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2007 WSGA Geocoins


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The WSGA (Washington State Geocaching Association) is almost ready to go to mint with our coins for the new year. Each 'chapter' of the WSGA will have their own coin design on the obverse, with a common reverse to tie them together.


Here are preliminary samples (some changes will be made, example - the 'quote' on the PS Chapter coin will not be included):

48 North Chapter

Cache-Cadian Chapter

Inland Empire Chapter

Puget Sound Chapter



Manufacturer: Coins & Pins

Size: 1.5"

Thickness: TBD.

Common Reverse: 2D with color.

Individual Obverse: 48 North and Puget Sound, 3D w/colored ring...Inland Empire and Cache-Cadian, 2D with color.

Metals: Each coin will be minted in a different metal, TBD.

Trackable: On Geocaching.com.

Icon: Yes, unique and TBD (probably Washington related).

Cost: TBD and based on the number of coins minted.

Sets: Not available at this time. You'll need to order one of each if you want a set.


Again, with this post I'm gathering interest and trying to trying to get a better idea on quantities. Decisions will be made very soon.



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Additional information:


Price: Based on current information and data, the price for each will be <$7.00 each (and maybe lower than that)

Shipping: TBD as to whether the price will include shipping or be an additional charge based on number ordered.

Thickness: 3mm



AtlantaGal, Sorry but it's probably the same icon for all four at this time. Can you give me a better idea of your order based on that?

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