy is low, but probably close to 1 - 1.5 feet high. The cache is literally right behind the headstone/marker. All one would need to do is find a stick 2 feet long, and "push" the cache container out towards the side of the marker. We are not talking about a jungle of poison ivy. We always carry our walking sticks with us, this being one of the reasons why. I used to be deathly allergic myself, but my sensitivity has changed dramatically as I get older, to the point where I have to try to get it now. You could even use your foot to kind of scoot it out, but I suppose some people are just really crazy afraid of the poison ivy/oak.
  14. Good thoughts thanks for the ideas. I have the poison attribute listed (and it is the first one listed) but I will add a note to the page saying poison ivy present. I guess sending a note asking them to change it from a find to a note is best. Off this topic- I just got back from another cache in town of mine, where my container is just gone- and someone stuck my baggy full of logbook and note under a rock!! grrrrrrrrrr what is wrong with people? Why wouldnt someone email you with such information. Thank goodness a local caching friend had yet to do the find, and she emailed us to let us know that she didnt think a baggie under a rock was probably the camo' job eluded to on the page. People amaze me sometimes. EDIT: I couldnt resist i put the big WARNING THIS CACHE IS OUTDOORS!! POISON PLANTS PRESENT AT CACHE LOCATION!! warning on the cache page. I know ... I'm a smart a**.
  15. Hello all I have a question for the masses. I have a cache which was placed before the poison ivy started blooming. The cache is pretty much covered in poison ivy now. I get many "DNF's due to poison ivy" on the log page. Which is fine with us, we are not going to move it, a few fellow cachers have joked that i should put a big warning on the cache page saying "WARNING: This Cache is OUTDOORS!!" On to my question. I've had people log this as a find on the cache page, saying "Saw cache but didn't sign the log because of Poison Ivy" . What would you do, or what are your feelings on this sort of log? To me if you didn't crack it open and sign the logbook, You don't deserve credit. Should I send them a note and delete the log? Should I just delete the log? Should I relax and let them have credit for a cache they never opened? Thanks!
  16. Sorry to the few that are having a hardtime getting going with geocaching. First you have to look at the history of the sport, and realize up until about a year ago (maybe a little longer) this sport has had sort of "cult" status. Meaning it really is not for everyone, (but those who love it really LOVE iT) Maybe some people just have an eye for this sort of thing and this is how these 900,000 caches still around and are not found daily by muggles. My advice would be the same as what i've read from others, obviously look at your difficulty rating, pick ones that say "suitable for kids" if your going with your kids. (so you dont break your leg coming down a hill). Also jump into the regional forums for your area, or find a nice geo-group. There are a ton of event listings everyday here at the site. Try hitting an event if you feel frustrated. Not all geocachers visit these forums, so if you don't get the response your looking for in the regional forums watch for an event. There you can meet some local cachers, and I would be surprised if you didn't have someone volunteer to meet with you down the road a-ways and help you and your family's do some searching. In my experience most geocachers love to help each other, (especially new folks) and love to turn people on to the sport. Its funny to read these threads, as I've been trying to come up with harder and harder caches for the cachers in my own area. Alot of the ones around us are simply to easy. There is no challenge whatsoever. We routinely find letterboxes and an occasional geocache on accident while searching for another now. Maybe because we've hit the 1 year mark we are getting more "intune" with what is going on around us as far as hiding spots.... im not sure. Try picking an area with multiple caches, and a nice trail. Then you got some fresh air (hopefully) had some fun and saw some wildlife or some other piece of nature that soothed your soul. And then get back to the hunt. Before too long you will be stumbling over caches everywhere you go. (be aware if your using an iphone/windows mobile there are bugs that can happen!! for instance windows mobile will act very strangely if you try to use a wifi internet connection and then pull up satellites.. or sometimes they may appear to be locked up but you realize it is locking the fix it had from 2 days ago. Always reboot before you start a fresh geo-hunt with any sort of PPC or iphone) Good luck! Oh and watch for a big pile of old logs! hahaha
  17. Tried numerous times over the last couple days to load the terraservers only to see the "server too busy" message. Is anyone else getting this? Is there any other map service or way to plot zones? The google map spits up a script error that just keeps happening over and over making it almost impossible to even exit the window.
  18. what about the old hollow bolt routine? would never be noticed, ive seen different home made variations, and im sure you could purchase one through one of the ever innovate ebay/geocache container vendors. Just a thought, and honestly i dont think anyone was pulling your leg about people busting up your container to sign it. In one year i've been amazed at things ive seen on my own 20 hides. Besides the "sprouting legs" syndrome. I have a cache hidden in plain site that the stats sit almost 1/2/1/2 on. F vs DnF that is. Its actually just sitting there waiting to be plucked off a stone wall, however i harvested some of the moss from the area and hotglued the entire container with it. bwahahahah I've gotten to meet more veteran cachers with that cache then any other. They simply cannot believe they didnt see it once they do find it. Also the best advice i've got so far on hiding a cache "in plain site" is this. "If you want to confuse a cacher, pick something or somewhere, where they will KNOW IT HAS TO BE. Then dont put it there." goodluck
  19. Nice to hear others are doing this. We had no clue. Oh and if anyone out there has some "older" gpsr's sitting in a drawer the Merrick Public Library in Brookfield mass only has the one currently! I think i will print up a sheet with the local caches on it too for her to hand out. Alot of times the computers are chock full of kiddies. Also it is the hardest part of the hobbie to get into for the senior crowd im sure.
  20. We recently placed a cache at our local library, and really planted the caching bug in the head librarian. She is very community oriented, and has done too many things to mention for a small town, with not alot for the kids to do. She shares our love of local history, (almost half our "Hides" involve some sort of historical landmark or site). She has also put us in touch with our local town historian, who we hope to work with creating a Wherigo adventure based on the many historical sites in our town. But she outdid her self last week in the community newspaper. She announced the library has obtained atleast one GPSR, which is now available for checkout with a library card. Just curious if anyone else has this sort of option at their local library? Im thinking she may very well be the first to offer such a unique opportunity. Also to put the idea out there for those of you involved with your library. What a great idea to get people involved with both geocaching and the outdoors. You can find them for donation in the most unlikely places too! While making my weekly run to the town landfill last week, I was telling a friend who works for the town and runs the landfill about her idea, and he says "yeah! i got one too, someone was throwing one out last week and put it in the take it or leave it pile" One man gathers, What another man spills. Happy trails.
  21. MaGo is forming! We need all sorts of help. And would like to invite anyone who geocaches in the state to sign up at the forums and get involved. MaGo is Massgeocachers.org a brand new website aimed at bringing education, awareness, and a central community hub to all geocachers in mass. There are a handful of us putting this together, the website is brandy new. So be gentle! We hope to get people involved who are organizing events, and activities, people who like to blog about their experiences, photographers anything you have to offer is welcome. Once we have built up a membership, perhaps writing a proper charter and bylaws for the organization. But baby steps first! So without further a do : MassGeocachers.org (MaGo) thanks!
  22. LOL ... uhh wow i been doing some reading. Yea those "regulars" they sure are crazy. Some of them seem to argue almost any topic that they come upon. Happy 4th!
  23. As indicated when i started the original 'historic attribute" thread in general discussion. I am in favor of this idea. At least the historical attribute.
  24. Wow you have brought up some very good points carolyn, how silly i am to forget how painful alot of our history was. None of it was easy, the building of the greatest nation in the world. To me each historical cache i do, tells a little more of the tale and I honestly thought an attribute was "no biggie" since we have so many that seem whimsical. I do understand the other points made about volcanic personalities and the things they find issues with. But as opposed to the "earth cache" which is a type of cache, this is simple a designation for lovers of history = be it good or bad.
  25. Check my thread on the Historical Attribute. K thnx. Sorry I dont sit in wait for forum posts as i'm busy getting fresh air and silly things like that. So i missed a page or two of your rhetoric. But i would like to clear a couple things up. First in true, forum fashion you have taken my words and run away with them, go back and read- I never called YOU a troll. You are clearly the one that has the issue here, my lord you started a new thread just to blast me for daring to say something in another thread, where it appeared to me you were threatening someones cache. Or whatever the issue was, its so distorted by now. I understand now your one of the good guys, I apologize. Also i wasn't saying that I was the geo-mafia, rather that more then once i've been told people have been retaliated against by "the geo-mafia" when their hides were basically destroyed or messed with later on. I have no issues with you, I appreciate your opinion as well as anyone else that take the time to post here. I even agreed GLASS IS BAD MMMKAY. Hopefully someone new will see this ridiculous thread and think twice before using it. And to the person who said i didnt mention if they traded up, let me tell you a story. First, yes they left a pencil or something and took an Entire bag of sealed twice rawhide dogtreats... my bad thats a fair trade right? Ok on to the story. We placed a cache at a family oriented spot a few months ago, and LOADED it with stuff for kids. It was a giant coffee container and when i say it was stuffed, not another thing could fit into it. The cache has camo that needs to be maintained, so i went there today and archived it for a day or two. Well speaking of people trading up guess what i found inside my cache? A silver coin from a supermarket, a soaping wet CD of kids songs, and two other pieces of plastic non-sense no one would do anything but throw away. Yes EVERYONE trades up.
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