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  1. Hi Dick, Although I can't answer your questions about the road conditions, I do want to wish you a very, very happy birthday and an early congratulations on your upcoming 10,000th cache find!!! You are one of the first folks I met when I started caching in 2003, and you have found several of my caches. I fondly remember your cache that I found at Hurricane Ridge years ago. Your accomplishments as a geocacher are remarkable, and prove that age is just a number! You are one of my heroes! Laurie Freeman Half-Canadian and Scooter the Wonder Dog
  2. Happy birthday, Dick! I will toast you this afternoon with a pretzel or two! (It's an inside joke that only Dick will truly appreciate!)
  3. I had a similar experience a few years ago, going after a cache on a slick clay road in Missouri. Scooter and I spent the night trapped in my Explorer in a water-filled ditch during a raging thunderstorm while the authorities were trying to locate me. It makes you realize how quickly something unexpected can happen, and how fragile life is. I always travel now with an emergency kit -- backpacker stove, blankets, extra clothes, freeze dried food and water, and a marine flare gun. So glad you're OK, Craig. As everyone else has said, stuff is replaceable but life is not. Take care.
  4. Remember putting pennies on the track and then watching the train squash them flat when you were a kid? Maybe the M10B v5 coins will have the same "flattened" finish
  5. Are you looking for a MEGA Christmas gift idea at a Micro price? How about a complete set of the event trackables for GC2VNQA - GeoMonster Ball MEGA Event This special Christmas set includes one of the trackable MEGA event Geocoins with unique icon, and three super collectible bonus items. While supplies last, I'll also include one of the official rear window stickers that was issued to each carpool at no extra charge! I can ship this set to you or directly to your gift recipient -- I'll even include free gift wrapping and a gift card on request! Head to the GeoMonster Ball's event website for all the details: MEGA GeoMonster Ball - Christmas Shop Link Order soon in time for Christmas delivery!
  6. Are you looking for a MEGA Christmas gift idea at a Micro price? How about a complete set of the event trackables for GC2VNQA - GeoMonster Ball MEGA Event This special Christmas set includes one of the trackable MEGA event Geocoins with unique icon, and three super collectible bonus items. While supplies last, I'll also include one of the official rear window stickers that was issued to each carpool at no extra charge! I can ship this set to you or directly to your gift recipient -- I'll even include free gift wrapping and a gift card on request! Head to the GeoMonster Ball's event website for all the details: MEGA GeoMonster Ball - Christmas Shop Link Order soon in time for Christmas delivery!
  7. WE DID IT!! Groundspeak certified the event today as officially a MEGA event! Thanks to each and every one of you that attended, and a big thanks to everyone who helped out volunteering their time and energies to help make this MEGA event such a big success!
  8. Time to bump this topic up to the top! This amazing event is only about five weeks away -- we're currently at about 250 cachers registered on the Geomonster Ball website and lots more who have logged a "will attend" on the event page GC2VNQA Don't forget to register your attendance on the website so we'll have your nametags and goodie bags ready when you arrive for the beginning of a fun-filled day! This full day event includes a morning meet-n-greet, where you'll pick up your registration packets and sign the (hopefully) MEGA event logbook, then choose from over 100 new caches placed for the day in typically krazy Half-Canadian style, then wrapping up with a fun-filled evening of food, indoor geocaching, trick or treating for kids of all ages, a costume contest, music and more! There may be limited registrations available the morning of the event, depending on how many have pre-registered, but don't risk being disappointed -- be sure to register in advance to ensure your spot for this event!
  9. Less than a month after the event came out from under wraps, we've already gone past 100 registrations on the geomonsterball.com website, and at least that many more logged on the geocaching.com event page but not yet registered! A full day of fun is in store for all ages, with a morning meet n greet, oodles of new caches nearby, and an evening of food, fun, indoor caching, music, vendors, and more -- you won't want to miss it!
  10. Half-Canadian's Seventh Annual Geocaching Halloween event is going to be so big this year, it couldn't be kept under wraps any longer! Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 22, for a full day of geocaching fun in Lynden, WA -- starting with a morning Meet 'n Greet and wrapping up with the gala GeoMonster Ball! As the Shop99er crew is taking a break from GeoBoo this year, this will be THE place to be this year, and with your help, we can push this event to MEGA status (500+ attending)! Here's the event page link -- be sure to log your "will attend" plans so we can start planning for this MEGA-sized event: GeoMonster Ball event page This event is too big to fit on one cache page, so be sure to check out the website and pre-register too: Geomonsterball.com -- The first 100 paid registrations will score a free event pathtag when they check in and sign the logbook the morning of the event!
  11. Indeed it is, Dick. And you brightened my day with your note! You are such a great example of what geocaching is all about, and I treasure the friendship with you that I would not have had were it not for our shared love of "tupperware in the bushes".
  12. The Super China Star Buffet has hosted geo-events before. It's big, has a separate banquet area that's not large (seats maybe 30) but the restaurant itself is good sized. Food was pretty good the last time I was there for a Cachecadians event. There's also plenty of parking.
  13. What a fun evening that was -- great to see so many folks, including lots of newbies, come out for an evening of fun in Ferndale! One lost and found item -- a dark blue folding umbrella was left on the windowsill behind the check-in area at Tillicum House. If anyone lost their umbrella Saturday night, contact Half-Canadian
  14. This year's Halloween event by Half-Canadian is shaping up to be the best one yet! Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 23 to solve a murder mystery whodunnit using your web-enabled smart phone, GPS, digital camera, and other high-tech gadgetry. You and up to 5 team-mates will assume the role of a pioneer character -- Doug Graves, Ima Goner, Dan Druffy, or Dee Zaster to name a few -- to solve the mystery by completing various challenges, accessing special websites constructed for the event, and using your geo-sleuthing skills to track down clues to the killer! Afterwards, meet up at event headquarters to enjoy hot cider and coffee and potluck dessert offerings. This will be a fun, family-friendly event suitable for seasoned geocachers and newcomers alike. Check out all the event details here: Half-Canadian's Halloween Whodunnit!
  15. I make a point of putting a good handful of small, kid-friendly stuff into any cache I find that's big enough to hold things. I don't need any more dollar store trinkets myself, but I know from experience how disappointing it is for a kid to open a cache and find it empty or full of trash. Consider it the (small) cost of enjoying a fun activity -- if you geocache to see what cool items you will find in a cache you'll be disappointed 99.9% of the time. Instead, brighten the next finder's (hopefully a kid's) day by leaving some goodies and don't bother taking anything yourself unless it's a trackable that needs to be moved.
  16. Half-Canadian


    For those in the northern part of the state or southern BC that won't be able to attend the memorial for Brian in Kenmore on Wednesday, Tee King (Pyewacket) and I are inviting you to join us at Sumas Park in Sumas, WA on Wednesday, August 4 at 3:30 pm to celebrate Brian's life and share some happy memories of him.
  17. REI should have them in their stores -- there's one at the south end of Bellingham. If they don't have them, I could probably scrounge up a couple sets that haven't been activated yet in my pile of caching stuff in the garage. I'm in Lynden. You can email me direct: laurie (at) fishsticks dot ca (and yes, it is ca and not com)
  18. Half-Canadian


    I had the privilege of working together with Brian for several years on the WSGA board, most recently with Brian serving as the amazingly organized and detailed secretary for our group. I knew I could always count on him to have everything carefully organized and ready for our board meetings, geocoin mailings, meeting minutes, membership badges ... you name it, he had it ready before I even asked. He and I enjoyed carpooling together over to the WSGA campout last summer and I got a chance to know him a lot better during that trip as we had time to talk about our lives outside of geocaching. Brian was also a man that really loved dogs, and that made him an extra special person in my eyes. He never batted an eye at being exuberantly greeted by Scooter when he was a passenger in "her" car, and he told me stories of how much he had loved the mini dachshund Heidi that he had owned before he became involved with caching. dadgum...I will miss you, my friend. At least I can take some solace in knowing that you aren't in pain any longer. Rest in peace, Brian.
  19. Good news about finding a lid! Thanks for keeping that special cache alive and intact for future seekers
  20. If I had a lid that would fit, I would drive it down personally. So sorry to hear that the original has gone missing, and I hope whoever decided to take it with them decides to return it, hopefully before tomorrow. HC
  21. Such a shame...she struggled with that demon for so long. I hope she is at peace now. Her Sweet Sixteen series was pure genius -- I spent a couple of long weekends camping in the area to seek them all out. Her creativity and sense of humor with her caches was amazing. I also remember fondly another weekend when I spent the weekend in Port Townsend. Karen and I placed a geocache in honor of Shunra's 500th find -- quite an accomplishment at that time years ago. Five of us piled into the cab of my pickup -- Shunra, Karen, myself and Shunra's daughter (plus Scooter the Wonder Dog) to go search out Shunra's surprise cache, and then went back into town to celebrate with a leisurely and delicious lunch at an outdoor cafe's sunwarmed patio. I'm glad I have that memory of her in happier times. I'll miss you, Karen.
  22. This listing has been pre-approved by Groundspeak. I have a clean pickup truck and camper for sale that might be the perfect rig for your Geowoodstock VIII visit this summer. The vehicle is located about 50 miles north of GWVIII, just off Interstate 5, and is registered in Washington state. My camping days are over, and I plan to sell this truck and camper as a package deal this spring, but first I want to offer it to the geocaching community for what might be an ideal part of your travel plans to the Pacific Northwest this summer. Imagine having your own "home away from home" at the GWVIII grounds to fix a home-cooked meal, grab a cold drink, or take a quick nap between events. Drive up to visit the last remaining Project Ape Cache and enjoy some camping in the beautiful Cascade Mountains afterward. Don't forget to visit the Original Stash while you're here too -- this vehicle is a breeze to drive and park, even in busy downtown traffic. 1996 Ford F250, 4 wheel drive, Super Cab with short bed: XLT trim package with twin captain's seats. Aft jump seat seats three small people, or folds flat for lockable storage inside the cab or a great spot for your geo-dog. Automatic transmission with overdrive, air conditioning, power steering, power brakes. Power windows, power door locks, power seats, tilt steering wheel, cruise control. 7.5 liter V8 engine with approximately 100,000 miles. Front and rear trailer hitch (front hitch makes a perfect spot for mounting a bike carrier) Condition of truck: Body and interior in very good condition. No dents or rust on body, no rips or damage to upholstery, non-smoking vehicle, clear title. Top quality Toyo tires with lots of tread remaining. Recent new brakes on all four wheels. All vehicle services up to date (oil changes, radiator, transmission, etc.) Doesn't leak or burn oil, engine compartment clean. Truck and camper will be freshly cleaned and ready for use at the time of sale and delivery to buyer. 1997 Adventurer by Adventurer RV - Slumber Queen, Western Canada's premier manufacturer of RV's. Camper model 80W, 8-foot length with extended cab-over queen size bed, can sleep up to 4-5 people. 3-way refrigerator (propane, 12-volt, 110-volt) Thermostat-controlled forced air propane furnace 3 burner stove with vent fan Flush toilet with holding tank Pressurized fresh water tank Deluxe Fantastic Fan upgraded ventilation system One-piece aluminum roof -- no leaks. Hydraulic Hijacker camper jacks, just rebuilt. Defects that I know about: Truck has a crack in the windshield (is not spreading and doesn't leak). In-dash CD player sticks sometimes. A flake of paint next to the windshield on the truck's hood about 4" diameter peeled off at the carwash. Odometer is calibrated in kilometers (I had this done while I was living in Canada. It can be changed back to miles if desired for about $200.00). Back camper's door has a small hole partway through caused by shifting cargo. I will also be including the following items to make your arrival in town easy -- just throw your sleeping bags and some groceries in the camper, and begin your Northwest adventure! A full complement of cooking equipment -- pots and pans, kettle, silverware and dishes, serving utensils, etc. Water hose and electrical extension cord for quick connection in RV parks and campgrounds. Supply of toilet chemicals, sewer hose, and rubber gloves. Full tank of propane. Campfire items -- kindling and fire starter, axe, marshmallow roasting forks. Folding aluminum steps for easy in and out of the camper. Two folding camp chairs "in a bag" The Fine Print: If you are serious about considering the purchase of this RV, please contact me either by replying to this thread, or contact me directly through my primary geocaching profile Half-Canadian and Scooter the Wonder Dog. I will be happy to furnish more photos, vehicle service records, or an independent mechanic's report. The private party bluebook price for the truck is $5,410 and $6,500 for the camper. My asking price for the package, including the extras listed above, is $11,500.00. If you are flying in for GWVIII, I can arrange to meet you at SeaTac (Seattle) airport to deliver the vehicle. You are also welcome to inspect the vehicle at my home ninety minutes north of Seattle by appointment ahead of time. I am not interested in renting the unit out for GWVIII, and will sell only as a package deal with the truck and camper. This is a clean, well-maintained vehicle at an affordable price that could just be the ideal geo-vehicle for your summer trip. If you're interested, let's talk!
  23. Enjoy your trip, Dick! By the way, the La Quinta rooms all have a microwave, refrigerator, and WIFI.
  24. Coulee City is not a major tourist destination -- as far as I know there is only one motel in town but if you want to drive to Wenatchee (about 1 hour) or Moses Lake (about 45 minutes) there are plenty of conventional chain hotels/motels to choose from.
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