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What Kind Of Vehicle Do You Drive While Geocaching


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My '97 Boots, Combat Desert, with ??? miles.




They are soon to be retired and replaced by '05 Bellevilles, Combat. That retirement day will certainly be sad.


Like some of our friends, I have photos of my vehicle in action. To save you the download, here are a couple of links to show the vehicle in action-


Here it is at At Water Palace and here it is at Bedrock.



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Okay, here's mine:


'89 Toyota 4WD Van (Hence my name!). 27x8.50-14 BFG All-Terrains, 2" lift all the way around, 8" 130W Halogen lights, K&N, Grade/Tilt indicator, GPS (duh!). This thing has surprised alot of people (myself included) with where I can get it into and back out of. It's seen more off-road than 90% of the SUVs on the roads today. Fully loaded LE model with captain's chairs, seating for 7, built-in ice maker (factory), power everything, shorter wheelbase and tighter turning radius than a Toyota Tercel! 335,000 miles and still going strong on the original drivetrain!

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The wife rides a Trek Mtn bike and I ride an Appollo, we use these to go to work as well so have put over 2000KM in the last year. Mine has a Ram handlebar mount.

These are the first vehicles of any description we have owned in about 10 yrs. Before we got them it was bus/train/ferry or whatever the public transport was available .

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I used to drive one of these when I was 22. Geocaching had not been invented then but we used to use LandNav and SatNav to go places and find things.

It is 2,4 and 6 wheel drive. Can go from 6 gear 120 Km/h to 2nd reverse no problem and weighs 17 tons, not much stops a Ratel.

(pronounced rah-til)



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and to stir things up a bit......the rear


I LOVE IT! Is that a custom job? Where can I get a bumper sticker with that on it?



Yeah, It's a custom job. someone was selling them on Ebay, but I didn't want to wait and had one made locally. Anyone that makes the vinyl decals can make you one. Cost me 15 bucks and 10 minutes.

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I belong to the "Just Won't Let Em Die" club myself! I drive a 1984 Ford 3/4 ton. When the diesel engine gave out I coverted it over to a 400ci because it was the only thing remotely workable at the time. Gas was cheaper at that time too. I ride my 1985 Centurion road bike which is competing with the old Ford on mileage.


If I could just get this thing off the moon I think it would rule the geo-mobile sales for a long time...



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Just wondering what kind of vehicle do people drive while Geocaching. Do you have 4x4's for the off-road cache's? Are there road warriors that mainly stick to the ones that you can drive right up to, or hike back?


I have an 2005 Honda Element with all wheel drive B)

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As a caching mommy with caching kids, I get around fine in an ancient caching mini-van...when it runs. I guess the caching off-roading wasn't such a good idea;) Hey, it's better than using it just for the grocery store...unless there's a micro in the parking lot.

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