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  1. Almost all of the ones we have overseas are still circulating. We hear from our Big Screw coin very often. There's not as good a record here in the good ol' US.
  2. I love any cache in the woods. I don't go out to gain anything from a find I just go out to have a good time. It doesn't matter what size just don't stop hiding them.
  3. What a wonderful time we had teaching these folks geocaching. They were having so much fun I couldn't keep up with them. This is our second time out with the Burn Center and will continue for the next years. Feel good AND go geocaching AND make new friends.....priceless
  4. Last saturday - six mile round-trip - in the rain and wind - for one cache. My wife didn't think I was crazy, she was right there with me. Had a great time. Dress appropriately and go for it. PS: The risk of a cold from walking in the rain is greatly exaggerated. You know and I know that you really can't get sick from walking in the rain. I have done it all of my long life and never got sick. Well wouldn't you know after my last escapade in the rain I came down with pneumonia and am just getting over it after 2 months. Now I have to somehow convince my loving wife that you can't get sick from walking in the rain
  5. All of the virtually cowtown caches are great. It's a shame the River Bend caches are all archived. It was one of my favorite areas. Maybe on my next trip someone will fill 'er up again
  6. Last time I went through Roanoke Rapids Ralph's was closed
  7. Why is intimate local knowledge so important in order to review submitted cache listings? Other than "all local laws apply" there aren't any regional or even state wide differences in the guidelines. As long as the reviewer knows where caches are and are not permitted, and which land use areas may have permits why should it matter that much? PS-how does one define a 'top geocacher'? Just look in the mirror Wimsey
  8. Wimsey my hero. I am just too big and clumsy to be stealthy. I just go for them and normally no one pays attention.
  9. Sherlock staffs, expensive but they'll help my big butt up the hill and turn over rocks so I won't have to. They are very strong.
  10. Thanks I will try Ebay. I know to buy it from Garmin would almost cost the same as the unit itself. they are 28.00 on Amazon
  11. We had a new series put out here some time ago and I did 16 FTF's myself in a day. Four of us had 50 caches put out for us for various milestones at one time. We got all 50 FTF's but that was a team thing with no one else hunting them so that wouldn't count. Gas prices have stopped me from dashing out anymore.
  12. You'll enjoy caching in the area. Try ncgeocachers.org for a little more input
  13. I found wimsey's Lou Reed cache with a hint from the owner (that couldn't find it himself, teehee). I was back two other times trying to "help" others find it and never found it again. I have lost two of my caches before they were published so I know the feeling.
  14. Caching and caches are alive and well in GW5land Raleigh, NC. Just a reminder nothing could be finer than to cache in Carolina. We have great caches and cachers. Come on and visit us. Thank yeeeeeewwwww
  15. Please feel free to put me on your BLACKLIST of DEADBEATS. When you are out of a job and have many expenses incl. medical, you make choices. I try to send a note to the folks that I have made reservations with explaining the situation. Hopefully I can get off of the BLACKLIST now that I have a job again and things are going better. Your friend Kenny the horsegeek
  16. We have the most wonderful geocaching community in the North Carolina area. We all worked so well together to make GW5 happen as well as all of our events no matter how large or small. There is always someone organizing a cache hunt. We have even gone so far as to have a "Let's Go Caching" topic on the NCGO forums. No matter where we go in the state (even into Virginia) there is always someone ready to go out with a group. I sure haven't seen any politics here just good old fashioned fellowship.
  17. Lately my Streetpilot 2620 is causing the BSOD on my PC when it is turned on. What in the world??? All I have to do is reboot before I turn it on and it is OK but it never happened before. I haven't loaded any new software lately
  18. I had the pleasure of seeing the samples today and they are great. They even look better than the picture could represent. Folks will love these.
  19. I wear the 965's all of the time. They are fantastic in wet conditions and going up and down hills. I have owned 6 pairs in the last 3 years. They are also the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. I wear a pair of Vasque hiking boots when the going gets real rough though
  20. I broke my ankle while caching south of Nashville, TN. I tried not to let it keep me out of caching too much. When I got my walking cast I got in all kinds of trouble going places I shouldn't
  21. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...f66df&log=y
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