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  1. There are different types and different quality plastic ammo cans. The things to look at is what type of seal do they have? If if is a foam seal they will leak. If it is a rubber seal and the latch is tight then the seal has a better chance of not leaking. Next look at where the handle is attached. If it is in a recess in the lid and goes though the lid water will flood in the box. check the hinges to see if the seal is tight at the hinge end of the lid or if the hinges are hidden but the seal is not in place at the hinges. The good orange boat storage boxes are waterproof but there are a lot of the cheap storage/ammo boxes that are nowhere close to waterproof. I just found one today with the recessed lid that the handle goes through holes in the recess and it had standing water in it.
  2. I just checked out their page and they are showing there are 159000 bags left. Glad has handed out 3.5 million trash bags for the Great American Cleanup plus another 200,000 bags to One Warm Coat. So only about 1/2 of what they had left to give away has been given out.
  3. Now: When you "walk up" to the train, where are you standing? When you "grab" the cache - are reaching forward, to the right, left or up? Are you bent over, looking down, looking up, looking behind? Are you reaching into, under, behind someplace you can not see into? I'm uh, just wanting to .... make sure that, uh no signs are violated, yeah that's all I'm doing Thanks for helping me figure this out. Oh yeah do you have to climb on the train
  4. I think you're onto something! Now that the cache has finally received a little attention, it craves human contact... better get out there and find it before it grows cold and withdraws into its shell again... Thanks for the 'grats all! I think the cache has gotten cold and went back into hiding again I spent another 20 min with a flashlight looking in spots I have not looked and sticking my hands in spot I have not felt before. It was 31 degrees and the wind was right in my face so when my hands started hurting I called it quits for the night. I have been saying all week that I wanted to get back out there to find it before the rush of finders swarmed in but I just waited too long, But it hasn't made it any easier for me and I'm too broke to even bribe anyone
  5. Congratulations to all the finders! So two groups found it in one day? Is it easier to find now that the FTF is gone, I better get down there quick before it blends in again WTG on the FTF tgiz, RUSaved2 and Cabear
  6. Yeah that was my first thought when a new cacher made reference to the questions, but then experienced cachers with several hides started getting the same questions. It just struck me as odd and, as IWC was, experienced cachers were a bit insulted by the questions when they had never had a problem with any of their previous hide. Yeah, me neither and I don't know anyone that has said that, but maybe if someone that feels that way reads this it will make them feel better that you feel that way Oh, maybe you misunderstood what I typed earlier? What I was making reference to was a new cacher that listed very specific information about the hide on the cache page: The cache pages are changed now but they told where to park, that the cache was a medium lock n lock, outside the cemetery fence, near the south west corner beneath cedar trees, covered with rocks. Another page said that it was small lock n lock, covered with bark, in a hole on the north east side of a tree and even how many feet the tree was from the road. Yeah that took all the imagination and thrill out of the hunt. The cacher told me that after many emails back and forth to the reviewer they felt they had to place all of that information in the description just to get the listing published, so 5 caches to follow they followed suit and all of their cache description read that way. They did not like it and did not want it that way but felt they had to. I suggested they double check with the reviewer but I was pretty sure the reviewer just wanted the information in a reviewer note and not on the cache page and they could edit it to read the way they wanted.
  7. I haven't, but I haven't placed any new caches. I made the same suggestion to a couple people that mentioned it to me. I just saw this thread and was curious if it was the new standard or a regional thing.
  8. Back to the original post: Is anyone else out there having to routinely inform their reviewer that there is a log book in the cache? What about give specific information on the type of container, where it is located, how it is hidden and what is in the container? I live in the same area as Influence Waterfowl Calls and a couple months ago I was noticing a pattern of new caches in the area having descriptions of exactly what the cache container was, where it was hidden and how it was hidden. I questioned the cache owners about it and explained to them that I wished I had never read the description because it left no mystery about the hunt and made the hides really boring. I was informed by two cache owners that they were asked so many questions while trying to get the caches listed that they felt they had to place the information in the cache description just to get the caches listed. I was also contacted by a fellow cacher for feedback on his descriptions as he went through a series questions from the reviewer. I made suggestions on cache description modifications and told him to just answer remaining questions in reviewer notes. There has been some discussions in the area wondering why, all of the sudden and after many successful hides, cachers began receiving such questions as "is there a log?" and to describe their container. So I am wondering is this the new norm in the review process in other area?
  9. The It's on Track, are you? cache is in Paducah, KY
  10. It makes me want to grab the flashlight and head down there right now before the masses of cachers descend on the cache to get the coveted FTF. I want the FTF to be me but I know I have not put the time in to justify it. I just need to quit looking in the exact same places as I have looked 3 times. I should know that it is not in those places by now : )
  11. Wow, I guess we learned something. If you post a Needs Maintenance or SBA log you can whine a cry and make all the false accusations that you want but if you defend a placement, cache owner or a comment in a note your note will be deleted But now your cache has it's own topic in the forums, so that is pretty prestigious IWC You should still be able to explain any changes that you made or make in an owner maintenance log. That is where that information needs to be. If not in the logs, you can just put some addendums in the cache listing. Any information that will benefit people seeking the cache should be on the cache listing and not in the forums. I am appalled that the listing was actually disabled and you had to make a run just to confirm it was there because baby was upset because they could not find it, and if they can't find it then it must not have ever been placed??? You know I'm a lot closer to the cache and if you want to just toss a couple extra hints my way I'll be glad to check on it for you
  12. Doesn't that statement belong in the realm of "Once upon a time" and "Happily ever after" You can always find someone that thinks their way is the "right" way and if they would not do it that way then they will think you are "wrong" and sometimes they are even vocal about it So I would suggest that when you log it, write a log stating exactly why you are logging it. That might keep the Nay-sayers from contacting you. But always remember you are playing your game and your found/not found logs are just a representation of your caching history so you are welcome to keep track of your history however you want to. Happy Caching GEO.JOE
  13. I think we need a new term to help designate what you are. You are clearly the FTFAP (First to Find After Publication). I have seen a bit of tension concerning this topic and I have had First to finders contact me about there being signatures in the logs prior to one of my caches being published. I tell them that they are welcome to claim FTF since they are FTF after the cache was published. I feel the "FTF Race" does not start until the cache is published, therefore, someone visiting the cache prior to the cache being published should not cheapen the hunt for the people that like to get FTF's. Many times I hide caches for outings or events. The caches are found by the people on the outing then the caches are published. Technically the people that had the coordinates first are the FTFs, however, they are not part of the FTF game because that only kicks in once the cache is published. Therefore, the first person to get to the cache after publication can still use the FTFAP designation.
  14. I just use the GC website. It does a great job keeping track of everything for me.
  15. I second this idea, a lot of people would love to find one and then to be able to use them you would be a local hero. Then when you list them in Ebay you will be able to list them as a tool, a signature item and a geocaching piece of history Joe
  16. I feel that is fine, it is your cache and if that is what you want to do, then you are welcome to do so. I have hidden caches for events that were later published but the event attendees got first crack at them. I have had caches hidden for camping events that were not published until after they were found by the folks on the camping trips. I just gave coordinates to a group that had hunted some of my caches and they were planning a return trip to the area so I gave them the coordinates to a cache that had been hidden for a few months, I published it after it was found. I also have another cache hidden that I will publish at some time and I have already given the coordinates out to two people but it has not been found yet. I am dealing with a cache thief in the area so the only way I know the caches will be there is not publishing them until after they are found. It is nice for the cachers that hunt to know that at least they will find a cache if all the published caches are stolen. But If I wanted to give the coordinates to a cache to someone before the cache is listed I will because that is how I want the cache found. Many times friends of mine are given coordinates to hunt the cache before it is listed, they typically don't log a FTF because they were just doing a test run. I have done the same for other people's caches as well. Joe
  17. It sounds like that was instant Karma. Cachers do good for the environment and the environment pays you back GEO.Joe
  18. I like there to be a purpose to placing the cache other than just a find. I just like to be taken to a location that I would want to visit if the cache was not there. For me this can be many different locations such as, rock formations at the end of a hike, Native American Rock Art, Caves, Old structures or Ghost Towns, Historical locations, road side attractions, Cemeteries, or little know hidden spots in towns or parks. When I place a cache I always ask myself if the location would be worth driving to and would I want to be brought there.
  19. Many logs on By The Elfin Moon bring a smile to my face. It is great to put in the effort and get the reaction you are going for. Or how about: "Found where I was suppose to go and climbed up. I didn't even care about a cache after that. Went as high as I could and took it all in. There is something about being one standing high, with the wind in your ears, observing nature that gives you a natural high. I did not want to leave this place! Unfortunately, this was my last GEO.JOE (cache) for this trip. But next time, I know which hunts I'll want to do. Thanks Pal! TNLNSL-TFTC!" Ghost Dance "What can I say, Geo Joe has some of the best cache sites in S.IL. Thanks again." From Arch "Now this was an excellent cache. I hadn't read the cache page so it was a total shock to see where the coords were taking us!" Sand Cave I really enjoy reading through all the old logs, I have spent well over an hour reading logs, there are so many great ones it is hard to pick just a few. GEO.JOE
  20. This is my general recommendation as well but typically add "as long as you are not hurting or effecting someone else." Therefore, if you choose to drive on an "authorized vehicles" road, that is your choice and you are the one that will pay the consequence if you get caught. However, if you are caching and get caught then you may be the reason that the property manager creates restrictive policies on geocaching. I have seen several situations where it is the irresponsible few that get activities banned for the majority. I am a strong believer that as a community if we as cachers see other cachers breaking rules we should voice our disapproval and implement some peer pressure to get them to do the right thing, so that the community as a whole does not pay the consequences. This topic did remind me of a funny story: A few years back I got a call from some friends that where out caching. They were following the arrow on their GPS and they pulled off onto an "Authorized Vehicle" road and stopped when they saw the sign. As they were looking at the map they looked up and saw a ranger was sitting behind them. The ranger came over his PA and said "I Authorize You".
  21. I have done a variation on the mark the location game where participants had to Guesstimate the location of the coordinates: I provided everyone with a flag, coordinates and a starting area. They were able to take as much time as they wanted walking back and forth in the starting area but when they were ready to plant the flag they had to put the GPS down or in their pocket to head out to where they thought the location was. Then I came out with my GPS and picked the closest person. There were locations in a field, in the woods on the other side of a house and the tie breaker was over a hill and though the woods way out of site. It was amazing how close people came to the spots 100 to 500 feet away. And it was fun for everyone watching everyone and second guessing themselves. I have also done Scrabble caching, hide 7 caches with different colored beads. participants have a set time to find as many caches as they can to then come back and draw as many Scrabble tiles as they had colored beads. They then played a game of scrabble. I have had folks use the tracking feature on the GPS maps to draw things, all they need is a large field to walk around in and a set amount of time to draw. I have done a scavenger hunt where I hid micros with the name of a scavenger hunt item to find. I provided a list of coordinates with the corresponding point value of the item. lower values were put on easy caches with easy things to find i.e. (caches hidden in a hollow of a solitary Oak tree needing to find an acorn) Highest points were for a micro 12 feet up a bluff hidden in tree roots needing to find a live snake, or needing to find a live squirrel written on the back of a piece of bark. The winners actually found a skull so the points for that one item was more than what the rest of the folks found. I did learn that people feel better when the value of the items are really high like 1000 points for a red flower and 100,000 the live snake instead of 10 and 1000, it's the same respective value but they feel more rewarded when they loose with 20,000 points then when they loose with 200 points Joe
  22. I know when I CITO my bag gets heavy quick with all the old bottles and wet items so hoops and clips will not hold. What I have found that helps is to get an 18 inch stick, broom handle sized or a little bigger and roll one side of the bag around it and tie a knot in bag opposite the sick( to keep trash contained). With the bag rolled tightly several turns it seems to stay in place pretty well. When using big bags (30 or 55 gal) I roll them up quit a bit to start with and I can unroll them as I need to. If it is windy, you want to find a glass bottle or a full 20oz bottle pretty quick to weigh it down. It is no fun to get a bag partially full of paper, plastic and Styrofoam and have the wind turn it upside down and dump it. GEO.JOE
  23. When I placed my By the Elfin Moon, which is much like what you have described, I ran the idea by my local reviewer, to check the idea and to make sure it would not conflict with any multi's or unpublished caches. I also wanted him know I would be working on the cache for a couple weeks and did not want anyone to slide in there and block mine. Joe
  24. iGage Weatherproof paper is what I use. At the time that I got mine it was the best deal I could find. http://www.igage.com/WeatherP.htm You can also get the 5 Sheet 'Sample Pack' of 8½" x 11" .. $4.99 (includes 1st Class postage!) call +1 888 450-4922 to order. Depending on your use the 5 sheets may last you a while. Go in with some friends to get the 50 sheets. Joe
  25. Contact the cache owners and ask for suggestions. They know their area and will be able to give you suggestions of which cache to grab while you are there and what is along your route. I have had three people contact me through the years that will be coming to my town on the Delta Queen and will not have transportation so I lay them out a nice walking route with distances and places to eat or shop along the way. GEO.JOE
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