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  1. Though Joe and I bumped heads on "caching style" (and just about everything else) back in the day, I always knew he was sincere in his vision and wanted nothing but the best for the geocaching world. GeoWoodstock has set the bar for events from day one, and that's in large part to Joe. I can just imagine Joe in line at the pearly gates, and Joe yelling up front to where St. Peter is logging in the newcomers, "Sign my name!". RIP JoGPS
  2. The king is dead. Long live the king!
  3. I've never "met" Mark, but we crossed paths when he first started caching because of our mutual love of Chrysler products. Since then I've talked to him almost daily online. He will be missed.
  4. Well, I decided to check out this new geocaching site and the closest listed cache to me is already a problem in my eyes. I'd have posted it over there like Keystone suggested, except their forum is so screwed up it wont let me log in. I even tried to reset my password, but it wont let me log on with the password they emailed me! PFFT! So anyway, the closest cache to me there is a cache that was listed on GC.com but archived because it was missing. Somehow the cache turned back up at a later date (possibly it was taken by a muggle, and later returned when they figured out what it was. That's happened before) but the cache owner for whatever personal reasons is not interested in unarchiving it or adopting it out. So someone else has taken it upon themselves to list this other person's cache over at OC.com. I don't think they did it to be malicious or anything, they just wanted more people to be able to enjoy an existing cache. But that's still a problem, isn't it? The real cache owner may have his own reasons for not wanting the cache listed on GC or OC. Maybe he wants to keep it as a private cache, or is just waiting until he has a chance to retrieve the container and logbook. In any case someone else has effectively hijacked his geocache and the owner has no control over his own property. Like I said, I don't think in this case it was done with any malicious, but that may not always be the case. And no, because of all the "beta" issues (more like alpha that should never have been public!) I can not log in and request it be archived, nor am I sure it's my place to do so even if I could.
  5. Unless the stump is on your property, you don't. what he said. Did the OP at any point indicate that the stump was not his property? Guess you missed that part, huh?
  6. Unless the stump is on your property, you don't. As a land manager (not a cache cop) I agree with what he said. If you took a chainsaw to something in a park I manage you would be getting a visit from a real cop.
  7. No, but when it reaches 20 pages they should.
  8. Mopar

    GC down

    Amazing job, all things considered. Thanks!
  9. Mike, while I own the VX-8R, I don't have the GPS module for it (yet!). However, from what I remember from the owner's manual, I don't think there is any way to enter a position and "goto" it. It just reports your current position for APRS use. I'm thinking it would just be a software issue, since all the hardware to do it is already there. Maybe if enough people suggest it to Yaesu they will add it.
  10. Congrats! But why does my post say ringbone?
  11. Ha! You think it was funny posting the same thing in 25 different forums? THE JOKE'S ON YOU! Now you have to find/read your 25 different threads to find out which one contains the answer to your question. HA!
  12. I was kinda thinking the same thing. Log all these obviously fake finds, never even actually emailing the answer, and wait and see if his/her log gets deleted, or at least questioned. If there is no reaction from the cache owner, the claim could be made that the owner is not properly maintaining the cache and it gets archived.
  13. Then why only virts? Why go through the trouble to date them all the same date? When I first looked some had been logged today, some several years ago. Now it seems that the ones from today have been changed too. I'm guessing so the log is buried down far enough to not be noticable.
  14. Heh, I just noticed this chucklehead too. Noticed he logged one of the toughest caches I've ever done with nothing more then a TFTC so I had to go look.
  15. GCB581 was listed 6yrs ago. It's grandfathered in, and would not be listed if it was submitted today. From the cache placing guidelines: If you "set it up, submit it and see what happens" you are going to be disappointed.
  16. Mopar

    APRS Uses

    Well it looks like some of the new HTs are being sold. Here are the first eham reviews. If you have a fast Internet connection you can download this informative 6.92meg VX-8R brochure. It shows pictures of the two ways the GPS module can be mounted on the HT as well as screen APRS shots. The blue tooth option looks pretty cool too! I wonder if they will take my VX-7Rs as trade ins! Well, my VX-8r has finally shipped. My wife ordered it for me for Christmas a month ago with the help of a few local geohams. There were so many backorders before hers that they just got to me. I should have it next week, but she didnt order the GPS module so it will be a bit longer before I can really try out the APRS.
  17. BUMP! STS-126 is launching at 7:55pm EST tonight.
  18. I can't vouch for the first 2 events you mention, but I've been to many of the yearly GeoJamborees. Can you explain what the heck you are talking about "'by strict interpretation of the rules' wouldn't be allowed."? GeoJamboree is about as typical an event as you can find. It's a picnic in a park. For 300 plus people, but still just a picnic. Everyone brings food to share. No wagon trains. No organized cache runs. Not even very many new caches and even fewer temp "event only" caches (There are usually a few hidden for young kids to allow them to find a cache on their own). A few fun games here and there (example: best campsite sign for those that camp out for the weekend) that have nothing to do with the event. I don't see how GeoJamboree skirts the rules? The only thing I see skirting the rules is you (and a handful of other people )seem to have logged the 2007 GeoJamboree cache attended twice by mistake. It appears you found a NAVICACHE and accidentally logged it on the event page instead of the cache page over at navicache.
  19. Here's one of ours. (We have 2 4x4s, his Dodge and her Honda) From last weekend in the White Mountains of NH. It's not as nimble as a Jeep, but it gets a full crew and gear where we want to go.
  20. Mopar

    Vote 2008

    Maybe having been Governor of Alaska is what qualifies her to be VP? Just a thought... BTW, I vote for geocaching, too I'm even more surprised many people think being a pot smoking, cocaine snortin' domestic terrorist lovin' community organizer qualifies one to be the president. But that's just me.
  21. Add a NY one to the list: GCJ11J
  22. Can we make a list? I know the last time this was done, a few archived here in CT were not actually on NPS land at all. They just happened to *mention* the AT.
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