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  1. Really gonna try to say I was on about you? You wrote me and said you were planning to delete my logs? I logged a single cache you own? No.. so keep yappin, and thanks for ruining my thread. It's why I avoid the forums normally. I knew nothing of you until you pipped in claiming to be the creator of the concept, which is not true. I have seen caches like this refused and archived long and many years ago..
  2. In the Desert a stake is the only thing out there or maybe a rusted can I am pretty sure no one will mind if a can or stake is signed. Awesome, by this logic, I now sign the rocks the cache is piled UNDER! Whooo think of the time I save.
  3. I am confused. Was that series not, as I was informed, a series of stakes with DNA containers on them with logs in the containers? I had been told that the series in Nevada were not simply wooden stakes, they had containers and that is why they were legit caches. Yet from your posting, it sounds like you just said people are supposed to sign the stake. Yes?
  4. That just takes the cake. Do you really think it would make one quake? I think you make the rake look fake. []
  5. My frustration is they keep changing the cache page and Telling me that now that they have changed the cache page, historically it is different and as such writing anything that conflict with changes made a week later than we found it is reason for log deleting. I have emailed Groundspeak a couple times about this but have not gotten response so I am using the forum to figure out why once more in this I am being told I have to throw my hands in the air and concede to another person when they (the cache owner) are not being compromising or fair in the judgement.
  6. No worries I have emails from the owner explaining that what we did was what they wanted. However they say that After this, they have made changes and as such I am now required to go change all my logs:
  7. I would say No, because of this email: Nope, I informed the cache owner that the caches will be archived if it does not have a container and log book. The cacher owner informed me that all the "stake caches" were replaced with a container that includes a logbook meeting the current guidelines. If it doesn't, please let me know, and a photo would help. OK, so let me get this straight, I think I got it. You are supposed to sign a wooden stake, right? The wooden stake is the cache? If so, I would say this series is going buh-bye, shortly after a couple pictures of signed wooden stakes show up in the reviewer's email inbox. Maybe Power Trail guy can start his own GPS gaming website for signing wooden stakes every 528 feet. And as an added bonus, he can even make up his own guidelines, and allow himself to pound them into the ground. The so-called "infamous GCRM text"? (Which fortunately is a regional thing pretty much restricted to the Western, U.S.) As repulsive as it is, and seemingly in direct conflict with the maintenance language in the guidelines, I've never heard of it as being grounds for rejection of a cache submittal, and everyone having to sneak it on the cache page after publication. P.S. I'm going to go ahead and assume they really are still "stake caches", and your crew wasn't fooled into signing the stakes, and there really is a film canister 5 feet away from every stake. There was no container. It was a survey stake. They even had a bunch of them at the beginning so you could drop another if you could not find one. No hidden container, no sly cut marks.. Sign the wooden stake and throw it back into the bush.
  8. I would say No, because of this email: Nope, I informed the cache owner that the caches will be archived if it does not have a container and log book. The cacher owner informed me that all the "stake caches" were replaced with a container that includes a logbook meeting the current guidelines. If it doesn't, please let me know, and a photo would help.
  9. Appears they are valid containers now.. I just got this email from the cache owner: The containers at the cache sites where you indicated that they are not within geocaching guidelines are all approved containers by GeoDesertTiger. If there is an issue with the container interpretation, please contact GeoDesertTiger. Per Geocaching Guidelines, cache logs are for logging an experience at the cache site. You will need to either update or delete your logs from my D.I.P series within the next 24 hours or they will be deleted. ------------ Appears they have authority to delete my logs because I referenced the guidelines about containers.
  10. Solid stakes. Even has a bunch at the beginning so you can take them and replace any missing.
  11. Recently we have started seeing more caches that are simply a sandwich bad and a piece of paper or even more of a lack of container are the new concept of placing a wooden stake on the ground. The stake IS the cache and the logbook. Do cachers no longer require containers? I understand the whole micro explosion and I am not trying to bring up size.. I am asking if : 1) plastic bag + paper = geocache 2) survey stake on the ground = geocache Or are we simply too old school and expect to much?
  12. Hello, My name is Dirk and we cache by the name ShadowAce. We live in Tucson Arizona and my cousin's son is stationed at Dugway Utah. I am looking for any cachers in the western Utah area. " Spc. Joseph Bushling, 26, left English Village to drive around the desert in his black 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Saturday night, May 7th, 2011. On Sunday, May 8, 2011, at about 7 p.m., he contacted a friend at Dugway stating that he had run out of gas and was going to walk back to the test area, according to a press release from Dugway Proving Ground. No contact with him has been made since that phone call. His last known location was west of Granite Mountain, which is about 35 miles west of Dugway’s main gate. On His CAR WAS FOUND AT Lat 39.98649 Long 113.20004" N 39 59.189, W 113 12.002 for us Geocachers. I am hoping this is not an improper use of Groundspeak, but I am asking cachers who own a cache in the area if they may have seen something, anything, that might be useful to the search. A forum/page is also being used on Facebook to help get information out and I ask you to please, if you are willing, share this with all the local cachers who might be in the area. Joseph Bushling Thank you in advance. Dirk Harris / ShadowAce
  13. --> QUOTE(Missy B @ Aug 12 2010, 07:08 AM) 4432387[/snapback] Hello! I'm a program coordinator at the local community college in Tucson and I've scheduled a geocaching class for the spring term. I am looking for a fellow geocacher to instruct it. Anyone interested? It would be for January - May timeframe. I haven't scheduled the exact date but need to do so soon. I am thinking about a Thurs evening 2 hour class then a 4 hour "field" study/geocache hunt on a Saturday. Please reply here if you're interested. Thanks! I do not hang out in the forums all that much any longer however I did get this emailed to me by a friend. Feel free to get in touch with me if you would like to discuss this. I have a presentation I have created that I give to local Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and a few youth groups. Why do I feel like submitting a geocaching resume? I have seen your name in a few logs and online. I also live in Tucson, so look me up if you want to discuss. ShadowAce
  14. Or, you can check your logbook for signatures during your regular maintenance visits to your challenging cache. I look forward to those trips far more so than replacing the logsheet in one of my "tourist micros." I hide my challenging caches in places where I like to return frequently. The loss of a codeword ALR does nothing to my rights to monitor against bogus finds, except for making me get up off my couch. But isn't my understanding that you can not delete "Found It" logs? Correct me if I'm wrong. Truly no real change depending on how you read the guidelines because iit has stated for a long long time: A container with no logbook and just an object or codeword for verification generally does not qualify as a traditional cache. So now you simply have to verify the logbook as the codeword really was never truly a cache requirement in the last say.. 5 years.
  15. For the PQ's that show to have run 13 hours ago yet were not received, would it be possible to resend them in case they were eaten by the PQ server? Last friday it claimed to send two PQs however only one was received and today it claims four were sent before 1am yet none have been obtained by the mail client yet. Yes.. I checked junk mail and filters They simply never arrived. Thanks in advance.
  16. This one is getting noticed in local forums as well. However we have no ability to stop them. I am deleting all logs from them on caches I own however because they are simply logging 'EMail Sent' when the caches require photos. They have racked up a few states and over 30 caches since they logged mine only 30 minutes ago. http://www.geocaching.com/profile/default....21-fe144716fde1
  17. Just a suggestion that you might want to read this thread: Application developer is getting people in trouble.
  18. Here is a book mark lists: http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...a5-d4c758740733
  19. According to the guidelines of Groundspeak: By submitting a cache listing, you assure us that you have adequate permission to hide your cache in the selected location. However, if we see a cache description that mentions ignoring "No Trespassing" signs (or any other obvious issues), your listing may be immediately archived. We also assume that your cache placement complies with all applicable laws. If an obvious legal issue is present, or is brought to our attention, your listing may be immediately archived. I would say yes. Cache owners are cache police in the respect of they obviously received permission to place a cache at the location and in making such arrangements they likely made good on there word that they would help look after the location and make sure people are not damaging it. As such then rewarding those who break the law/rules, no matter how much you may disagree with the rule, is a violation of trust on the part of the land manager and the geocachers.
  20. I have a hard time pimping my own caches, I hope others will do that for me. [] On that note, I pimp..... Evergreen Stories. A bit of a time effort is required, but I have taken many many a visitor to this area and none have ever complained. Silny even came out to greet one of my tourists from Hawaii.
  21. I have not tried it myself, but this might help you Paperless Caching on a MAC
  22. Thank you for pointing out to me that I have failed in my duty to continue to check on Benchmarks. Love the maps and I promise to get back to work.
  23. I used the feature regularly, but noticed a few months ago that it went away and I have been hoping it might have been a mistake. Looking through the forums I find no reference or statement on why it was removed from cache pages and wondered if anyone knows if it is still somewhere? Please help an old man who is loosing his mind find something he used to use.
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