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What Kind Of Vehicle Do You Drive While Geocaching


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I have three options, depending on the need.

For most civilized terrain I have a 94 Dodge Grand caravan.

For off road general use I have a 94 Jeep Cherokee. ( decent gas mileage )

When it could be really really bad , I have a 1984 Ford Bronco but at 8-10 mpg

(sometimes even as low as 6 mpg) and gas prices being what they are it doesn't get out much at all.

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Gocaching has been the bane of having a geocaching rig.


I bought a 75 GMC Jimmy to fix up. Then I found geocaching and spent all my money on that. The Jimmy needed too much work to cache in so I bought a 92 Ford Bronco, Then someone gave me an 85 GMC Jimmy Diesel which didn't run.


The Bronco needs work, The 75 is dead and the 85 is at the University being used as fodder for the VoTech Diesel Program and I'm looking at Land Cruisers...which sell for more than the dead and broken things would if they were nice and running are worth.


So I drive my Corolla.

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I had this nice 96 Mazda 626 LX with a V6 and a 5 speed. It also had low profile tires which made it a really challenging off road vehicle. I say had because earlier this summer my son (who I am thinking about dismembering) totalled it. I am now driving his 92 Honda Accord with 260,000 miles on it. It has some interesting features such as windows that don't roll down and a clutch that needed replacing. :lol:

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We have a few options. When it's the whole family, it's a 2005 Honda Odessey. Lots of room for everyone and easy in & out for when we get to the cache sites. When it's just me, it's a 1993 BMW R100GS. Not the easiest motorcycle to look at, but it gets me everywhere I want to go, in all kinds of terrain and weather. It doubles as my avitar. Mount the GPSr on the handlebar and I'm off & running. Thirty to thirty-five MPG for a 13 year-old bike (with a 30 year-old engine design) isn't to bad either. We also have a 1986 Nissan King Cab 4x4, just in case.




Keep on Caching - Kewaneh

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We drive a nice midsize sedan. A silver 05 Chevy Malibu. It has a GEO bumper sticker. The windshield has a plastic clip on the inside drivers side for holding our "This vehicle is not abandoned. The owner is just Geocaching." card. We have also customized the inside with two handmade GPS holders.


The Car


Tom's Mark I Holder


Donna's Mark II Holder


Tom's is on the left. He slides it down next to the window. Donna's is on the right. She sits hers in the groove of the window.

The hiking staffs go in the back seat (the staffs are a whole other story. Tom made those too).


Donna of The HPC

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For most of the caches we look for our basic transportation is my husband's Harley Davidson 2004 Heritage Softtail. It's great on gas mileage, get us to where we need to go, can turn around in a smaller area than the truck when we're not on the correct street in a strange area, and is just plan fun. The other vehicle is a 1997 F150. It's reliable and gets us there but not as much fun as the bike. I will admit it's much warmer though expecially in the winter.



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Since my primary drive is a '97 Gas Sucking Suburban, I try to incorporate caches into other trips. When it warms up again, I'll get my '47 Plymouth Convertible out for some caching. Since it's also something of a gas guzzler, I don't see doing a LOT of trips that aren't on the way to somewhere I'm already going. :(





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White Explorer. The most important accessory is the outrageous layers of dog mouth schmooze flowing windward from the back passenger windows. Creates a protective coating, inside and out. I no longer need to wax, because nothing can penetrate this stuff...


Best Explorer story: We did drive thru a fallow farm field :(, up a pretty good hill, to what we thought was a cache access point. Driving through weeds as tall as the roof. :P Parking adjacent to barbed wire, we then have to scramble down a rock hillside to get to GZ, near a creek. Exhausting return up.


On the way home, after a discouraging DNF, we drive past the asphalt parking lot and trail that followed the stream; an easy, picturesque hike to GZ? It made the return find that much sweeter.

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i usually use my 1998 honda CRV. it has just enough 4wd to get me through the mud and snow. i just hit 100,000 miles today geocaching.




my mom was looking at SUVs this summer. i made her look at jeep libertys and NISSAN XTERRAs. the nissan was a beast, but she thought it was too much of a mans car. ;)

the liberty didn't come in a standard transmission 4WD (!!!!)

she ended up getting a bmw x3, which is supposed to be great in the snow, but its not something i would dare bring out in the mud. regardless, that thing can MOVE on the asphalt.



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My cache mobile is looking pretty crappy compared to all these fancy 4WDs.. Don't come to much rough terrain in Indiana though. Hiking trails can get rough, but the roads to them are generally just full of potholes. Lots and lots of potholes.


Heres a pic at a cemetery cache in East Central Indiana.


00' Ford Contour

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I try to use the Blue Bomb whenever possible. It is a gas sucking 1972/1974/1979 (depending on what part you go by) F100 with a built 302:




It has actually been white since I painted it a year and a half ago, though...


When 4wd is required I use my gas sucking 1994 Suburban K1500. It actually gets better gas mileage than the Bomb, but still lousy.

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