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  1. Thanks for the information. I have no need so I'll likely be selling them.
  2. Thanks. I changed some search wording and found them for sale. I think I may be listing all of them on an auction site, I see they're going for the price mentioned above to slightly higher than that price. Of course, I just noticed the "Garage Sale" board here (I wasn't sure of GC.com's policy on selling items but I guess that clarifies it). I may look into that as well.
  3. I was recently cleaning out some stuff and found 4 of the original Garmin eTrex Yellow GPS units. They are unopened in original packaging. Would these units have any resale value? I'm assuming most people are going with the newer eTrex H models.
  4. I found 3 of the original unactivated travel bugs. I haven't geocached in years and was curious if they were still any good? They're at least 6 years old (I think). Thanks for any help.
  5. Nevermind, I'll go back to not geocaching. No big deal. Thanks for the support. Moderators, can you PLEASE lock this. sd
  6. I did reply to an email I recieved with answers to a virtual. I don't really know the person and I didn't talk to her on the phone. If this is what you're talking about yea. The bit about "calling her back" confused me. Dyrty, please email me so I can figure out what you're talking about. sd
  7. My response was to Dyrty. I have no desire to call you based on past emails we have exchanged. This is past being petty now - if you want me back - approve my most recent account request. You know who I am. I will not give out personal information - especially if the only reason is to verify who I am and I think you have done that. --- Dyrty - I can't say I have any idea what your post was about. I don't know who I would have talked to that you would know. I don't use the phone very often and I can't imagine what female person I've spoken to on the phone other than my wife. sd
  8. Huh? I have no idea who or what you're talking about. You have my email, use it. sd
  9. It's fairly close to it. I tried to log in twice w/ nonsense answers to questions I don't feel I need to answer. "none of your bizness" was the general idea. I don't know why that's so offensive. I don't recall posting any profanity on those entry blanks but then again I am on some mild pain medicine for kidney stones right now. I proved who I was by posting the email I have. If it's about knowing who I am - let me in. If it's about something else, I suppose I won't be back in the msga. Look - if you want to hold a grudge that's fine. You know who I am. Everybody who remembers me from gc.com and msga.net knows I didn't have sockpuppets and wouldn't waste my time on childish games like that. You know for a fact I'm me - let me create my account. sd
  10. Hello MS geocachers. I have tried to recreate my account at msga.net but I was denied because the new site admin said I had not proven who I was. I think I have (probably too harshly - but I stand by my decision to do that) but I am not being allowed to rejoin the MSGA website. I personally have issues giving out my address and phone number to people I don't know. In the past that was not the case but things have happened that made me reconsider - so now that I have new information I don't share it as easily. The site admin claim the information is to prevent sock puppets (it probably cuts down on them but a dedicated person can get around this) and to verify who I am. I have done that. You know who I am. You don't need the information you ask for. anyways, if they don't let me recreate an account maybe I'll see you on here *flame suit on* southdeltan
  11. From the LAGeocaching forums: GatorGrl posts: Bam would be Bamboozle. -- Also: Oilman and Fuzzylogic have checked in ok. sd
  12. I think you don't know the difference between a flood and a storm surge. Many of the caches in NOLA may survive and some of those on the gulf coast may as well. But come on - the water picked up buildings and boats and threw them hundreds of yards inland. In some areas 90 percent of the structures south of I-10 are gone. It's almost as if some posts are trying to minimize the damage in MS and LA. They are still evacuating people from NOLA. They are still looking for survivors in both places. NOLA will be empty for months. It may take that long just to get the water out. Caches are unimportant. It just seems like people aren't grasping the magnitude of this disaster. Even if those caches are there - nobody will be looking for them anytime soon. ----------- We will put up a page showing the status (have they been heard from) of MS Gulf Coast and SE LA cachers. This will be difficult because they will likely have no means of communication and for most who weren't active geocachers letting people know will be of little or no importance to them. I do expect to hear from other active geocachers as soon as they get in a place where they can. We still are waiting for news from folks like LeftyGator and the KayakingTwillbecks - as well as our friends over in NOLA such as Bamboozle. I do urge you to go ahead and help in whatever way you can (be careful about donations, go to people you've heard of... scam artists are were already seeking donations as early as Monday night). We will be posting more as the info comes in. We will also be doing any and everything we can to help our geocacher friends and others in these areas. sd
  13. The following people have checked in on LaGeocaching. They are ok. (And scattered all across the South). whatchacallits rpecot menace21 shortcircuit2 mausdad miata2k Buck8Point/LaAnthropology BillsBayou caderoux BigDoggy GatorGrl & BF ClayJar (CJ lives in Baton Rouge I beleive, but since people have asked - he is ok). I will post more as information becomes available. We still have not heard from any other MS GulfCoast cachers besides Drat19 and TarribleT. There are only a handful of active geocachers on the Gulfcoast. It's unlikely they have a way to communicate if they did not evacuate. sd
  14. Drat19 is alive and well (relatively speaking). He and his wife are at his cousin, TarribleT's house. Drat lost his house but T's house is standing (not sure the condition). DRat sent me several brief text messages from his phone 2 days ago to tell us he was ok. Those are the only cachers we have heard from. I know many of the NOLA cachers evacuated before but not sure about all of them. The MSGA is setting up a list of geocachers we know live in that area. Unfortunately not all cachers supplied us with locations so we may miss some. There are also cachers who not very active (or were new, geocached a brief time and quit) so we will probably not be able to provide info on them. There are a core of 10 or 20 cachers down there that we will POSSIBLY be able to find out about. There is also a thread on the LA Geocaching Assoc. website for people to check in. We have the same (or at least a place to post people until we get a more comprehensive list). Anyways - Drat19 and TarribleT are ok. We'll let you know more when we know more. Keep MS and LA in your prayers. southdeltan
  15. I am doing my part. Don't talk down to me or anybody else that is trying to spread the word. My hometown/county is becoming a refugee camp now. TheAlabamaRambler tried to use the forums to spread the word about some Ham efforts. He knows that many geocachers are HAM operators. He knows many live in and near the areas affected. He was requesting help from these people. Instead of pinning it... or if you HAVE to move something to another forum because helping people is off topic - it could have been moved to the HAM forum. Not sure what other site you'd go for if you're looking for help from geocachers - but I'll look for that. sd
  16. I thought this was all hashed out with all of the unnecessary BS over the Tsunami. While the deathtoll will not approach that one - it's going to be high. The numbers of people homeless are huge. New Orleans is under water and most of the Mississippi GulfCoast is just GONE. Yea, let's argue over how big something has to be. If your house was on fire, you'd want help. It'd be a dadgum shame if they said "WEll, your house was only a 1 story house.... so we're not gonna bother bringing out the fire truck". Hell... they won't even let a post asking for lodging and assistance with HAM radio emergency efforts stay in the "General" forum where it will get maximum exposure. Hundreds (and it's going to go up drastically I am afraid) are dead and hundreds of thousands are homeless..... yea - but lets not do ANYTHING to help in anyway til we discuss it. Jody Perkins Rolling Fork, MISSISSIPPI
  17. Nobody ever implied that geocaches were more important than people. Your post implies that's what we think (LSU and me). That's not the case. I do hope that it degrades significantly, but even if the wind drops - the problem will still be there - water. That's what killed most of the people in Camille and will cause most damage now. Anyways, I hope LSUFan locks this - he meant well but I suppose it was a waste of time. sd
  18. The specifics very much matter. There is no question that the vast majority of caches WILL be gone. Period. The NWS is predicting that all wood structures may well be destroyed. The city will likely be submerged by 20 feet of water for weeks or months. Replacing caches isn't going to happen for some time. There is a possibility that up to 1 million people will be homeless. All LSUFan asked was if it'd be possible to go ahead and have admin/approvers temp-disable caches that will very likely be gone. It was a minor request. I think this is going to be a much bigger issue (the storm) than some people realize. Growing up hearing about Camille - I know what's coming and it's going to be very very bad. sd ps - of course the caches aren't important.... it was just a courtesy request for cachers in LA by a LA cacher....
  19. They werent' under 20 feet of water for weeks (or possibly longer)..... New Orleans is a bowl and it's about to get filled with water, either by rain or storm surge or lake surge. sd
  20. I think what LSUFan is asking is would it be possible for GC.com to go ahead and temp disable caches in south MS and South Louisiana. (Definetly south of I-10) Like LSUFan, I am in one of the states that is about to be devestated - we are WELL AWARE of what is about to happen. We're probably more aware than people in other areas of the country since we also have local news (who tend to know more about local areas than major cable networks) covering this as well. We live in the area and we know the area.... I grew up hearing about Camille my whole life - my dad was in the National Guard and was sent down to clean up bodies - I know what is coming. Caches aren't important - that's for sure.... nobody was implying that they were that important. Anyways - LSUFan's point was these people are NOT going to have time and in many cases even the ability to deal with the caches. What can GC.com do to help? I always say - let the owner deal with their caches - but it's obvious that they won't be able to for some time. It would seem like a good idea to temp disable these caches (I'm not sure if there is an easy way to specify caches in a certain area in the db then tag them disabled - but that would be preferable than doing it manually, if it was done at all). If that's not something GC.com wants to do (or can do) that is understandable. I know some approvers do go in and temp disable caches...or at least they have in the past. That's all he was saying. What should and/or can be done? I know after the last hurricane hit MS owners were given extra time to make repairs - hopefully this policy will be in effect again - it will likely be a while before caches are back in place. sd
  21. Most mobile services in the US offer some sort of flat rate plan. I'd be careful to check the provider out to make sure that it'll have coverage in the area you go in. T-Mobile is very big in parts of the country but in others it is not. (A geocacher from California visited me and he had no service on T-mobile here in Mississippi). Check out Cingular, Nextel, Altel and other companies to figure out which has the best coverage. As far as wireless goes - many places of free wireless. I beleive MacDonald's Resturaunts also offer free wifi access. You should be able to check on Google and/or Yahoo for Wireless access points. Many state and local tourism divisions have wireless access points. sd
  22. While I haven't seen Twister, I think at this point I'd be on Bourbon street drinking Hurricanes. It's just about time to bend over and... well... you know... sd
  23. That's another valid point. Aside from those who live there and lack transportation - there are also the tourists. NOLA is a major tourist destination. The flights have been cancelled for a while and the rental cars are all rented. Many tourists aren't American and English isn't their primary language. The mayor has granted hotels an exception to stay open as shelters for those that cannot evacuate. Sure - there are people that aren't leaving who could have left but there are a lot that just can't. Some were taken by surprise at the force of this. Just a few days ago this was supposed to hop FL and then turn sharply N into FL as a minor hurricane. sd
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