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  1. No. you do not have to wipe the internal memory clean. Just install navcore 6 and offroad on the SD card. When the SD card is installed it will boot and run off of it and ignore the built in memory. Just leave navcore 7 on the internal memory for driving and put the SD card with navcore 6 and off road on it in the unit when you get to the cache site and start looking. Paul
  2. the tomtom one 3rd edition runs navcore version 7. That version does not play well with the offroad program. I have the one second edition and keep a SD card with the older version of navcore 6 and run the offroad on that. Then I keep another SD card with navcore 7 to use when driving. version 3 does not have an sd card slot so it is tough to do that.
  3. i just orderd 3 of these $12 each lifetime guarantee http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820211029
  4. Using GSAK will do it in bulk. You can not do it, easily, using add content feature TomTom Home. You can also use GPSbabel www.gpsbabel.org, the engine behind GSAK, which everway you choose you will need to download the GPX or LOC file from geocaching.com convert to the OV2 format for tomtom and copy the file into your tomtom's map directory. If you hook your tomtom to your pc it will show up as a removable hard drive. use explorer to browse the drive. you will see a directory that contains your map(s). Mine had a Guam and a US_Canada Directory. in there you will see a bunch of OV2 files. the restaurant.ov2 is the POI file for restaurants the stores.ov2 is the retail stores poi. I read your profile and saw you where in the UK. I downloaded a UK cache,GC17X8t, loc file converted it to OV2 using GSAK and put it here. http://home.comcast.net/~team_dougherty/tomtom/geocaches.ov2 Download it and put it in the map directory on your tomtom and it will show up on your map. you can download all of the loc files you want put then in GSAK and convert them to tomtom.
  5. Down load a copy of GSAK from here www.gsak.net. You can download a GPX file from geocaching.com and GSAK will export it to your TT1 in it's own format. You need to export the file into the map directory on your tomtom. The waypoint in a tomtom are .ov2 files. There is a macro for the new version 7 of GSAK that will separate the caches by type and use the appropriate icon for each. Multi will show the multi icon, regular caches will show the regular icon etc... it works very well.
  6. I use my GPS all the time on my boat. It is great for find those spots where you have caught fish.
  7. Here is a website that will answer a lot of your tomtom questions. www.tomtomforums.com
  8. I agree I have the $18 maglite brand LED upgrade in my 2D cell light and the beam can be focused with out a problem. I have used it on several night caches with others and their "fancy" LED lights and it out performs all of them. The one cacher I was with has one of those that took 2 of the cr123, expensive, batteries and it was dead in 30 minutes. It was bright but more of a flood light though not very good for finding the fire tacks. If you are upgrading you MagLite use the maglite upgrade.
  9. Go here http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Magellan_Meridian/ sign up. Goto the files section. down firmware version 5.41. That should fix it
  10. I have had the Lacrosse charger for a couple of years now and I agree, It is a cool charger. The test, discharge and refresh features are great. Just a note it can charge 2 batteries at 1800 ma. each
  11. I use a mixture of different type of Ni-Mh Batteries. Usually, what ever is on sale. Microcenter just had a 4 pack of 2000 mha digital brand for $3.99. They have served me well so far. Like others have mentioned they tend to self discharge over time. So in “mission critical” applications, a flash light for example, I use the lithium batteries. You will be surprised how long they last in a LED flashlight. Plus I always keep a fresh set of alkaline and/or lithium in the back pack back for safety. I know a lot of people say to get good batteries and you won’t be let down. That may be true, but I think the type of charger you get is more important. I use this one http://www.thomas-distributing.com/la_cros...ery_charger.php each battery section is independent. One can charge an “AA” battery another can charge an “AAA” battery while the another two can be “re-freshing” two “AA” batteries. It will accept different capacity batteries in each section. The current rate can be set from 200ma to 1800ma. The only draw back is it can only put 1800ma into the outside holders. The max it can do with 4 batteries is 1000ma to each holder. It will maintain a trickle charge on the batteries after they have reached full charge. The best feature is you can put what you think is a bad battery in it and put it in re-fresh mode and it will put in a charge then discharge mode until the capacity comes back. I am not saying it will bring back all batteries. It has brought a couple of mine back. Even though $45.00 seems expensive it comes with some accessories that are cool. It even comes with a 4 pack of “AA” and “AAA” Ni-Mh Batteries.
  12. I have a couple of these. http://www.tickedoff.com/ I keep them in the cars, pop-up and house. They are great for removing ticks. I do not rember where I bought them though. It was not from the above website. I am thinking a camping store though. They where much cheaper where I bought them though and they work great. Paul
  13. Try here http://www.allelectronics.com/cgi-bin/cate...0/Flashing.html
  14. I bought this Battery Charger a few months ago after reading many, many reviews and tests results about it. I have to say it has lived up to my expectations. It has brought many a battery back to life that my old charger would not charge. The refresh and test features are great. The fact that it can charge from 200ma to 1800ma is fantastic. need 2 batteries for your GPS in an hour turn it up to 1800ma need them in the morning set it to 200ma. I am still using 1800ma batteries. I will recommend this charger to everyone and anyone. Paul
  15. I use the Light at the top of this page. It works very well for looking into stumps and other things before putting your hands in there. It gives off a lot of light though but, It does not light up reflectors very well for night caches. I use one of these for that.
  16. Congratulations to koikeeper, she hit #100 today in only 4 months of caching Paul Team Dougherty
  17. Did not realize it was old. I was just reading the forums and I followd a link to it and started reading. I had something to add so I posted.
  18. Try here www.lightsout.org. they have articles written on how to disable DRLs. I posted an article on how I disabled the ones on my Saturn. Paul
  19. I can say that my Disk 3 for mapsend Topo 3D cracked from the center out from using it in my laptop Magellan replaced it for free. The downside is I could not use my program for two weeks while the disks made a round trip to Oklahoma and back. Paul
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