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  1. Anybody have a recommendation for a good caching hike in the San Gabriels?
  2. Hello all, I'm a cacher from Louisville, Kentucky and will be in Edinburgh for a few weeks in August (I hear it's slow that time of year ;] ) I plan to bring some TBs with me and to get in some caching time while I'm there. If anybody would be interested in talking caching stories over a cup of coffee or even a wee dram of scotch whisky (did I say that right?), let me know (I'm from bourbon country ya know). cheers, -greengenes
  3. I'm on an iMac running OSX 10.4.9 with GE v. 4.0.2736 and for the past month whenever I open GE, I get the "Exceeded" blah blah. 'tis a shame. Any progress on finding a solution?
  4. This is a weird problem, others have had it too. Which company provides your internet connection? Insight Communications in Louisville, KY
  5. Any body ever have this message pop up when you activate the GeoCaching KML plug-in in Google Earth: You have exceeded the allowed views for the day. Please try again tomorrow. Even though this was the first time I've used it today and the area I am trying to view only contains about 15 caches? This has been happening ever since I got a new computer. I have yet to be able to use the GC KML
  6. I've sat here for hours trying to open maps I've downloaded into MacGPS Pro, but I can't figure it out. On one hand, I've tried downloading maps with Georeferencing calibration built in (GeoTIFFs and World Files) and as far as I've gotten with that is a opening a map with crazy, way-off coords. I've also I've tried importing a simple jpg and clibrating the thing myself. the problem is, the maps that i find that are just JPG or GIF files don't contain any sort of legend (Datum, projection, and all that) so they are useless. My brain hurts Happy Turkey Day.
  7. My very first geocaching experience was in the snow (got it as an xmas present). What's not to love? There's No mosquitos, spiders, spider webs in the face, flies, snakes, bugs in general, poison ivy, leaves covering the cache, leaves covering the trees (reception), sweat dripping from my brow, and best of all, no Muggles.
  8. Thanks for all of the info! I'll be in Nashville this coming Saturday. hmmmm. And just in case you've never been caching in Louisville, there are 200 within a 4.5 mile radius of my house alone (I didn't realize it until yesterday, but that's even more dense than Morristown, TN). Not many park-n-grabs at all. Most of them are in our great parks system. Cherokee Park, Seneca Park, Iroquois Park, and we even have a "Geo" Park which is a closed-down country club where you can walk the overgrown golf course and find some VERY interesting and well-placed caches within a couple of hours.
  9. A friend and I recently went on a weekend caching trip to Morristown, TN. We managed to snag 105 in a total of twenty hours of searching. Granted, most of them were park-n-grabs, but it was a lot of fun (and exhausting). So, where are the other cache-dense places? I'd like to take another trip like this sometime.
  10. I had that same thought while driving home earlier. It could be privately viewed on your members page. But either way, it seems the people have spoken. No more numbers stats.
  11. Cool link NFA. I've been caching for 26,870,400 seconds!
  12. Maybe just a stat of "Days Caching" then. That's the part that hurts my brain to figure out...
  13. I'm just saying that this would make it easier to determine who the really bad human beings are (<1 CPD) and who the truly great human beings are (>1 CPD) kidding. It's not a stat to berate people by or make one feel like less of a cacher. If that were so, I wouldn't want to see my own. It's a personal record, like your number of finds. Just in more detail. And yes, we've ALL been caching in groups. While I'm at it, what about these stats: MTC (or KTC) - Miles (or Kilometers) Traveled Caching: A calculation of the distance between every cache you've found (or DNF) starting from your first and going in order (instead of leaving/taking a personal travel bug) CDS - Cache difficulty Sum : The sum of all of your find's difficulty ratings combined. CTS - Cache Terrain Sum : Guess what this would be. CDA - Cache Difficulty Average : If I've found 50 D:5's and 50 D:1's my CDA would be 3.0 CTA - Same as above but for Terrain TBEWC - Thorn Bush Escapes While Caching Maybe I'll stop here.
  14. I'd like to see a Find-Per-Day stat on my (and other members) stat page. For instance, I've been a member of Geocaching.com for 309 days and I've found 165 caches in that time. So my "FPD" would be 0.533 (or just .53) This may have already come up in the forums but I didn't see anything upon my first search. Any thoughts? (PS: This is obviously just one more piece of data for my always-wants-to-know-barely-useful-info brain of mine. That's why I have a GPSr in the first place
  15. while we're on the subject. Does anybody have a Lgend c? and if so, how do you like it? I'm on a mac and from the moderate amount of research I've done, the mapping software from garmin is only PC compatable.
  16. Oh, don't get me wrong. I love my old yeller. I got it last christmas and it's been good to me. But I have problems marking waypoints accurately when I'm trying to hide a cache. My friend has a Legend c (waas enabled) and has hidden over 20 since may with great accuracy. I'm just a bit jealous I guess.
  17. Mystery solved. I've got the older model. On another note, is anyone interested in buying a used eTrex? ; ) thanks all!
  18. okay, so all of the (yellow) eTrex specifications i see online say that it IS WAAS enabled, yet my owner's manual says nothing about it nor can I find where to turn it on within the unit's menus. I'm guessing one of the following must be true: a) I have an older model without WAAS I'm overlooking how to turn it on in the menus and they forgot to put it in the manual. c) It's always on. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  19. There are about 840 caches within a 30-mile radius of downtown Louisville, KY. (aaah the Louisville park system )
  20. I've tried both versions (1.2.4 and 1.2.5) and get either one of the two messages: "Sorry, the conversion failed" "Sorry, upload to GARMIN GPS receiver failed" The settings I am trying are: GEOCACHING.LOC is the file for conversion In the INPUT FILE TYPE field I have selected "GEOCACHING DATABASE" the OUTPUT FILE TYPE is "GPX XML" OR USE GPS RECEIVER FOR OUTPUT are these settings wrong? and if so, what should I be selecting? (BTW - I've tested the connection between the computer andd the GPSr and it is fine)
  21. How can you tell when your PC and GPS (in this case, the eTrex (standard yellow casing)) are "connected". Is there a screen or icon or something on the eTrex that shows a connection?
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