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What Kind Of Vehicle Do You Drive While Geocaching


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What about bikes? I've done a lot of my caches by bike - not just those near home (Cambridge, England UK), but also a couple in Scotland, although I had to get an overnight train then a day train to Oban, then a ferry to the Isle of Kerrara, with bike. Lower CO2 emissions than if I'd driven all the way!

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i drive that to the cache's not accessible from the water or to far to bike, its my perents car not mine (it may be germen but that does not meen it cant go off roading !!) :( but for the caches that can be found via the water i use my dingy or a kayak



(its that metel boat that is small)

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I cycle an REI Novara Randonee 27 speed Touring Bicycle. I pack the Panniers with my caching gear and head out on the road. Cause it is a touring bike with X-country type tires, I can hit horse trails or access roads to mountain summits. :D


Caching gives me new destinations for marathon cycling trips or quick detours on the way home from work. It is easy to park the bike while grabbing a quick urban cache, and it is a fast way to grab caches in state parks etc. When I run out of trail, I stash the bike and hike the final leg to the cache. I put my GPS in a handle bar holder and head out. I laugh as I pass the gas stations also :D

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I used to read this thread and drool at all the cool caching vehicles out there. I was caching with a 92 Honda accord that had 264,000 miles on and had been in 3 accidents while my teenage son was driving it.


My wife took pity on me and bought me a 2006 Xterra off road with all the goodies. Now I to can cache and feel cool, as long as I don't watch the gas guage.


I am planning on adding a K&N cold air intake and a spacer under the FI to see if I can get the MPG up there a bit in the near future.

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wow... so many people with jeeps. :o


I know this hobby is a good fit for me now.


my normal cache vehicle.





unfortunately, it's out of commission right now, cause I picked up a nail in one of the tires at a cache near a construction site and I'm procrastinating buying new tires for it since they are so expensive. :ph34r:


but my backup vehicle works almost as well. (4x4 and bigger tires, just harder to park)



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OK, I already answered this one, but some of the answers have changed. (Orig. post #204) I'm still caching in the Wrangler when it's just my lonely, but Koilady's Grand Cherokee has been retired. It was reaching the point where it was going to start getting expensive after a couple of years of being paid for. It was needing this and that so we replaced it with a GMC Envoy with more toys than I have all figured out yet. I know that it will go through some fairly heavy terrain if I insist, but I just havn't had the heart yet. The GC was no stranger to mud and such, it actually pulled the Wrangler out of pretty ugly stuff a couple of times. I'm sure the new one will hit the trail some time, but not for awhile yet I guess.

Tonight I drove home in a new (to me) cachemobile. I picked up an older class C motor home. (that's a camper body with a cabover sleeper on a 3/4 or 1 ton van). It has a shower, a can, a fridge, AC, and all the normal camper type amenities. Here's my theory. Koilady likes to sit and wait for me while I hit the trail. So- she can sit and watch the tube or play solitare, or take a nap. When I get back she'll have a nice meal waiting for me (yeah, right). I can take a shower and change into clean, dry, mud and tick free clothes. It won't go all the places the Wrangler will go, but it'll get close enough for most of the caches I usually go after. Caching a good fur piece from home won't be so unlikely either. Campgrounds are plentiful and Flying J doesn't really care if you crap out in their back lot for a bit.

I'll keep the group informed how this works out.

hairball :rolleyes:

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