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  1. try this spreadsheet http://nuttyguy.com/geo/geoart.xlsx
  2. I too was lucky enough to make it to GW II (and everyone since) and was lucky enough to meet Joe, Mtn-Man, Keystone, Robert Lipe and others and have made friends like wimseyguy, The Hobos and others, who I look forward to seeing every year.
  3. Many of the Groundspeak volunteer Reviewers are dogs. The money goes toward subsidizing their doggy treats. I think you means hamsters and hamster upkeep is not cheap
  4. In a word, NO The only way I want to see the hobbie greener is fro move lovely green ammo cans to be put out for me to find. As a side note I say thank you to everyone who drives a Prius for doing their part in saving more gas for me to burn in my V8 powered, 10 MPG Jeep. If crawling through the mud and crude and forest looking for ammo cans burns dead dinosaurs, then so be it
  5. Have you seen the price of ammo? I'd love to find ammo as swag Finding an ammo can full of 5.56 would give new meaning to finding a cache.
  6. Congrats fizzymagic on 10 years! As a long time user user of FizzyCalc, FindStats and AnalyzeTrack I'm glad you took up caching
  7. We'll probably drive about 3500 miles (5600km) and find caches in 11 U.S. states (and maybe 1 in Canada) as we travel the long way, to and from Geowoodstock IV in a couple weeks. So to stay on topic, no we are not greencachers.
  8. That's just it, one man's insanity is another man's enjoyment. You might mot enjoy it (and I would not after an undetermined amount of time) but apparently he did. It's crazy but impressive in it's own way. My hat's off to him.
  9. Delusional? Just because I'm in my own little world when kayaking, sailing, and snorkeling? It's the rest of the world who are not kayaking, sailing or snorkeling. Just as a side note, I'm a diver and a kayaker and would love to try my hand at sailing If you ever need crew let me know
  10. I took 2 psychology classes in college so I think that makes me well qualified to say that , yes, you are paranoid and maybe a little delusional but it appears to be a happy delusion with snorkeling, sailing and swimming
  11. They would do it for the same reason any business does anything, profit motive. They would do it because they sell hardware that will support the site. It's "free for all" with no need for premium memberships because the cost of premium membership is built into every unit they sell. They would do it because instead of having to work with a 3rd party like GC.com to introduce new features where the unit interacts with the website, they can control the unit and the website. That is how they will try to build value in their website vs. others because features will work only with their units on their site I would bet. Sure the basic "download coords from the site to your unit" will work with any unit but I bet there will be features like chirp or something like Wherigo that needs their hardware and their site to get the most out of it, in attempt to convince you to buy Garmin hardware. Hey, making money is what business does, I don't begrudge them that. Real competition might be good for GC.com overall. They (GC.com) already are the market leader, so now comes the hard part, innovating so that they stay the leader.
  12. Excellent reply Lep! The real reason to celebrate 10-10-10 id is because it is the 7 year caching anniversary of Clan Barron! So everyone go out and find a cache on 10-10-10 to celebrate 10 years of Geocaching and the 7th anniversary of Clan Barron. All I ask is that in honor of me you lay down as big of a carbon footprint as you can Thanks and cache on dude.
  13. That's not a function of the macro, it's a function of the device. The macro just creates the POI file and it's done. There is no GPSr that I know of that will let you delete POIs "on the fly" on the device.
  14. ...and the caching was probably secondary to the actual outing... Really, these 'mega-runs' (sounds like a digestive problem, no?) are actually about you and your buds becoming a well-oiled geocaching machine, and therein lies the fun and the reward. Sorry, I'm not buying it. If it's all about the camaraderie, then wouldn't going out with a group of geocachers for a long day, even 24 hours of geocaching, to find 20-30 caches that are further apart, provide the same opportunity for camaraderie then hundreds of caches a bit more than 528' apart? If anything, fewer caches would provide more time for social interaction. Admit it, it's about the numbers. I did do 35 in 12ish hours one day, out with my geo-Jeepin' buddies and it was no more or no less fun than the 80ish cache roaming around the greater Nashville area. Both experiences were different but equally fun. In Nashville (after GW2) we were all in one vehicle and had the shared experience of the drive along with hunting caches. In the woods, most interaction was over the CB while navigating from place to place with some trail time while hiking for a some caches that were more that 50' off the Jeep trails. In both cases I stand by my statement that the camaraderie is what made both outings a blast. If being crammed in a van with 6 friends for 12+ hours is not your idea of a good time then don't do it. If it is you idea of a good time but you're not having fun, then you need to find some different friends []
  15. ...and the caching was probably secondary to the actual outing... Really, these 'mega-runs' (sounds like a digestive problem, no?) are actually about you and your buds becoming a well-oiled geocaching machine, and therein lies the fun and the reward. That is a very good summary of it. Never done triple digits, but have done in the 50's once and 80's another time and it really was the camaraderie that made it so much fun.
  16. I use the Nuvi 200W with my PN-40 and it's a great combo. Especially when combined with the GSAK macro to add caches to the Nuvi as POIs. Used the combo on a 5 state 2000 mile tour of the west 3 weeks ago after Geowoodstock
  17. Search for the thread "Yrium's Geocacher Trading Cards". They have been around since 2003 if I remember correctly
  18. Being from Florida, I have the same reviewers as you and trust me they have way more finds than you might think. I believe that I have personally met all but one of the 5 regular Florida reviewers at one time or another and have cached with several of them on more than one occasional. They are all great people who have been caching for years with many fine hides under their belts to go with their many finds. In fact, I have met many approvers from all over the US in person over the years while attending GeoWoodstock (and other events) and I've got to say that I've not met one yet who wasn't a genuine nice person. (Just my 2 cents worth, your mileage may vary).
  19. Maybe provocative if you are a Kurd, Tikritis or Sunni but otherwise I give it a big yawn. I've seen more provocative user names on the Amish forums
  20. Thanks, Dave! In 7 years a caching we've burned a wee bit of fuel in the Jeep as we scoured the woods for caches and in the car as we traversed the urban jungle but as others have said we've also burned a good amount of calories on long haikes to great places. I wouldn't give up either one!
  21. The distance between two waypoints is calculated using the great circle formula. 1. Distance = acos(sin(lat1)*sin(lat2)+cos(lat1)*cos(lat2)*cos(lon1-lon2)) where all lat and longs are expressed in radians 2. Angle between two waypoints = mod(atan2(sin(lon1-lon2)*cos(lat2),cos(lat1)*sin(lat2)-sin(lat1)*cos(lat2)*cos(lon1-lon2)), 2*pi) where all lat and longs are expressed in radians 3. A Nautical Mile is 1/60th of a degree or one minute of latitude. Converted to feet by multipling by 6076.11549 or at least that's what google says
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