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  1. Thanks Ben H for the reply! I have been asking for this since day one of the new app going mainstream. Always a promise to get around to it eventually, but it never gets done. "but we are working on options to implement it" - Shouldn't be an issue. Add a check box in the filter section. It was always working in the old app, just borrow/adapt the code from that.
  2. I use cachly pretty exclusively on my iphone these days. It does all the things the "official" app should do.
  3. The "new" app has never had ignore list functionality. I've been asking for it since day one, have had it promised "in the next update" more than once, and checked for it after every update. The old "classic" app has always had working ignore list functionality. I presume you're confusing the two apps.
  4. Minor detail perhaps, but I was offered the chance to see the new bookmarks page, or the lists page, whatever it's called. Very nice in general! Down at the bottom is the "My Ignore List", which used to be thrown in with your other bookmark lists, but now has it's own special place down at the bottom. All fine and good so far. The description line below the Ignore List title reads: "Geocaches on this list won't be displayed anywhere on the website or app." This is incorrect - the current main geocaching app does not have ignore list functionality yet - all my ignored caches show up in it. Perhaps the wording here should be changed until the app catches up with the times? (hint hint - please update the app to fix this!!!)
  5. If you have data connectivity (via wifi or cellular data) it should work. Perhaps you were offline at the time, or had a very slow connection.
  6. Field Notes! Ignore list functionality! I've been asking for the above 2 items since the new app was mainstreamed. Was actually promised that they would be implemented in the next version. That was a year ago. I don't think anyone is reading here.
  7. Yet another release, still no: a. Field notes. b. ignore list implementation. These have been asked for after every release since the "classic" app was sidelined, yet they still haven't been rolled into the new app. And no, I'm not the only one who would use these things.
  8. Geocaching University was run by CYBret, who may or may not still be an active geocacher. He's a friend on facebook and instagram, and I've met him live in person at several geowoodstocks.
  9. Aha! There it is. I was looking in the wrong place (sound familiar?)
  10. Never mind, I found it, and edited my various notifications to my new home location. However, I had to do quite the search - it seems to not be available from the website directly at least as far as I can tell. What is the correct way to find this?
  11. Years ago I set up a bunch of email notifications, such as new caches within 20 miles, and caches that are disabled or archived. These are still working well, however I've moved, and despite changing my home location in my profile I'm still getting notifications based on my old home location. How can I change this? And/or where are the settings for these kinds of notifications found now? I can't seem to find anywhere to add or change these.
  12. My opinion is that the lack of responsiveness to user requests has dampened my enthusiasm for using these apps, and geocaching in general. I've posted many times that what I NEED in the new app is to have my ignore list applied, and to have field notes available. Many others have posted these same requests. Over and over. But each time a new version comes out, these things have been ignored, and only tiny, incremental changes are made. It's extremely frustrating how slow the progress is on this. Like there's maybe one person doing any actual work, in his/her spare time on the weekends. Can something please be done to pick up the pace of development?
  13. Ignore list. Field notes. What can be so hard about implementing these? This version of the app is nearly useless for me without these. People have been asking for these features since day one of the new app scenario. Start working on them now, have them out in the next release, which should be next week, not 3 months from now.
  14. So apparently all the caches I've ignored are showing in the latest version of this app. Perhaps a filter field needs to be added for these, but as long as I'm signed in, I shouldn't even need to mess with a filter for this. Also, the ability to add caches to my ignore list from the app would be nice. I have Version 3.8.1 Also, the ability to post field notes from this app would be nice. If it's going to be the main app in the long run this needs to be added. I use field notes all the time, and more people should, or learn to take the time to write meaningful logs from their phones in the field.
  15. What to say? He's a legend, and will be missed. I met him around when I was just starting out - I had never met another geocacher before, and saw this guy walking away from a place where I knew there was a geocache while I was driving by, and yelled out the window - "geocaching?" He gave me a big smile and a thumbs up, so I got out and talked to him for a while. At the time he had over 100 finds, which was a Really Big Deal at the time. He showed me how to find one of his caches about a block away, and we became great friends. I next met him at the first event cache I ever went to - and it was his 1K finds event., which at the time was A Huge Deal! We were all supposed to go into the woods and find his tribute cache and sign it before he did, so I ventured forth. Found the "obvious" hiding location, and was valiantly trying to find the actual cache, for quite a few minutes, and finally he clears his throat, and with a big smile points right at it - I hadn't even heard him walk up! Too many other stories. Like the time he loaned me his boat to go find a bunch of river caches he had hidden, and what was just 2 of us turned into 8 people in 2 boats, both equipped only with trolling motors, and the batteries giving out and us having to paddle both boats back upstream with only 2 paddles. But we found the caches! And they were awesome! He was a great friend, a true inspiration, and he will truly be missed.
  16. Yes, I realized after I typed that - that I already have android file transfer installed, so as far as I'm concerned it actually would be plug and play. Strange that garmin doesn't feel the need to inform mac users about this.
  17. It's not plug and play? Like virtually every other modern device out there? Shame on garmin! And thanks for the HU - I was initially attracted to the monterra but this is dumb.
  18. I think MelisaStewart is a bot, although I don't see why. It's obviously some kind of computer generated drivel with keywords specific to this thread sprinkled in. Me, I use 5.50, although I've tried newer versions, and keep reverting to 5.50.
  19. I write my name but what difference does it make and why do you care. Who says I care? There are many things I don't care about that I don't get. NASCAR for instance. You cared enough to respond.. OWNED. Ha! Slowpokes. I just stand in the general vicinity of the cache and think real hard, and my name instantly appears on the logbook, wherever it is. Pens, stickers, stamps - too slow and messy.
  20. You guys don't know? Get enough FTF's, and maintain a certain rate of them, and you get your platinum status renewed for free.
  21. Make sure your gps mode is set to spanner. Then when you hook it up, you'll get a popup screen that asks you if you want to connect to a computer or operate as a gps. Choose the first option, and it'll connect.
  22. The earlier version of the 550's had considerably dimmer screens than the newer ones. I had one of the very first ones, but something went wrong with it, and they exchanged me a new one, and the screen is much better. Maybe you can find something similar that requires the unit being replaced?
  23. It's been a while, but basically the whole connecting directly with geocaching.com part didn't work, or I couldn't figure out how to make it work. Everything else worked, and I could have kept using it, but I've paid for the earlier version, but not the newer one, so I downgraded to 7.7.4.
  24. GSAK is relatively easy to install and run in winebottler, using it like a native mac app. Newer versions don't work so well, but version 7.7.4 works well, as long as you don't have hardware specific needs that aren't covered. With a newer gps like the garmin oregons and such, it works well. You won't get the direct connectivity with geocaching.com that you would with newer versions, but if you can live without that, it's worth considering.
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