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Cache Density


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I had to check, since I just moved to Colorado Springs recently. There are 1156 caches within 100 miles of my home coords. Of course, that includes Denver, so to be more realistic with the number in my "local" area, I'll run the search at 50 miles (since Denver is just over 50 miles away)

There are 563 caches within 50 miles of my zipcode, 80920 and even 280 within 20 miles.

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5 Miles


35 caches;

5 are mine

19 I have found

1 I will never log because I helped place it.

1 Puzzle cache that will take most of next summer to complete.

2 I'll find when the snow melts.

A bunch more I will never hunt unless I'm real bored because they are lightpole micros.

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1) 28 within 20 miles (7 are mine)

2) 41 within 50 miles

3) 56 within 100 miles

4) 476 spread out over the entire 571,000 square miles of Alaska which equals one cache every 1200 square miles. To put that in perspective, Rhode Island has a land area of 1054 square miles.


So much land...so few caches...but I'm working on it.

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No wonder my count is so low! 9 listed within 15 miles. 1 I adopted that is currently disabled because the park is still closed, 1 virtual that the proof is no longer available, 4 that require a boat and I'm sure no longer exist (most recent logged before the hurricane in Sept.), 1 known missing recommended for archive in Aug., 1 micro (not lame), 1 tupperware I did last summer. If I look out to 25 miles there are 9 more that still exist - been there-done that.


A 25 mile radius is about 2000 square miles. That means 1 active cache for every 181 square miles. If I want to cache now I have to drive about 50 miles one way. Bring back locationless. :D

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New thread, same old topic, same old answers:


(I'll list several radii since no standard distance was picked)




3 caches within 10 miles. (I own 2 of these)

5 caches within 12 miles. (I own 3 of these)

14 caches within 25 miles. (I own 7 of these)

66 caches within 50 miles.

295 caches within 100 miles.


My 3 nearest unfound caches are 36 miles (Actually closer to 130 if you count driving to the nearest bridge over the MS river and then driving up, or down, to it), 37 (I have several DNF's on this one), and 40 (more like 70 if you count what you have to drive to get there) miles away.


5 more finds and I'll have a 50 mile radius cleared out.



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512 within 12 miles. But this is Nashville, so they're all lame.

I must be in a better area than you... 521 in 12 miles. :D Lake and all... :D

And that doesn't count my new series I'm putting out. (so add 13 to that).



Oh wait... All of these are lame too! :lol:



edited to add: there are exactly 10 (not counting my new ones) within 1 mile.

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38 within ten miles.


I own 28 of them, my wife owns three, one of our best friends owns three, and another close friend owns two. So there are two that are not here because of us or our group.


My nearest unfound cache is 32 miles away and is a meeting that has not happened yet, next nearest is 35 miles as the crow flies, several more as the monkey drives.

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