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  1. I have an old Handspring Visor with the usb hot sync cradle if someone is interested. I installed 2 batteries to make sure she still fired up. Must be that good old solid state electronics. These models have the Springboard module slot for expansion. You can still find the gps modules on eBay. Fairly cheap. If any one is interested email me, I would like to see this go to someone who would keep it from the solid state junk yard...my lower left hand desk drawer.
  2. Email sent. Just in the process of setting up a new cache and would proud to have this included in your project.
  3. If the Department of Entomology was to ever need a dynamic "tick per square mile" population count they could call on me...not a willing subject but no means! Put me smack dab in the middle and they will hone in on me like stink on dewdew. I was out mushroom and wild asparagus hunting with two friends in SD, at the end of our hunt I came out with 13 ticks compared to 1 on each of them, garnering the coveted Tick Magnet Award for the 3rd straight year. Being susceptible to tick bites, light skinned, fair-haired, I dress with a large brimmed hat, light-colored long sleeve shirt and pants. Being in love with the outdoors I will prevail... by adding duct tape to my arsenal along with a tick and flee collar... I might just stand a chance.
  4. 12 Pages = 225 caches 12 Pages = 100 miles 2 Coins in 225 caches those being USA geocoins 2 Jeep TB outweigh coins in my area at 25 in 225 caches Interesting post! I released an unactivated USA geocoin for a FTF and the first and only visitor commented on this being his first coin...so far.
  5. For some strange reason I found myself calculating a simple "per capita based caches" when looking at my home state figures...an illness at times being a numbers freak...I must stop and therefore go on...I have only meager cache numbers to my credit but SD must get busy
  6. Thanks for the info, I'm meeting with a friend who retired from the corp, he worked at the Fort Randall dam until his retirement. He briefly game me the same info and I'm looking forward to his insight. As I look back on my original post, I was more interested in finding info on the disk itself and not really concerned with the cache and it's placement, I will leave it in it's present location, and not mark it as a waymark. I rec'd a great response on the FTF for the cache and let other cachers enjoy the location. For that I apologize for posting a survey type question. http://us.a2.yahoofs.com/groups/g_17481403...rB46TEBwM.z35k8
  7. I will link up a picture of the benchmark http://us.a2.yahoofs.com/groups/g_hr_17481...r4QaTEBsOIlk89h I'm working on photoshop to highlight the scribe in concrete but at first guess it looks to be: 4-19-A
  8. I was trying to upload my picture, but the marker states Corp of Engineers US Army, Survey Control Mark, Station and has a triangle in the center of the disk. There is no data in the elevation field. That was my problem with too many disks in the area when I did my first search too, hope the disk info helps. The dam site has so many survey disks I can stumble on them easier than downloading the waypoints and search for them using my GPS. Survey posts are easy to spot driving to the dam. Thanks for your help!
  9. I was out placing my first cache My 1st Cache (a benchmark in itself) and while finding my perfect(?) location a US Army Corp of Engineers survey control mark was found on my hill. No prior knowledge of this being there, I thought why not do a "2 Mints in One" sort of thing. Visitors can log my cache while also logging a benchmark. I searched the database for the location using the coordinates but it was not in the database. Do I: A: Just pass it off? B: Wait until they update the database with a "report a new benchmark" C: Mark it as a Waymark and let visitors log it as such? D: Move my cache to a more remote location, far far away, allieviating this matter alltogether? Is there a better way to go about finding a certain one benchmark in the database other than having to read the many listed even when searched by specific coordinates? A newbie Thank You
  10. I just set out my first cache, a milestone in itself, and placed an unactivated FTF USA geocoin in it's contents with another one activated and set to travel. I need to update my cache's contents also as I forgot to log that into my inventory! Thanks for insight on "how to keep your geocoins travelling" ie: drilling a hole and attaching a tag to the coin. My Grand Experiment, only on a Small Scale. I would like to see a Moun10Bike or other landmark geocoin(s) come passing through my sparcely pop. area, just to have one in my grubby little hands...only for a short time. I would keep'em moving.
  11. I posted Kewaneh's response to the forum with "full credits of course" a little late in responding, my lowly excuse is that treasure seeking is a full time job Sure will keep ya posted, should I ask more info on the Peggy's Cove saga, hense my forum name, always like a good pirate story to pass on to the kiddies!
  12. Kewaneh, Thanks for the help, that puts us back on track to solving the puzzle. Knew I could count on the benchmark community
  13. I've been a metal detecting nut for years and came across this post in one of the forums. I've been working on the location but need some help from anyone that might offer some suggestions or insight. Thanks for the help! http://www.treasurenet.com/f/index.php?PHP...12d&topic=33133. http://www.treasurenet.com/f/index.php?act...ach=30642;image[/img] The English translation of the carving on the rock reads "1822 May 3, to the north 1505"
  14. I belong to the "Just Won't Let Em Die" club myself! I drive a 1984 Ford 3/4 ton. When the diesel engine gave out I coverted it over to a 400ci because it was the only thing remotely workable at the time. Gas was cheaper at that time too. I ride my 1985 Centurion road bike which is competing with the old Ford on mileage. If I could just get this thing off the moon I think it would rule the geo-mobile sales for a long time...
  15. I thought I could help but all of you have this covered well. Been bicycling and mapping my routes for many years now, GPS routing for 3 and still learning alot from the posts. Thanks
  16. I have a South Dakota coin in the advanced stages of production. Alex. Glad to see one from coming from South Dakota, please put me in for at least 2. I was trying to get ahold of the most active cachers in West River and East River SD for a "consortium of sorts" design. Will set this on the backburner and await the coin. Thanks
  17. Enjoyed reading the posts as I lived in Albuquerque, can still spell it too, and miss the balloon fiesta. Last one I was involved in was...remembering is such a handicap somedays...1993 57th Coupe Aeronautica Gordon Bennet Race. I believe the winner landed around Hastings, NE starting from Albuquerque. I worked at a company called Phillips Semiconductors, then Signetics, which was a short hop, and a great view when working weekends, from the Fiesta park. Cheers to all you fliers out there!
  18. Just curious on how things turned out. I've been busy with a start up company and battling the worst cold of my life... Didn't want to start an epidemic with my name attached to it so I'm sure you all are glad I couldn't make the trip.
  19. Nice, I have some friends who live in NE and travel to the Sturgis area every year. Last year they stopped by every Historical Marker they passed by just to try something different and thoroughly enjoyed it. Opened my eyes again and will try this as I try not to speed through life's point A to Point B!
  20. I'm bummed I missed out on your coin sale! I will be stalking this post for another chance!
  21. Just noticed on the website http://www.geocoinstore.com/ that they ship on 3-22
  22. Just picked up two for my meager collection. Nice coins! Cheaper than EBay
  23. On the other hand, Being-for-itself (l'pour-soi) refers to the transcendent being characterized by consciousness and freedom. It is the being of man, one who defines his own essence and gives meaning to his own existence through the choices he makes. It is the realm of the human being, characterized by consciousness and freedom, which enables man to decide meaning for himself. By nurturing his own meaning, man gives his own existence. Moreover, the for-itself exists in so far as it is a nihilation of the in-itself. Without this relation to the in-itself, there can be no for-itself. Finally, the nothingness of the for-itself necessitates its project, its perpetual struggle towards the in-itself....Sartre I flunked spelling too. I think it is a bunch of malarkey myself.
  24. I've been working on this Lunar Land Rover Retro thing for some time but my computer skills lack something. My friends owned a junk yard once upon a time and this looks like the yard vehicle we through together. I was trying to set a character looking thru binoculars (eyes popping out with the 2B Amazed look). That purple heart is awesome! For now, I'm heading off for my #2 pencil, Big Chief tablet and my crayola box. Thanks for any ideas and help.
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