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What Kind Of Vehicle Do You Drive While Geocaching


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HMMMM..... seems I'm one of a kind. the lone sane mind in a world of heepers.


<------see avatar

I drive a 1987 Suzuki Samurai......everyday, to work and play.

I also use it to pull out the heeps....and I have witnesses....who were also driveing heeps.


Matt :D


btw- Yes, it's a Jeep thing. I got it, and it burned when I peed :D , but anti-biotics cleared it right up!



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Hey, I liked the 6x6 posted by PerfectPair. The question was posed, "Anybody know of any good offroad related caches?" I don't know where you live but I seen an interesting cache that involved a river that was possibly water filled or dry and involved wading in water and the possiblity of snakes. I thought a 6x6 would be the perfect vechile to avoid all the unpleasantries. I would like to ride in one sometime. The cache is:

Row versus Wade by Snoogans & The Buck Night Bunch

I looked at the cache page again. It says there was a great deal of huge logs and debris. I didn't recall that. Large logs could possibly be a problem even for a 6x6. Oh well,

One of these days I want to post a photo of my ultimate geocaching machine. But I haven't decided where I should have my photo placed where it could be linked here.

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I'm in love. Wanna trade?

Thanks for the kind words on our VW! I can't trade (my wife would injure me severely), too much blood, sweat, and tears put into this car. I didn't realize it was going to be our primary geocaching vehicle, because we didn't cache until recently. It fits well though.


BTW, I see that you kayak. I have a Pungo that I just love!



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'05 Chevy trailblazer 4x4, 72 Toyota land cruiser or 85 Toyota 4runner. The 4runner is highly modified (5.29 gears, lockers, dual transfer cases, 37" tires, and will go anywhere I want to go & most places I don't so it gets me close to most caches. The Land Cruiser (BLUCRUZ) is being modified/rebuilt and will replace the 4runner when done. The Blazer has never let us down yet, great little rig on & off road.

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We always use "Lexie," my beloved 2000 Lexus LX470... :(


Don't laugh... she has 140,000 miles & is extremely reliable... she off-roads darn well (we actually drove her up to the Colorado River Overlook in Utah when she was only 4 months old!)... she seats 8... and holds a BUTTLOAD of swag bags & CITO'ed garbage! :(


Happy caching!

Lori V.


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Usually I'm in my 1998 Buick Skylark with 150,000 miles on it and still going strong. If I'm with the hubby, I'm in our 1994 Chevy 2500 Silverado Turbo Diesel with 170,000+ miles. Now, if the the husband is out alone, he's really stylin' in his 1987 Chevy cargo van (brown!) with . . . .hmmm, I lost track. . .over 300,000 miles (seriously!). Obviously we (well HE!) believes in getting the most of a vehicle.


I do have something cool though and actually made in this century. And I have been geocaching with it. This is my 2003 Honda CRF150 dirt bike. Not street legal so it's just a play toy.



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Well, since my wife doesn't like to get the mini-van dirty, TEAM RETRIEVER usually piles into my 2001 Ford Ranger. It's got the extended cab and we can fit two adults and three kids in there (all with seatbelts on too). It's 4-wheel drive and has gotten me through some snow and mud in the past. The only drawback to it is it's yellow! LOL! My wife and daughters think it's "cute". :lol:



Here's a pic of our daughters at a cache site, with the yellow beast in the background (notice the Green Bay Packers license plate on the front)...



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I drive a Subaru Outback Sport (the little one!) for geocaching. The all-wheel drive and general toughness has never let me down, even when I do stupid things (that happens a lot).


BTW, in Subaru's DRIVE magazine this quarter, there is a great article about geocaching.


Someone may have already mentioned this, but if they haven't take a look at http://www.drivesubaru.com/CurrentIssue.htm for the gorgeous cover of this quarter's magazine.


The accompanying article lives up to the cover's hype and can be read at http://www.drivesubaru.com/Win06_Feature.htm


There's nothing new or extraordinary about the information provided, but it's a good primer for geocaching. I imagine the first link will change in a few weeks when the new edition comes out, but the link to the article should be good for a long time.



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Currently have a Landrover, although 4WD is not required for any of the caches around me. Although I would love to own the lightweight, mine's the Freelander, and unseen somewhere between the two is a White Jeep TB that I had just collected from a nearby cache.




I then took the TB for a ride in a completely different form of caching vehicle - one with great GPS signal wherever it goes, but not good for looking in and around trees!









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My main ride is a '92 Jeep XJ it gets me anywhere I need to go, then I have a '03 Dodge Durango if the whole family is going. Then on those warm days and not so muddy drives, I have an '89 Honda Pacific Coast which just makes the whole experience better.


JEEP ROCKS !!! <_<

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Class B motorhome (the great unwashed call it a "campervan"). With all of the advantages of a motohome in a van sized package, I have all the comfort that I need between caches. It's so nice during the summer to return to a cold drink with ice out of the fridge, and to sit on the couch in an air conditioned room. Fix a hot lunch in the microwave, then on to the next cache!

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Honda CRV! Love the 4wd.....unfortunately "Hey...why don't you drive through the cornfield....they'll just follow us thinking that is where the cache was!" proved 4WD is NOT invincible....but it does still get me where 4cylinders worth can get me!


PLUS up to three geodogs could get in the fenced way back if my pup wants pals. :D

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I'm in love. Wanna trade?

Thanks for the kind words on our VW! I can't trade (my wife would injure me severely), too much blood, sweat, and tears put into this car. I didn't realize it was going to be our primary geocaching vehicle, because we didn't cache until recently. It fits well though.


BTW, I see that you kayak. I have a Pungo that I just love!



Nice bug, what year is it ? Judging by the bumper, looks like a 70s model?

I miss my old 70 camper, it was a month younger than me andcame complete with the original Westfalia tent that hooked onto the sliding door opening.

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It's a 74 ( yeah, the bumpers kinda give it away). I've actually been looking for a 68-71 Westy camper for a while, but the prices are fairly extreme for one in decent shape!


I know I'm off topic, but here's a pic of when we first bought it and started working on the many problems it had.




But it IS our primary geocaching vehicle, so maybe I'm not off topic too much???



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1994 pontiac aztec. it's a great, awd and traction control for icy ak winter caching. enough clearance for most any road, easy on the gas 3.4 engine pulls a trailer up a mtn no problem. also it is ugly so that you can pick up a used one cheep + my wife and i and dog sleep in it when camping instead of a tent.

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