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  1. Thanks for the moral support at least. Looked up on the trip planner and the nearest stop (Preston Fall City Rd SE & SE 43rd St) is about 6 miles away. Could take the main drag or a river trail to get there (trail's nearer to 6 miles than the road which is less). I'm currently pondering taxis that might serve the area....
  2. The person that I was depending on for a ride to GW8 is now uncertain, so since I'm without a car, I need to find other means to get there. If this were on a weekday, I could take public transit there, but there's nothing that comes within miles on a weekend. So, will anyone be coming from either Federal Way (transit center is a god meeting point) or somewhere in Seattle for the day, and has a open seat? I do have a fair amount of geocoins, though most are activated (unless you want a handful of Top 40 coins)... I'd be willing to contribute to gas and such too.
  3. I havn't been caching much of late... blame the cold weather, lack of daylight, fund, whatever. I'd like to get back into it, so I was wondering if someone in the BelleVue/Redmond area would be interested in helping me get a few more smilies. Whomever volunteers will need a car, because I don't have one, and be willing to pick me up after work (about 5pm). Oh, and I have something happening on Wednesday this week, and Fridays every week... Anybody willing?
  4. Not it! Awww... was I that bad of a passenger last time?
  5. Could I carpool from Federal Way with anyone down to that? Sounds interesting, but a little out of my bussing limit.
  6. Similar story for me... I recieved one at the same event. And the Jedi attended the event, even... mystery of mysteries.
  7. I think Crazy Monkey Tripod is rather muggle proof... cause who would climb the antenna mast just for fun? A cache that I have that employs a fake rock has fooled even experienced cachers... >:}
  8. Without any firm word from the powers that be, it seems so. Still, it could give people further reason to search, as the cache could contain an unactivated coin.
  9. I guess this is what happens when you don't read the forums for a month or two... guess I'll have to find this one by other means.
  10. I've got mine.. but I tried to activate one and got an error.. anyone else manage to activate one of theirs?
  11. I finally got mine... it went to the wrong address first. :{ I only ordered the tiger and turtle, but now I'm wishing I got all four. Are there any still for sale?
  12. I ordered 30... I don't know if that'll be enough, but it's all my current finances could handle.
  13. For those that don't know, the powers that were in control of this year's GeoCoinFest (in California) decided that having multiple events on the same day in different location, might sate peoples need for a coin-specific event. I threw my hat into the ring.. then delayed until almost the last day to get it published. Geocoinfest Multi Event - Washington Be sure to check the link at the bottom of the page, which has another link to a place where you can reserve coins that are specific for the event! (the deadline is Tuesday the 21st, btw) Now, this is my first event I'll be hosting.. so please be easy on me.
  14. Has anyone posted a track-log of the hike yet? I'd be curious to see just how far we hiked.
  15. So are there any of these available? I could've sworn I ordered some.. but I can't seem to find any confirmation/paypal emails about it. Ideally I'd like one of either the glow-in-the-dark or the BN with translucent.
  16. Sorry about that... I've been distracted to the extreme... I've still got to make a few more phone calls.
  17. It would be amusing if the site for the final was a webcam waymark, not geocache, imho. http://www.Waymarking.com/
  18. That would be a fall-back option, but I'd prefer a place where people didn't have to pay as they entered. Granted, the idea of having the selection of food is a good point.
  19. I volunteered to spearhead the GeoCoinFest event in October for the Puget Sound area - this isn't the mega event that happened earlier this year in california, but a group of smaller events all over the US and in other countries. Thing is, I havn't yet found a good location to host it. Based on past geocoin-related events, I expect around 100, so standard restaurant banquet rooms wouldn't suffice. I've pinged some schools, a few churchs, hotels, and a few convention spaces... So far, I've gotten a response back from ACME Bowling, which seemed interesting, and the Holiday Inn, though they want $$$ (especially if I want food as part of the deal). I've heard people suggest grange halls or town halls, but I'm not sure how to find any in south King County (since that's where I am). Any suggestions people can come up with?
  20. Aye, I did. I wonder if they are cast zinc, instead of a normal stamped metal. With the amount of detail in it, I wouldn't be surprised.
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