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  1. Has Groundspeak removed the ability to edit attributes on a published event or geocache? If it has moved, where can I find the ability to edit attributes? I don't see the link on either my published events or geocaches, and I don't see it incorporated into the edit page for the admin tools.
  2. I'm also interested in EveRan2013's original question. It would be helpful to us also to know now what dates in 2019 will be designated as CITO weeks for the upcoming year. We have a partnership with a site that would like to have us continue to help them with a cleanup effort, but I'm hoping I can make the dates work with the 2019 souvenir.
  3. The button to "Add waypoint" turns green when I mouse over it (cursor not shown in my screenshot) but clicking on it does nothing, whether I use Safari or Chrome. I don't see an option to opt-out of the new features until they work. Is there another way to add or enter waypoints?
  4. I am also trying to edit waypoints on a new geocache to be submitted and when I mouse over the button to add waypoints it only turns green but clicking on it does nothing at all.
  5. Adding waypoints seems to be broken, although I see others having no problem. When I mouse over the link to add/edit waypoints, it turns green, but clicking on it doesn't work, whether in Safari or Chrome.
  6. I really don't like the new Message Center, and it's not so much related to how it works but rather that it even exists. I have enough work in keeping up with messages that come in through various sources and I don't want another one I have to check. Why are geocachers now required to participate in the Message Center? That wasn't part of the bargain when I started this. I'd like to continue to participate while receiving messages the way I want and can control and keep track of and be certain that I can keep an archive of them. Before the Message Center was launched, people who visited my geocaches and Earthcaches had one way to contact me, through my email address. And that email address was and still is totally reliable and easy for me to monitor and sort for everything that comes in. PLEASE give us a way to opt-out of this feature now. Thanks for listening.
  7. I've tried all of those instructions in that thread of the GSAK forum but still get the same response in Internet Explorer (version 8.0.6001.18702). Firefox has no problem connecting to geocaching.com, but of course GSAK uses IE only.
  8. I recently changed my password on geocaching.com and as a result my GSAK cannot access the API. I tried to get a new access token, but here's the problem: my Internet Explorer, which can access every other website I've tried, cannot access geocaching.com. This is all within a virtual machine (Windows XP) I'm running within Parallels on my Mac. What's really odd is that I can ping the site and Firefox can access geocaching.com, but Internet Explorer 8 only gives me the window saying that it cannot display the webpage, that "it appears you are connected to the Internet, but you might want to try to reconnect to the Internet." I currently have no anti-virus software running in Parallels, scripts are allowed, and I even tried adding https://www.geocaching.com to IE's list of trusted sites. I can access other sites and can pull up pages that aren't secure (such as individual cache pages on geocaching.com) but I can't get to the log in page or to anything on the site beginning with https. Of course, because GSAK relies solely on Internet Explorer to access the API, this inability to connect cripples GSAK's access to geocaching.com via the API. Does anyone have any experience with IE and geocaching.com not playing nicely together or have any ideas about what else I can try and how I can get a new access token for my copy of GSAK and/or be able to get IE to access geocaching.com?
  9. I don't know that you're going to hike to get big numbers at Glen Onoko, but I highly recommend the area. I think that the Glen Onoko puzzle cache followed by the hike up the multi-tiered waterfall at the What Is and What Should Never Be cache takes you to some amazing scenery - this pair is among the best two consecutive caches I've done anywhere! (Be sure you have the hint available for the latter of those two caches though.) There are other caches in the area with great views and the historic little town of Jim Thorpe is something to see in itself. You can fill a great day in the area.
  10. With the support of several local agencies, including the National Forest Service, a National Park, PPL, and the Pike County Conservation District, we recently launched the Seven Wonders of Pike County, which comprises a set of seven caches (two historical physical caches and five earthcaches) designed to take visitors to learn about seven of the most remarkable sites in Pike County, in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The project was launched at an event at Grey Towers National Historical Site in Milford, PA. The project, and geocaching in general, was recently featured in an interview and news story on our local Blue Ridge Cable TV-13. Here's a link to the story: Those who complete the entire series will qualify for the Seven Wonders of Pike County pathtag, while supplies last. More information is available at the project website.
  11. I really appreciate all of the advice I've received so far, and fortunately I think we may have the time to use it all. I've reserved a cabin at the Badlands for a time long enough to get to do both the Badlands and also the Black Hills (although the Black Hills will probably be just a day trip). I'm really interested in the comment about the old historic churches in Western MN and thereabouts... could you give me a few GC#s so I can try to plan going through there? Both my wife and I would love to see that! I'm not certain whether there will be time, but if we can swing North up to the Lake Superior region, we might try to get there for a day or two at the end of our time. Are there any specific towns, geocaches or areas there that you'd recommend?
  12. This July I'm planning on flying to Minneapolis for a visit to the area with my wife, who is not really into geocaching but willing to participate. After a brief visit to that area, we have time and a rental car for visiting ND, SD, NE, IA, and maybe even extreme northern KS and MO before heading back for our flight home. I'm thinking we may have about ten days, but at this point the timing is still flexible. I'd be interested in any advice on really nice locations to drive to and hike, and any neat places to stay for a few days. I'd also love suggestions for areas with good geocaching. The one area I've been thinking about is the Badlands in SD... is that a good choice of a place to stay for a little? Are there other favorite destinations you can recommend? Thanks!
  13. The Tri-State Geocachers is our area's geocaching society centered at the Tri-State point of PA, NY, and NJ and including geocachers from all three states. Our monthly Tri-State Meet, Greet and Eat is in its third year of gatherings and is held on Friday nights in Matamoras, PA, and we have many other events, including our annual Tri-State Treasures picnic in mid- to late-June and Geo Tech U, our annual conference with sessions on geocaching technology. Cachers from any area are always welcome at our events. As of the time of this post, our second annual Geo Tech U is just a week away and has sessions for beginners and experienced cachers. Come and join us!
  14. The roads around here are fine for those traveling to Tri-State Meet, Greet, and Eat, and we're still planning on our night hike after the TSMGE event tonight. (If we can make it through the wind chills at the 01022010 event, then this one won't be bad!) We expect to be posting the program for Geo Tech U-2 shortly.
  15. Hey Buzz (and anyone else interested)! You should come out this Friday night for our January TSMGE. We've got another night caching adventure planned afterwards too if you'd like to join us for the whole thing. Tri-State Meet, Greet, and Eat, Year Three We're also holding our second annual Geo Tech U event on Saturday morning, January 23 with sessions for both experienced and beginning geocachers. There are sessions on GPSrs, GSAK software, geocaching apps, getting the most out of a premium membership, and how to hide and find your first cache. There will also be a panel discussion on the pros/cons of various GPSr units. After it's over, there will opportunity to join a small group and go out hunting for local caches. Geo Tech U-2
  16. Each month after our TSMGE event, most of the event attendees embark on a night hike for a cache as a group. Last night our hike took us to Elks-Brox park, home of the awesome views from Point Peter, where a special surprise was waiting and we took this group photo. Happy holidays from the Tri-State Geocachers and cache safely!
  17. It's hardly true to say that NJ, even Northern NJ, is without high-number destinations (depending on what you consider a number run). We did about 20 caches in a day in the general area of the ruins of an old zoo in NE NJ. See this one. A friend just picked up a bunch in a day in the Blairstown area. I can't say what kind of caches they were, but there's a great family campground nearby that I can recommend. Double Trouble State Park would probably be considered Central NJ, but we had a terrific day biking/hiking/caching around there, and we got over 30 on a Summer weekend-day. Most of the caches were hidden by a cacher named, Arrow One, who went around on bike to hide them all. There was a really neat mystery cache (easy puzzle, very cool spot) there and a multi that we would have gotten if we had more time there. My favorite place in the state to recommend for this would be an area I called the NJ Tunnel Tour, where we were able to do 20+ caches in a day, bookended by Darkness at Van Nest Gap and Manunka Chunk Tunnels, two absolute, must-do caches in NJ. We could have done more that day, but we spent a lot of extra time exploring the two tunnels and it was well worth it.
  18. I am also experiencing the same thing... I'm running the newest version of the geocaching app on the iPhone 3G with OS 3.0, and it sits on the splash screen for a while before going back to the iPhone's home screen. Although the app used to work, it's now completely unusable.
  19. On the way up the trail/road to "Power Cache", GC1CW8B, I found a book that was most likely dropped by another geocacher, a title of which I have my own copy at home. If you lost a book on the trail, please contact me directly via email and identify the book so we can make arrangements for you to get it back.
  20. On the way up the trail/road to "Power Cache", GC1CW8B, I found a book that was most likely dropped by another geocacher, a title of which I have my own copy at home. If you lost a book on the trail, please contact me directly via email and identify the book so we can make arrangements for you to get it back.
  21. I'm also sorry to hear that you're ultimately going to have to leave the Northeast. I've enjoyed your events and your caches, and I'm sure wherever you're headed (SF?) will gain much from our loss. We may head out on Sunday to try to grab a few of those listed... if so, we'll post the ones to which we're headed so others don't go to the same ones. I hope others will do the same.
  22. These sound like some great suggestions... I'd love the ghost town series and I really like caches that take you to "weird, old, abandoned" places.
  23. Can anyone help a PA cacher who is flying into Dallas/FtWorth on 7/16 and has a few days with my family to visit NE Texas, and possibly nearby OK, LA, Arkansas? I'm looking for suggestions for fun things to do and interesting places to visit. We're a family of five and like historical and other locations of interest and I'm also hoping to pick off caches in the states listed before heading west to San Angelo for the beginning of the next week.
  24. I was recently caching in the Allentown area and found a set of caches in a very nice, large park in the town. This very much fits the bill for what you've described. I think you'll have a good time with An Angel Among Us and the other caches in this park.
  25. Is there any suggested size for zones for a simple walking tour of a town? I assume the appropriate zone size varies with terrain and other factors, but do any of you experienced Wherigists have suggestions for zone sizes that won't be so big as to make entry too easy or play to confusing or so small as to drive players crazy trying to get to where they need to be?
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