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  1. I walked by a parked police car and hid a cache 50' away from it without a problem. The long chain of zzzzzzzzz's coming out the open window assured me that I hadn't been seen. I was going to pound on his hood when I left the area, but decided not to!
  2. Don't you guys know that that's really Santa Claus? He can travel around the world in one night, it's just taking him a little time to log all the caches!
  3. In my humble opinion, we don't need tougher, unenforcable laws against guns or crime, we need tougher judges and police to enforce the existing laws and dole out the proper punishment! A slap on the wrist and back on the street doesn't deter crime. It seems like the criminals have more rights than the law abiding citizens.
  4. Bought my first one for marking fishing holes and monitoring trolling speed on Lake Michigan. Second one just for Cachin'.
  5. Winter - 8" Wolverines waterproof with 800 gram Thinsulate over Merino Wool socks. Summer - 6" Thorogood waterproof Hikers over J. C. Penneys cotton socks. REALLY COLD Winter - Workz by Red Wing Pac Boots
  6. Found this on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_waters "I think we need a bigger boat!"
  7. Nothing beats Cash in a Cache! Actually, I agree with gh patriot, an empty dry logbook.
  8. If he'd been flying over Kentucky or Arkansas he may have gotten too close to somebody's still!
  9. Try posting here: http://www.indianageocaching.com/ I see you're a member there.
  10. She's still a dog until she can log onto the computer and create her own profile. When she does that, she'll become a tadpole.
  11. Generally a FTF prize is something more valuable than a dollar store trade item and something that the finder would want to keep. I've read about gift cards for stores or restaurants up to $50.00 being used with some caches having prizes for first, second and third finders. It depends your resources and what you think would be appropriate. I do some woodworking and used items I made (Wood Christmas ornaments, wine bottle stoppers, keyrings, etc.) as FTF prizes.
  12. I've got business cards from my woodcraft business and cards from my "Real" job. I'd use them if the log was damaged or missing. I found one in a cache today from a police officer.
  13. I've only had one close call. I was going to place a new cache and when I pulled into the parking area, I noticed a police car sitting on the road to my cache. Nobody's supposed to drive on that road, but the barricades have been gone for a while. I decided to go for it and as I approached the car, I noticed that the officer was sound asleep. I quietly walked by, not wanting to wake the officer, since I didn't have any donuts to calm him down. When I returned about 20 minutes later, he was still sleeping, so I quietly passed him again. He finally woke up when I was about 100 feet beyond him and drove away, not knowing what I had done.
  14. Some of the courses in the Chicago area have GPS units on the carts, that do it for you. I'll take up golf when I can't hold a GPSr any more!
  15. Beat me to it, the packaging is very fragile and there are too many other good things to leave instead. How about gift certificates to the local ice cream parlor instead? McDonalds Gift Cards instead of McToys!
  16. Go out and find a few to get some ideas of containers, placement and concealment, decide what type of cache you want to place, then click on Hide & Seek a cache.
  17. Season Greetings to all. In case you haven't seen enough Christmas specials, here's my gift to you: http://www.fanpop.com/spots/christmas/soapbox/64 All the videos are full length with no commercials. I posted it in Off Topic too. And to all a Good Night!
  18. You could always put together a Central Indiana group and plan picnics etc. for that part of the state. I've been tossing around the idea of starting a group in Northwest Indiana, but WORK always gets in the way. I have attended a couple of Chicago area get-togethers and had a good time.
  19. I don't know. I once saw a movie where they couldn't figure out how a man died. Sherlock Holmes found a tiny hole at the base of the man's skull, the area of the medulla. He had been stuck there with a sewing needle! Seriously though, I don't think the kit would be a problem.
  20. Oh, I foresee a "Track in the box" type meltdown. Thank you! I was so hoping for a TITB reference in this thread! I was gonna have to do it myself if I got the end with out it.: BTW, did anyone else notice that the OP originally claimed to be from PA, the same as TITB? Or that the OP joined the site the same day that TITB got banned? "I'll take 'Things that make you go hmmmmm' for $200, Alex." His profile says he's from California. Seems to be in the state of confusion.
  21. SANDALS while Geocaching??? No ankle support! You could twist your ankle, fall down on the cactus, get an infection and DIE!!! You need to take the dangers of caching more seriously!
  22. I'm from Eire, PA Profile says California. I think he's in the state of confusion!
  23. Man, if you fall off that rock you could get hit by a car! At least there's no cactus! A steel foundry would be private property and wouldn't be allowed.
  24. Maybe all Geocaching should be banned. You could breathe paint fumes while painting a container or get a papercut while putting the logbook in it, (danger of infection), not to mention the dangers that exist while traveling to the cache location, ie. traffic, muggers, exhaust fumes, falling meteors or space stations, etc. How many people were hurt looking for this cache?? It's only funny 'til somebody gets hurt, then it's hilarious!
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