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  1. He is NOT asking to be made the owner. Just that someone creates a cache for the son's 11 bday.
  2. These guys all had their clocks cleaned thsi last week in when teams were finding in excess of 500 caches per 10 to 12 hour days. HAHAHAHA go play your whimpy caching game you bunch of gunny bears, Nevada has real cachers, mmmmMmmM cheers
  3. There is a way to do it but I would have to kill you if I told you, or would I have to kill myself????? cheers
  4. There use to be one that you had to dive to in CO. It was in an ammo can with a waterproof slate and pencial. cheers
  5. You should have replaced it INSTANTLLY! Don't you carry a dozen differant cache containers and various supplies??????? You did right if you told CO. Not like it hasn't happenec before. Actually it is the CO's fault as they should have prevented from happening. Now they can be arrested for littering. Or did you just make that 1 diff cache a 5. cheers
  6. By GC rule sit is not legal. I has been tried and died many a time. It is NOT an original idea. They have all been done before. LOL. cheers
  7. QWhy don't you come up something orginal what you are saying has been done about 1000+ times. My second myster cache was one of the hardest in the are because it was orginaal. GL and THINK cheers
  8. I would say save your mone and just get a cheepr auto GPSr. The Nuvi 500 is a big time loser as far as a GPSr goes. I have ahd one for 2 weeks and it will be returned. There are to many bugs to name and some of them can put u in DANGER, no it is not me. I keep trying to give it a goo go but so much misdirection, changimg destinations just becuase you try to scroll the map. And the lack of off road functionality, the compas and distance are on two differant pages. I guess the be all and end all is $500 for a GPSr that is so poorly done isnt worth it. Cheers
  9. It was inaccurate any way so what was the purpose.
  10. So has anyone used to nuvi 500 to find a cache?
  11. http://forums.backpacker.com/eve/forums/a/...19/m/5381088503 This is a thread on Backpacker Mag regarding a cache placed in a Wilderness Area, against the guidelines I think.
  12. It would have to have off road capability as not all geocaches are on a road. Most autorouting GPS will get you to the closest location to the cache, which in it's own is not really where you want to be. But you will have to be able to disconnect the GPSr from the car and then tell it to go to offroad to find the cache. cheers
  13. You must lead a fairly sheltered life geocaching is relatively CHEAP sport. Let me say of the sports I have done: Flyfishing Mountaineering Rock Climbing Ice Climbing Down Hill Skiing Backcountry/Cross country Skiing Scuba Diving Cave Diving Caving, is probable the cheapest sport I have done as you only need batteries/carbide and gas to and from the cave. No geocaching is cheap by most comparision, there are many sports that require large fees, golf, skydiving etc... to particpate in. Only gas prices have made geocaching a more, slightly, expnesive activity.
  14. Simple answer is just DO NOT do them. People will find something to grip about just to do a topic. Hey what about micros ugh boy...... cheers
  15. email me with what you might pay. cheers
  16. I don't think you should place the cache as you can not maintain it. If you can't do the cache then I don't think you should place it. cheers
  17. It is called CACHE DENSITY and alot of the high cache do little else. I know I cache with one. cheers
  18. Maybe a scratch on my leg. But basically my background makes me think before I act, rock climbing, cave diving etc..... So I guess I don't need a field dressing. cheers
  19. Just go here: http://grand_high_pobah.home.comcast.net/ cheers
  20. Instead of placing it so folks have to travel down a road that is marked PRIVATE PROPERTY place it at such that it is on a fence that is accessable from public land but adjacent to your fathers property so folks will not have to bascially trustpass on his property. I know you have premission but.... cheers
  21. I have the following for sale as a system: - Ipaq 3870 with CF sleve includes wall & auto/datacord charger. - Garman CF IQue with City Select software for Autorouting. The Ipaq has a good battery that will hold a charge for a couple weeks if left unplugged. No scratches etc... There is a SD card slot so you can load all the maps you want in the Ipaq, I usally have a 128 Mb card which I can load most of the western centeral US on. Asking $275.00 (shipping include for that price) Email me at teb_atoz@comcast.net with any questions.
  22. With the limit for the GC number fast approaching GCZZZZ and the limit of some GSPrs to six digits for the waypoint name what is Geocaching.com's plan for the GC number roll over. My GPSr will take eight characters for the waypoint name but a friend who has a Etrax Yellow GPSr will only take 6 digits for the waypoint. So does Geocaching.com have a prevision for this or will everyone who has a GPSr with only six digit waypoints have to buy a new GPSr and thus make Garmin a good stock option, LOL. Cheers
  23. zippos DVDs that includes (but not limited to) ratings of PG13 & up Cigar or pipe knifes scratch off lotto wine or obscure beer International currency Why international currency??? My son, 7, has a 1,000,000 Turkish bill he thinks is really cool. All the rest are not just for child safety but have verious other reason. Why do people want to make life difficult????? cheers
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