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  1. I didn't get any e-mails (and still don't). I just logged on to the GC forums today to see if anyone could solve my e-mail problems and found this response. You are sweet to notice that. I know that volunteering takes a lot of time and you are sweet to take the time to notice that cache and remember to reference it here. Fortunately, while I was watching the bug (without e-mails, but logging in since I knew that the bug had moved), I suspected that it had moved into a new cache. Little did I know how personal and sweet the cache would be. Very sweet and I didn't deserve it. I especially didn't deserve an approver noticing. You are all so sweet and thoughtful. On topic again, any thoughts on recieving e-mails again?
  2. How did you make the fake limbs (assuming they are fake...lol)? Feel free to e-mail off board with details, details, details.
  3. It's not my spam filter. I checked and the address isn't blocked. More than likely, it's my imaginary pet ostrich, Mortimer. When he molts, he's been known to put his computer hacking skills to mischevious use
  4. I have Yahoo!...how can I check that? If that's the cause, then why is it that I get my GC weeklies?
  5. For almost a year, I've gotten e-mails from a big event that I cancelled from my watchlist (since I found out that I couldn't attend). Anyway, no biggie. I survived that. Just press delete (and cry a little since I really wanted to go lol) THE BIG ISSUE is that I am not getting e-mail notification of people finding my cache. I just thought that they all hadn't been found in a little more than a month and that my caches had been boycotted because people were jealous that I was the coolest cacher ever LOL I only found out because I just got a cache published and didn't get the notification. I looked into it and found that all my caches have had numerous hits in the past month, but I didn't get e-mail notification. It was fun reading all the back logs. Thankfully, I hadn't been notified by a finder of a maintenence issue. I still do get the weekly notifications so I hadn't really thought about it. What can I do to change this? I either get notifications for things that I've cancelled, but I get e-mails anyway or I DON'T get e-mails when I really need to know what's going on with my caches.
  6. NO private property signs...land owners are companies and when I first started caching I tried to find out through the municipality who owned the land...they laughed and said, "if you know, then tell them to pay taxes on it" In fact one of my Girl Scouts owns land that backs up to this land and has an outstanding lawsuit that transfers with the deed to pay for lawnmowing labor. When I say..."technically private property" I mean that there is public property that is less accessible. Just was inquiring about Groundspeak's rules.
  7. I've always "Garmin Etrexed-it". I've averaged coords after taking 10-20 of them after walking away at least 500 feet in EVERY direction each time as per forum advice. The best coords I've gotten come after I sit that stinkin' Garmin Yellow in one place for 20 minutes (I eat a snack) and record those...cachers have found those to be much more accurate. I'm so glad I quit all that averaging effort. The averaging was SO off.
  8. OMG...it haunts me still on the national forums. Since none of us woods-lovers respect mis-identification, I MUST reiterate that this was, in fact, a "Boy-Deer" and not even close to a "Man-Deer". Sorry, man...(not really )
  9. I'm entirely sure that there's a topic that covers this, but search doesn't seem to find it... The "bestest" woods in my area seem to be privately owned, but the land changes hands every six months or so and nobody seems to pay taxes on anything. They just buy it, drill to see if it is lucrative for them to build condos, find out that it's not and sell it. There are hunter's stands, adults and adolescents exploring the woods at any given time, and I've lived up in some of these places for more than a week in a tent when I was in between teenagerhood and post-teenagerhood (as well as marraige-hood and divorce-hood) LOL They are still, technically "private property" even though the hunters and campers don't seem to know this. Is this a lucarative cache placement option? The only reason that I know that this is private property is bc I researched the land to make sure that I'm on the up-and-up. I've been advised of the "frisbee rule". Just want to hear some feedback to see what national opinion is as well as reviewer's.
  10. Part of the FTF enjoyment is grabbing a devious cache when your almost sure that you're FTF and find out another hound got it 10 minutes before you did and calling the FTFer and giving her(him) some choice, but friendly words. Otherwise, the FTF isn't worth it. It's only fun f you FTF before others in the caching community in your area that you're friendly with and it's fun competition. In that situation it's good to log as soon as convenient, but don't cut short other indeavors. As a HIDER though, sometimes the local FTF hound discourages other finders to make the cache a priority and you end up with few hits when (and if) you're into reading logs on caches you've hidden. The consideration to the hider would be my only concern in delaying a og intentionally, but to the finders...it's part of the sport.
  11. My mistake...it's a multi. Must have missed that. That certainly lessens my cache maintenence stress. Thanks for pointing that out. Furthermore, I love the LB hybrids... very easy to convince the older Girls Scouts that geocaching is a good idea especially when you man (woman;) a few girls with the GPS and man (woman;) the others with the clues. It gives everyone an oppertunity in a group setting. I appreciate the insight and all else. I'm motivated again. Thanks.
  12. Would it require having a laptop with you on the cache or alternatively running home at each stage to decipher the next set of coords? If so, definitely list that in the cache page as a 4 or 5 star difficulty for "special equipment". Otherwise, I'm all for it. I love the brain and braun involved in puzzle caches.
  13. This is the most concice tutorial on letterbox hybrids I've seen. Thank you! I've made mistakes in the past trying to get a letterbox hybrid published that was, in fact, a straight letterbox while misinterpreting the guidelines even after having read them. Even reading other threads on GC, I've come off as confused, but hopefully I've got it now. The kiddos (especially the little ones) love to be involved and it's good for their reasoning and "identifying surroundings" skills. Let me ask one more Q to clarify... If I were to make a multi where the first stage required a decent hike into the woods and the secons stage offered copies of sheets offering letterbox directions, would that qualify? Alternatively, if a cache gave you coords to a first stage and the first container offered compass directions to an offset (a substantial offset) how would that qualify as a cache? Seperately but similarly, I've adopted a "traditional" cache that has an offset. Should this still be listed as a "traditional"? I've gotten e-mails from paperless cachers asking why they're in an open field when the cache page has an offset that they hadn't read the page before (I was originally one of those cachers). Should I re-list the cache and replant it in a similar fashion in the area? Lots of questions as to how cache qualifications blend...mostly in concern for those that filter out puzzles and multis and end up wasting their time since they haven't read the cache page. Should traditionals be just that...if so, how do we qualify the "grey area" caches in respect to the people who seqarch for them?
  14. When I first started caching, I couldn't get the Atari400 Frogger jingle out of my head. Now, I can't get Classical Gas out of my head while on a hunt. Apparently geocaching is always accompanied by an instrumental in my head and not by choice.
  15. More cow bell was the best. And just think...there are people who have profiles that just state their being a member and when they joined.
  16. I really wanted to go to an event coming up in Ohio. Unfortunately, circumstances arose making me unable to attend. So, I took it off of my watchlist. Trouble is, I kept getting e-mails. I figured that it just took a few days or something (even though I've successfully removed things immediately before). After awhile I went to the remove from watchlist link and it told me that I was trying to remove something that wasn't even on there. I've tried that more than once with the same result. It's been about two weeks and I keep getting these e-mails. OF COURSE it has to be this event which I'd been looking forward to for months that I can't go to and not just any random cache. Has this happened to anyone?
  17. First off, forget the arrow and just make sure you're getting closer to GZ Then... Get to GZ (or close to)...look for obvious hiding spots...then check your accuracy and SHUT OFF YOUR GPS and start looking. Everything that was said in this thread was very helpful advice, but I had to interject with the whole shutting off the GPS thing. I've avenged many a DNF this way. Also, my kiddos complain going back (sometimes more than once), but they're VERY satisfied when they do find it. There's a valuable life lesson there somewhere...persitence pays off? patience is a virtue? Mommy is crazy, but I love her anyways because there are toys at the end of the day? Some cliche or another.
  18. What about cookie-cutter logs when the little ones want to branch off and have their own caching name? They might say, "Cached this with Momma (fill-in caching name) and my brother (fill in caching name), but now I'm back-logging because I'm on my own? Personally, I dislike the "found it, TFTC" logs...if you liked it say so, if you didn't...say so too. I'm not trying to start a fight, but I'm throwing this circumstance out there. Not only kids, but what about geodivorces?
  19. Not in caching mode? I'm confused...what does that mean? I thought that was something one said in reference to someone who doesn't know about caching Squishy's and the nearby Carlee Ann's cache (saw a snake on that one) were worth the two tick bites. Never knew treees so big grew that close to the beach.
  20. http://home.hamptonroads.com/stories/story...6218&ran=245455
  21. Most of it is pretty acurate which is unusual for a paper:) The cache I ran into the reporter on was Kitty Hawk Fishing. The cache the pics were taken on was Squshy's Birthday Cache. Here's the link. It got pretty big play according to the reporter. http://home.hamptonroads.com/stories/story...6218&ran=245455
  22. I grabbed nine (including the one recommended) and encountered a reporter and a photographer came along on Squishy's Birthday Cache (best of the bunch in the OBX, but all were well-worthwhile)...will let you know when the story will run, but I'm tired and I haven't finished logging after 13 hours in the car. I already logged the cache where I met the reporter (Kittyhawk Fishing Cache) and will finish when I get some sleep.
  23. Agreed...as a CACHE find. I don't understand why they count them as caches instead of making themselves a TB anyway, BUT...what about a third option? A MET option? It would be neat to log people (no log book required...or could be) that you actually met in person along the way and looking back at it in a few years. How cool. This is becoming another pocket cache debate. Ewww, yucky...sorry. Love the grid, though. Already since I started back in August, it's been refined once (loved it). I kind of wonder what this not-being-able-to-change-your-caching-name-to-clear-up-space thing is clearing up space for...
  24. I use the arrow screen and it seems that if the arrow is acting up (usually less than .1 from the cache) I rely more on the numbers going down. Also, if I'm pretty sure that I'm going in the right direction (over a tenth of a mile), I continue in that diection and almost always, the arrow finally flips for me.
  25. I almost feel like the terrain rating is less subjective than the difficulty rating. If it came down to having the grid either/or...terrain would be a better choice IMO. Even if it made caching even more about filling in the blank spots, why not? Cachers would be more motivated to branch out that way and the cachers that supposedly don't care about numbers wouldn't notice anyway. I also kind of like noting pocket caches BECAUSE it makes them more like TBs and less something to boost your find count. Pocket caches SO aren't finds especially after locationless and moving caches becoming archived, but some people really get a kick out of signing pocket lint so why deny them the joy when it doesn't count as a cache??? That's my 2 cents.
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