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  1. I'm running just a Normal PQ centered around an event (GeocoinFest), and a couple others of the surrounding area. We're always told to get PQ's early, and I've been waiting since yesterday evening, and they aren't running. If I don't get my PQ's, it looks like my weekend will be shot unless I can get one from someone else. i know you aren't supposed to do that, but at this point, I don't care. I'm not one to normally kick and scream about things, but this is rediculous. Why change something like PQ's when there is a MEGA event this weekend? It's not like i can turn to GSAK for some out of date data, since the location is not part of my local caching area. The code needs reverted back and these PQ's need to be run ASAP.
  2. My new pq's aren't running either. I set them yesterday. Today I unchecked them and set them for today, and they still haven't run yet. I even made a copy of one of them, and it won't run either. This isn't good for the people going to geocoin fest this weekend... grrr...
  3. I don't recieve either drop or retrieve owner emails for my geocoins that I take to events. I don't have them in circulation, so I'm not sure if i'll get them when others drop them or retrieve them. I get all other emails on watchlist and bookmarks. I'm on gmail if that helps.
  4. When I drop my geocoins, I no longer get email notification of them being dropped like I used to. I do get them when someone else logs them. Is this a new feature or is the system broke. I looked at the release notes for the past couple months, but I don't see where they made that change.
  5. We decided to make this one a kayaking cache on the Shenango Reservoir GCN6E7 back in May.
  6. I own a boating multi cache, and i'm in the process of developing a couple more...I also have done quite a few. Go for it...the only drawback is that if it's late in the season (for those in the snowbelt) and it's marked as needs maintainance, it could go for quite a while until the spring thaw and good weather to get out there to maintain it.
  7. As it stands now, its already a two tier system. Without the premium membership, you've got a snowballs chance of getting a FTF. Not true...We got our first FTF 6 days after we started caching, and have had more FTF's before we got our PM than after we did... Must not be much competition out there if it takes 6 days for the first find. Are you out in the boonies? Not our first find, our first FTF...we just happened to be logging when one came up...we did live out in the boonies where most of my caches sat for 2-3 weeks before being found...
  8. As it stands now, its already a two tier system. Without the premium membership, you've got a snowballs chance of getting a FTF. Not true...We got our first FTF 6 days after we started caching, and have had more FTF's before we got our PM than after we did... OT: I would never pay more for something I already get for my 30 quid.
  9. Sounds to me like you need to go find more caches and be a member longer than 12 days to get why the rule is in place. Personally I think the 0.1 mile rule should be 0.5 miles...
  10. I'd post something up on the Tri-Go board Linky
  11. I don't think I've ever found a cache where the coords were <10ft (maybe a few, but it's definitely not the norm). Anything <30ft are considered good coordinates. Between GPSr Brands, models, the chipsets used. The Sat constellation at that point in time, user error, was WAAS used, # of trees, time of year, etc. To get <10ft consistently is next to impossible. I can't even get that (consistently) using the corner post on my porch as a point and averaging coords for 10 minutes.
  12. Shouldn't we be using cubic parsecs, not barn-megaparsecs? I'd say anything bigger than 4.02633948 × 10^-53 cubic Parsecs is a regular.
  13. Or you can go to www.geocaching.com/my/ (My Account Details) and on the right side of the page there is a link to show newest in <state>, being the state your home coords are in. Scroll past the events, and you will see the newest published caches.
  14. Just taking a quick look, it looks like it would be a fun cache, but I would suggest putting suggested parking for both with and w/o a 4x4. That would help. Also, it looks like if you have a kayak, you could put in near the mystery and go directly north, so that may be another place to put in. I know this one would be on my list if we ever took a trip to new jersey...in the summer.
  15. We went caching in ~4-6" of snow on the ground last saturday, and found 3 of the 6 we went looking for. One of the three was mostly luck, but the other two were found. We rarely get more than 1' of snow on the ground at any one time, but still try to get out most weekends for a hike or two...
  16. I go into the woods, and use a hiking staff to poke where ammo cans are usually hidden...a lot easier to find than a micro on a park bench, etc...
  17. It also looks like one of Gaskin's Gas Can Geocoins was in the cache too.
  18. We've had CITO's the past two years in one of the State parks in our area, and we've worked with another cacher to have a couple new caches placed just for the event. It's a good way to give other cachers that have cleared the area some new caches to look forward to. That area wasn't as cache rich as some places, and were usually some great hikes to a vista or cool rock formation that was not usually visited by park goers. Last years the caches placed were there to highlight a few awesome little known waterfalls. These were all published the day after the event or later that evening. It's all about fun, and nothing nefarious.
  19. i tend to read the midwest on occation since I live < 4 miles from the PA/OH line in PA.
  20. hahaha...our new house is just inside of that Blurry section around Rt60...it does suck. I have found a few "easy" ones w/o a gpsr just b/c it wouldn't be a challenge using the gps...It can be done, and like others said, people do it all the time...no worries...
  21. When I do maintenance checks on my caches, I do take photos of the logs and cross check them with the site. I find more often that people sign the logs, but don't sign online, which I'm fine with. I have found 2 names online that weren't in the log. I emailed both politely asking about it, and one never got back to me, so I deleted the log, the other got back to me and remembered the cache, so I let it stay. I have no problems deleting logs that I don't see a matching (or close) name in the log book. I believe that according to the cache placement rules, is something all cache owners should do. If you can't do it, then maybe you have too many crummy micros caches out there to properly maintain.
  22. I'm going to have to get more of our pictures online, but here is a great view from the lake on our 'yak cache...
  23. That would almost seem to "load" the events westward/southward.....since none of the events have been in the Northeast, it makes it less likely (of course, not "impossible" though) that attendees are from the Northeast meaning that its less likely that bidders will be from the Northeast, etc. Maybe they should do like the Olympics or World Cup, where certain regions essentially can't have the event if they recently had it......despite what I say above I find it hard to believe that no one from the Northeast has attended/bidded before. I believe there was a group from Erie, PA that put in for GW5.
  24. We did a video for the Geocoinfest bid to bring it to pittsburgh...
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