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What Kind Of Vehicle Do You Drive While Geocaching


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So far, either my cousin's Chevy, which I know nothing about or...


Our Ford '94 F150 V6 Ext cab. It looks funky when we (she and I) pull up somewhere, and the two doors open, then the two smaller doors open and 5 kids (both of ours) tumble out. It's a good thing the 5 year old doesn't want to go with the group, as we wouldn't be able to fit her in!


The other car is a Mercury Sable - not my favorite thing to drive though, too hard to get in and out of frequently (low to the ground)...

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i wanted a subaru but couldn't afford one last year when i had to get a new car. i drive a nissan altima right now which is great for mileage and roomy (nice for caching with my buds). it is no good for anything remotely offroad though. :ph34r:


i like the car overall, though.


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I drive a little '00 S-10, and my wife has the '05 Xterra that I would love to get my hands on and rig up for some serious offroading.....But that is like asking for a day off at work, gotta go through the system.


I'm contiplating on trading my S-10 in for an older Xterra, very versitle machine they are!!

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01 chevy z71 ext cab 4 dr with the 5.3! lottsa power and all the comforts!! it goes everywhere and looks good doing it!!! lol

Same here...'01 z71 5.3l, when I had to get new tires last year I upgraded to light-truck tires (most trucks come with passenger tires) so I can handle the more rugged terrain without worrying about damaging a tire. Those heated leather seats are a godsend after a winter cache hunt (or winter pheasant/deer hunt for that matter)


The truck goes on most planned cache runs, especially if terrain might be iffy, otherwise my '96 honda civic is my daily driver and quick-cache-run vehicle.


Thinking about trading the civic in for either a Subaru Outback or a Scion xB. Subaru would be more practical for caching/camping/kayaking/etc....but those Scions are sharp......

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1998 Buick Regal aka The Cache Mobile.. The ultimate in caching transportation. Leather, electronic seats, premium sound system, electric sun roof, four wheel anti-lock disk brakes, sport suspension, air conditioning...........the works. We make a major modification when converting from winter travel to summer, we flip that little switch from 'heat' to 'cool' and off we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We've even taken the Mobile off-road a couple of times...sweet. :anitongue::unsure::laughing::shocked::laughing:

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