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  1. Sorry, I know zzgo, but not zbff.
  2. I would never use outlook for e-mail. If you want a gmail invite PM me your current e-mail address.
  3. Phoenix has landed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thats cool! Before I got married last year some of the local geocacher had a geoevent wedding shower for us. One local cacher tried to list my wedding as a geoevent, but the approvers would not let him.
  5. between GPS, cell phone, MP3 player, camera, and other goods I would guess I may be carring about $500 worth of stuff. What amazes that so many geocachers will carry several hundred bucks worth of stuff with them when they go geocaching, but the sign their logs TNLN.
  6. How about hand made trademark trade items. I know my chainmail balls are almost always taken by the next finder. In fact, I often see people log a cache a couple days after me because the wanted to find a chainmail ball.
  7. I have flown with my GPS three times now. I have never had a problem with it. The best was my flight from Houston, Texas to Washington, DC. We had a strong tail wind and hit a max speed of 706 mph.
  8. All that is needed to get this cache is a three person climbing team with 2 150' ropes, about a dozen climbibg nuts, and climbing harnesses for each climber. I do not have enough the gear to make this climb. If there are any cachers who have the gear who want to make the climb I will be happy to join their team.
  9. I like to find things that are hand made by the person who left them. There was a cacher who was also a woodworker who was making some very nice keychains that he left in caches. I make chainmail,so I like leaving little chainmail balls when I find a cache. There are a few people who have followed me around so they could get a whole set for juggling.
  10. for FTF prizes I like to leave one of my chainmail pouches. They sell for $20.00 at a couple of local hobby stores. Twice I have left on of my chainmail candle holders. I normaly sell them for $35.00.
  11. PM sent. I am willing to make the climb, I just do not have enough climbing gear to make the climb.
  12. I agree its nice to see another chainmailer out there geocaching. I leave chainmail balls as my sig item.
  13. There are lots of places out there where you can get lead free casting metal. If you are only looking for a small amount lead free fishing weights are your best bet. As for making a coin I would start by making a coin out of clay and bake if hard. Once you have a coin, you can then make a RTV mold. The thing to remember about RTV is that it picks up detail very well. Seamus and I were making some site tokens for an SCA event and he used his fingers to apply the release compound to the coin. When we started casting coins we found that the RTV rubber had picked up his fingerprints.
  14. If you see someone walking on a trail with a GPS, chances are they are geocaching. If you have your GPS in hand and ask this person and they are not caching, chances are that will want to know about the sport.
  15. FWIW, I have been advised that a .40 or .45 would not effectively stop a large black bear ... not enough penetration. A .357 Magnum is probably the minimum handgun for bears. But then the noise from any handgun might turn one around. I read a story about a man in Alaska who was attacked by a bear while field dressing a deer. He pulled out knife and stabbed the bear several times before the bear let him go. After the man was rescued some of his hunting buddies went back to the place where he was attacked. They found the dear bear and the deer the man had shot. If this guy was able to fend off a hungry brown bear with a knife I think one could do the same with a .40 or .45 handgun. However, I would not want to have to shoot a bear with anything less than a 30-06 or a 762x54 . Even then I would want to empty my gun into the bear. For personal protection I will sometimes carry a hiking staff. I am an SCA fighter, so I am sure I can fend off any attacker or attackers just so long as they are not armed with guns.
  16. In my caching experience at least 90% of micro caches suck!
  17. At one time I helped to run the snake program for a local nature center. This snake looks to me like a Arizona black rattlesnake. I have never seen one of these snakes in person before, but I have seen other rattlesnakes. I have seen rattlesnakes seek sun or shade in the same place daily. Rattlesnakes will often stay motionless for long periods of time to avoid being seen. Here are some pictures I found of the Arizona black rattlesnake.
  18. Funny thing about that. I stepped on a nest of bees once. The bees were all over my leg stinging me. I had to pour my beer down my leg to get them off. At the same time I ran as fast as I could. I got away with only 5 stings and a leg covered with beer.
  19. I make chainmail balls to leave in caches.
  20. The Principality of Sealand has very strict security. As far as I know they do not allow any plublic visitors. I don't think they would let you place a cache there.
  21. This sounds very much like a micro in the woods. I find that any micro in the woods is a bad idea.
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